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Not again!!

After 7/7 finally when things i felt were geting some-what back to normal … not many hate stares in the bus or the shops.. .and there we go again.. more attempted attacks in london all over again. The fact that all 4 of them failed to detonate does seem highly suspicious to me.. never the less.. the brits are scared again of the muslims and asians in UK.
Thankfully Allah ka Shuker hai I have not been a vicitm of any hate crime in UK but they are indeed on the rise. A muslim girl in my workplace was screamed at by a woman when she parked her car and was going to the shop to buy something. The woman kept on staring at her.. pointing finger at her and saying to her " I am watching you…" and she went to the extent of noting down the car number plate. In the same area a Muslim woman who was wearing the veil was beaten by a bunch of youths in front of her 2 little kids.

I fail to understand how these so called muslim militants can even in their right mind think that their actions are any good for the muslims.. knowing for a fact that their actions are causing great distress to the Muslims here in UK.

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The 7/7

The tragic events of 7/7 in London has yet again shifted the attention of the world to Islam …which to the western world is all about Islamist Terrorism..Jihad.. the holy war.. suicide bombers.. subjugation of women … and an alien culture.

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