The 7/7

The tragic events of 7/7 in London has yet again shifted the attention of the world to Islam …which to the western world is all about Islamist Terrorism..Jihad.. the holy war.. suicide bombers.. subjugation of women … and an alien culture.

Muslims are again a target for hate crimes and discrimination more than ever. They are looked at.. stared at suspiciously… sometimes abused and screamed at and in worst cases beaten to the incident of a 48 year old Pakistani man first called “Taliban” then beaten to death out side the ciggertte shop in Nottigham on 13th July. Other cases include attack on Masjids ..the worship place of Muslim and on Islamic centres…but ofcourse such news never makes the headlines…

Many warped stories about Islam are circulating and shows the extent of the ignorance of the west about Islam. Thier views and opinions on Islam are based on actions of some individuals. That in NO way relfects the true teachings of Islam.

The saddest thing is that the Muslims themsleves are ignorant.. unaware of the teachings of their own religion. This makes it reletively easy for the terrorists to brain wash the youngsters into believing something which completely contradicts Islamic teaching.I think everyone needs to gain an understanding of Islam and its true teachings.

The actions of the London Bombers have done nothing but harm to the entire world and i would say especially the Muslims. Their acts are in no way a service to Islam …they are infact a heinous crime against Islam.

3 thoughts on “The 7/7

  1. Its a sad but true commentary about the world today. Not alot of people know the true Islam, even more so actual people who call themselves muslims. I encourage you to write more and spread the message 🙂

  2. A very good endeavor, mashAllah.
    I needed to know the aftermath of the 7/7 incident, it’s effects on Muslim lives, and came across your blog.
    I agree with Sharjeel. Please do write more!–>

  3. Javeria, good to see you back on the net. Please tell me how good you can see small crater inside the flat basin of Ptolemaeus crater itself. That is the reference point of the resolution of my own SK’EYE-III. Let me know please for the sake of comparison. I am considering to purchase Apo ED80. How good a catch would that be?


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