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Small Little things i miss here…

There are many small little things which we take for granted at home. I am very homesick these days and miss home alot. Even small little things…like geo tv..hehehee belive it or not even a rikshaw.. have to walk here alot in cold.. bus stops just too far away.. i wud do anything to get a rikshaw here….
…miss the sound of the adhan and the dua after the adhan which comes on tv. I miss saying salam to people. Yes some muslims freinds i have ..we all say salam to each other but the sad thing is that at work it took me months to know who was a muslim. Even if people know you are amuslim and they themselves are muslims. wud never say salam. Thats the sad truth.
It really cheers me up when other women wearing the hijab.head scarves see me and say salam. You feel an instant connection .. a feeling of belonging. I wish all the British born muslims would start saying salam and not hide their faith.

2 thoughts on “Small Little things i miss here…

  1. honestly……….i wish all Muslim brothers and sister started becoming true to their Deen and coming close to the sunnah

    Wallahi, when I wanna say Salam to someone………I can’t tell whether that person is a Hindu Kaafir or a Muslim. I see no beard, nor a Hijaab. It saddens me and makes me sick, all at the same time


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