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A new Muslim!

Last week i had the previlige to see a woman revert to Islam and gave the Shadah!

This was the first time I witnessed a person accept Islam and it was the most beautiful ..the most emotional moment.
That lady was with us in an Islamic Course class for 2 weeks. I dont know her history much.. she was studying Islam for quite some time now and took this small course on Islam that was being held in my University by Utrujj Foundation. On the last day of the course she surprised us all by wanting to accept Islam. Alhamdulilah .. SubhanAllah.. i just dont have words to describe the feelings…
Seeing another person so sincerly accept Islam and trying her best to follow it.. makes me ashamed. of my self and my fellow muslims … we take Islam for granted and are so far removed from its purity and teachings.

May Allah guide us all. Ameen

3 thoughts on “gUidEnCe

  1. As Salamu alaykum wa rahmathullah,

    Firstly I ask forgiveness if this post/comment offends you/concept of ur website. I am a muslimah who has been

    accepted to IlmSummit 2009 and in desperate need of financial aid. Pl help me either by supporting financially

    /spreading the word insha Allah. Pls visit– for sadaqa -e jariya insha ALlah. I
    pray that Allah make it easy and beneficial for all the Ummah bi’idhnillah. Jazakumullah Khayr.

    wa Salam,
    Sister in Islam

  2. Muslim converts are more devoted, faithful and sincere than the unlucky us, though being born Muslims take our ‘Fardh’ duties for granted.

    Secondly, the cases of converts to Islam are rising in N. America and Europe, some of which being due to Islamic books being purchased from book stores. Many convert after finding out Islam answers questions that they always pondered about, women rights, equality, gender, submission, respect for elders and parents, charity and peace.

    And those who submit with their heart and soul are the enlightened ones, for their bodies are mortal but their spirits are celestial and are totally unattached to the worldly gimmicks.


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