tHe eDgE oF tHe WoRLD?

Originally uploaded by Javeria.

 THe Edge of the wOrLd?

Karachi Coast edge near the Golf Course Park, Defence, Pakistan.

 The most amazing view indeed, calm peaceful lonely …


One thought on “tHe eDgE oF tHe WoRLD?

  1. Inspite of you are not really clear in this photograph. I would like to remind you that taking photographs of humans or animals just for nothing is prohibited in islam. Moreover, it will also reflect be-pardagi for the woman. I hope you wouldn’t mind it. I am reminding you this because you have adequate knowledge of islam. May allah make you able to understand and practice deen with all your happiness.

    Although, you will find my photo on my blog too. May be because I am a male, that wouldn’t work fully either but that is just for marketing purpose, just to relate my name to my picture for recognition purposes and just one is enough. Even I am not going to post my photograph just for nothing.

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