Kitab at Tauhid by Sheikh Abdul Wahab.

Kitab At Tauhud by Sheikh Abdul Wahab.
With so much being said against Sheikh Abdul Wahab and the outcries of "Wahibissm" this book is a must have for every Muslim who wises to know the truth and remove him self from hear-say, false propagande and baseless stories. The book starts with introduction to the Life of Sheikh Abdul Wahab and his works. This book explains the concept of tauhid from QUranic Verses and Hadiths, goes on to explain the importance and beauty of tauhid. It then deals with incorrect practices of the muslims of this age lik wearing rings, amulets for protection, making duas at graves. Explains why these pratices are bidah and a shirk as they attack the basic concepts of Tauhid. All this is done using Quranic verses and Hadith with important isses sumarized at the end. This book is highly beneficial to correct the aqida and to inform us deeply about the greatest of sin "shirk" so we can avoid it and do not commit any small acts which lead to shirk and hell eventually.

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9 thoughts on “Kitab at Tauhid by Sheikh Abdul Wahab.

  1. Salamalikum,

    The actual name is Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab (rahimullah).

    Kitabut Tawheed is a great book. People should also read Shah Ismail Shaheed’s (grandson of Shah Waliullah) Taqwiyatul Iman, which is very similar book but might be a little more relevant as far as examples of wrong aqaid goes ( . Also, it is best to read a shrah (commentary) of Kitabut Tawheed. One famous commentary is called Tayseer Azeezul Hameed, and its Urdu translation title is: ‘Tawheed ilahul alimeen’….translated by Shaykh Nasir Rahmani.

  2. Assalamu alaikum, pls for Allah’s sake, can you send me a copy of the english translation of kitabu Tauhid (the book of monotheism) of Sheik Muhammad Abdulwahab? May Allah reward you abundantly.

  3. People here in Nigeria are in two views to sheik muhammad ibn Abdulwahab, i really in need of complte history the sheik…

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