dARwiN’s cOrneR

Darwin’s corner
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The Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is just that! a THEORY.
But it has been propagated as a fact.In school, i remeber, we were taught the concepts of evolution and that humans were apes first and how animals changed thier physical form due to their needs. One story i can recall was that the Elephants grew the trunks so that they could clean the Noah’s Ark!!!
It was only later that i realized it was all crap! all a wildly imagined theory presented by this man called Darwin with NO scientific evidence. The Pilt Down man brought forward as proof of Evolution turned out to be the Hoax of the century made up of human skill and an Orangutan jaw.
Inspite of no proof , fact or evidence of this theory , it is presented in Schools and media as an undeniable fact. When i visited the Natural History Museum in London i was shocked to see an entire section devoted to Charles Darwin and the Theory of evolution, showing various skulls, bones and stones trying to present it as a fact.

It is amazing to note, that the British Museum presents Evolution in a highest Glory while on the other hand their universities teach that every statemnt be backed by proof and evidence and theory is just a hypothesis.. a speculation.. which has to be proved.

I would call it Hypocricy of the utmost kind!

Harun Yahya has done a wonderful job refuting Darwin here:http://www.harunyahya.com/evolution_specialpreface.php


4 thoughts on “dARwiN’s cOrneR

  1. The Darwin’s theory can not be dismissed in its entirety.

    One needen’t gulp it down as is, instead it should be chewed and broken down, spit out the un-substantiated,arrogant crap then swallow the facts.

  2. Thinking critically about “facts” presented by anyone is definitely the way forward, and too often theories *are* presented as facts in schools and other institutions. I do think though, that a true scientist would be the first to refute shoddy evidence, even if it was in favour of theories they believed in. I respect the website you linked to insofar as it refuses to take information at face value, but I do think it’s emphasis is on attacking rather than deconstructing. Every article I read (by no means all of them, and I couldn’t find the one you mentioned) either attacks a poorly written article (fair) or makes a strawman of a well written one (not fair). Anyway, what I want to say is this; stay critical, even of things that support your beliefs.

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