StuPid things iV beEn aSked in UK

Being a Pakistani and a Muslim, i have been asked a lotaa strange wierd and stupid questions in UK….here are some of them i can re call… and things i would have liked to say.. heheh which obvv i didnt!:

How come your english is sooo good if your from Pakistan?
Oh! as soon as i stepped on the british soil.. i became fluent in the langauge in one day! im a very good learner…. (asked by many)

Oh! so you have O levels in Pakistan!????
NO! we still use leaves and leather to write on!! (asked by a bbcd)

OH so iS Pakistan very modern? you have shopping malls there?
No, we still all live in mud houses! and shopping malls?? what in the world in that?!
(asked by a bbcd)

Do you wear that(head scarf) all the time? do u take it off when you go to sleep?
No! i havent taken it off in years!! (asked by an indian girl at work)

Why cant i see ur hair !.. i wnna see ur hair!
ur gonna hafta marry me for that darling! 😛 (asked by a guy at work)

are muslim girls allowed to shave their legs!!
Nope! theyr all hairy as an ape! (asked by my aussi house mates…they asked too manyy censorable questions which are un-blogable!… )


5 thoughts on “StuPid things iV beEn aSked in UK

  1. LOL…..ehh, ignorant people, you’ll see a lot of ’em.

    USA is worse………many people ask questions intending to piss you off lol.

    but hey! what can you do? you just gotta give ’em all a very str8 answer

  2. Assalamu Alikom sister
    I know this’s an old post but i couldn’t help it,, didn’t stop laughing 🙂 that’s really funny
    & you say that’s happening in the UK where there’s about 2 million muslims living there & there’s a mix between cultures… weird
    I know that western people are so ignorant but didn’t think they gone that far!!!
    they don’t even try to read about what scare them (Islam)

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