Astrology Vs Astronomy

"The HUman race has always wanted to control the future,or at least to predict what will happen. That is why astrology is so popular.Astrology claims that events on earth are related to the motions of the planets across the sky.This is a scientifically testable hypothesis, or would be if astrologers stuck their neck out and made definite predictions that could be tested.However wisely enough, they make their forecasts so vage that they can apply to any outcome. Statements such as 'Personal Relations may become intense' or you will have a financially rewarding opportunity' can never be proved wrong.

  But the real reason most scientists dont belive in astrology is not scientific evidence or the lack of it but because it is not consistent with other theories that have been tested by experiment. When Copernicus and Galileo discovered that the planets orbit the sun rather than the earth and Newton  discovered the laws that govern their motion, astrology became extremely implausable  Why should the positions of other planets against the background sky as seen from Earth have any corelations with the macromolecules on a minor planet that call themselves intelligent life? Yet this is what astrology would have us believe."(Hawking,2001)

Quoted from  :                                                                                                   Stephen Hawking (2001) The Universe in a Nut Shell.Bantam Press.


2 thoughts on “Astrology Vs Astronomy

  1. May be astrology works therefore its prohibited in Islam. But what would be the benefits of knowing the future if you cant change it. If you can change it then the knowledge you gained lately about the future would become wrong. Future is uncertain, we can just predict the future by analyzing the past and the present or by astrology but still uncertain. Allah knows the best, indeed.

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