dUsT iS mY bED

dUsT iS mY bED…

it embraces me

and its my cover now….

the Sand surrounds me…

even behind my back…

and the grave tells a dankness of my afflication

and the brightness draws a line……


12 thoughts on “dUsT iS mY bED

  1. I love it, it’s touching, May God Almighty Grand you paradise for who ever is behind the development of this website.

    Thank You

  2. You have set an examplary leadership in Islam, for other Islamic leaders around the world to contribute to the religion of Allah.

  3. Lets get prepared Brothers in Islam, for the Death is sure`LARAIBA FIHA’ we will go back to our Lord Allahu and answer our deeds.

  4. I hope and pray, muslem brothers and sisters it will be reminder for those who forget. Every soul most test death. Just always be ready for the arrival of the pilot of death (MALAKUL MAUD) Angel of death. Life is simply a reflection of our action.

  5. May ALLAH (SWT) make our death time easy for all of us. Without the help of ALLAH (SWT) we cannot reach his mercy… Please, pray of all Muslim Ummah and also ask guidence for all mankind…I never want any single soul to burn in the fire of Hell…never….

  6. salam to all muslim of the world
    can someone say me the name of the singer of farshi tourab?
    thank you
    This song is so beautiful masahaALLAH
    Hope every muslim understand this song and think about death.INCHAALLAH.

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