Israel attacks Lebanon!

“The British ambassador in Beirut says preparations are being made to rescue UK citizens from Lebanon.” (BBC News)

“BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) — A U.S. military team has arrived in Lebanon to assist in the evacuation of Americans trapped by the fighting, the U.S. Embassy confirmed Sunday” (CNN International)

“More than 120 Lebanese have died since clashes with Israel began on Wednesday.”(BBC News)

And a poll on CNN asks …

Do you think the Israeli military response inside Lebanon is justified?

Yes : 62%

No  : 38%

(CNN News Poll and Result)

Why is it justified may i ask??

Oh coz the Brits and the Mericans are being evacuated… so its okay to Bomb the Lebanese… so what if 120 have been killed so far – theyr only muslims.

And the West asks why the Muslims want to do Jihad…why the muslims are extremists, why are they terrorists?

If they look closely they will find the answer in their own hands

Please Vote NO on the CNN Poll – CNN News Poll and Result


4 thoughts on “Israel attacks Lebanon!

  1. These polls are nonsense, the whole world knows CNN and BBC are biased and they promote whatever is in the interest of the US & UK and consequently ISRAEL.

    On second thought, after seeing all the heinous crimes committed by the Israeli troops/warplanes, it seems the Israelis aren’t human beings, cuz they’re acting worse than wild animals at this point of time.

    Moreover, the questions that i could never get answers to, are that why is Israel avenging the peaceloving/cowardly arab muslims over what the Europeans did to the Jews? And, does the blind support for Israel by the UK and USA with all might cover up the underlying truth of the Holocaust?

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