Attack on Lebanon Vs Attack on USA/UK – See the difference!

Tony Blair on Isreal attack on Lebanon

“If it is to stop, it has to stop by undoing how it started. And it started with the kidnap of Israeli soldiers and the bombardment of northern Israel. If we want this to stop, that has to stop.” (The Independent)

Jav on (MoZlem )Terrorist attacks on USA and UK

“If it is to stop, it has to stop by undoing how it started. And it started with the USA support of Taliban during Russian inavasion, it started with the US attack on Afghanistan and Iraq, it started with the anti-muslim policy of USA and UK…and the list is endless.If we want this to stop, that has to stop.”


4 thoughts on “Attack on Lebanon Vs Attack on USA/UK – See the difference!

  1. Has anyone even thought about why these soldiers were kidnapped? It’s because Israel wasn’t listening to Hamas and Hezbollah wanted to get their attention.
    It has long been my thought that Hezbollah were not more “terrorists” than the American patriots during the Revolutionary war of 1776. How about calling them “Patriots” instead of “terrorists”? It shames me to be an American and to have to following this sickening administration. Hamas want their land and they want independence from Israel. You all can’t see the forest for the trees, including Blair and the more you people in the media get the wrong story, the worse the situation will become there.
    The reason TWO Israeli soldiers were kidnapped was because people in Palestijn wanted their 9000 women and children prisoners released. Do you find this unreasonable? I don’t.

  2. tony blair and bush, do you think this your mission will last forever? pharoah, hitler would have last forever more, therefore just wait for the time on either you or your chilrden for it will surely come. The death you’re are afraid of will surely reach you even if you are at the bottom of the Earth.

  3. Bush makes no sence he says israil has the right to defend its Self, what the hell is that its all shit lebanon has the right to defend itself hizbollah kidnapped those 2 israili solders because the israilis kept on coming in to lebanon and kidnapping the lebanese civilians so far israil has kednapped over 11,000 lebanese civilians so what if hizbollah have 2 of the israili soldires so damm what at least hizbollah have kidnapped the soldires not civilians like israil has done. I am half lebanese and it sickens me to death to see what israil are being allowed to do to lebanon and palistine,it is wrong all round innocent civilians no matter what they are dont deserve to die if u ask me i say the israilis should not be allowed to have an army or a goverment but i say this to the israilis and tony blair and bush and all the people that support israil be verry afraid when you die because allah will make you all suffer worse than anything and your time will be soon for what you are doing to the lebanese and palistians allah will make you pay and allah will make you feel great pain worse than what any human can cause you what right do u israilis have to do this to lebanon and palistine what right do u have to take the life of other people only allah has the right to take a life and make a life you israilis have no hearts have no respect have no brains and allah will see to it that you have no lifes he made it rain gold for you people and you still strayed but this time it will be fire raining on you the hell fire ( this what i have said is meant for the israili army and goverment and the people that support what israil is doing it is not meant for the innocent israili civilians as not everyone is the same there is good and bad everywhere) but no one can call hizbollah terrorists they are defending there country like bush said ( every nation has the right to defend itsself )well hizbollah are doing just that defending itsself and its people so why dose it get called terrorists ? Because it is hitting israil no it is israil that are the terrorists i do feel sorry for all the innocent lifes in lebanon and palistine and israil that are being lost through this horrible war and it is about time that someone stopped this war it is all wrong bush needs to be assasinated since he got in there has been nothing but trouble and tony blair is so far up bushes ass you cant even see him i wish and pray to allah that he will stop this war inshallah.
    please let my message be seen and all the arab world stand together like you are suppose to

  4. damn, what Leila said was really nicely put. i do agree with you and i do believe all arabs should stand together.

    but hezballah was just defending his country. every1 made it such a big deal that 2 isrealie SOILDERS were kidnapped, but when 100’s of Lebanese and Palestinian civilans r killed or kidnapped each day nobody cares or makes it a big deal. its just because its ISREAL! or its cuz the US makes it such a big deal cuz they r such isrealie supporters. I do believe there is good ppl in isreal just like there is good people in ever country, but isreal has been wrong ever since it became a country. what makes them feel like they have all this power?

    is it cuz bush is behind it all? they r the real terrorists.
    people call arabs who bomb themselves or others and Marter’s terrorists and stuff but how would you feel if someone killed everything… if someone killed your family what would u do?
    those people dont kill others for no reason, they do it because they see it get done to their loved ones every day of their lives.
    no one in the US knows what really goes on. u really think they will show that to u on TV?? no way, u have to be there to see it.
    so therefore no one who lives here knows what really goes on and how many people really die per day.

    over the summer so many lebanese people got killed, INNOCENT LEBANESE CIVILIANS, but no1 cares…. but yet its a big deal if 2 isrealies get killed or r kidnapped. y cuz they always try to make arabs look like the bad ones and its not right.

    u are right leila, they will see what happens to them when allah be-yih-rit-oon…

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