Israeli War Crimes against humanity

More disturbing images at this site:Global Research :Gruesome images of charred and mutilated bodies following Israeli air strikes

What more proof is needed to decide who is the terrorist?? The images are very very disturbing.

Why is the reality ignored and people fooled on CNN and BBC??


4 thoughts on “Israeli War Crimes against humanity

  1. > Why is the reality ignored and people fooled on CNN and BBC??

    because jews have huge power over the world

    Israel will never be in peace

    unless…. never mind

  2. Salam sister
    We all know that there’s an end for that In Sha’ Allah, it’s all a matter of time, as the holy Qur’an told us,, soon there’s an end for all of that & there’s Allah justice with no doubt, don’t be sad, just do what you can do,, by telling the truth, by being a good muslim, by making a Doa’

  3. Salam Sister
    We all know that Allah is just & if there’s no just in this world, then justice comming soon In Sha’ Allah in the judgement day.
    It’s only a matter of time & all that we can do is telling the truth to the world & making doaa’ for our bothers & sisters

  4. i just dont under stand why did US decide to take over whole afghanistan only for a person where they dont have any clear proof at all. And how come the building levels down without the explosives inside it . Cuz i saw a video of a building being leveled down with explosives adn also the twin tower , to me it had a striking similarity. And u might think about the people who are terrorist, they might have been influenced by the massacre of the US soldier when they were bombing on afghanistan to take over it,there might be people who got killed unintentionally who were innocent and there son or cousin seeking revenge by fighting the US soldier through various way and some of them chose the terrorist way to strike back.

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