Some Interesting Statistics on Pakistan!

what Percent of the population of Pakistan has access to Internet or has Intenert subscription?

Well before i started my dissertation, my first wild guess was 10 – 15% 

I guess i was living in a fools world… its a little more than 1% i.e only 1 percent of the total population of entire Pakistan has access to Internet!! Only a little more than 1%!!

These are the figures for the year 2004.

ICT Indicators for Pakistan 2004 

GDP Total Billion  in US$              94

GDP Per capita in US $              614

Population Total                       152,530,000

Total Telephone Subscribers      9,525,100

Main Telephone Lines                4,502,200

Cellular Subscribers                   5,022,900

Personal Computers                   na

Internet Users Total                   2,000,000


ICT Penetration Rate : % of Population 2004

Internet Penetration Rate         1.311

PC Penetration Rate      0.4(2002)

Main Telephone Lines in Operation       2.95

Mobile Phone Subscribers 3.29

Television Receivers       14 (2002) 

ITU (2006) World Telecommunication Indicators. International Telecommunications Union. [Internet] Available From>


7 thoughts on “Some Interesting Statistics on Pakistan!

  1. I have somewhat different information about GDP figure.. It is just over 70 billion dollars.

    Anyways, thanks for these figures… I am now in need to reconfirm my information.

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