gO bACk iN TiMe ~ SepTemBer 11th ~ the True Story

One of the best documentary on the 9/11 Truth called Loose Change. This is the 2nd Edition. 

 In the video below, Jeff Kings an MIT Professory explains why the twin towers could not have collapsed without explosives.


September 11 Revisited : Controlled Demolition of the three world trade centre buildings.

 David Ray Griffin Exposing the lies on the 9/11 Commission

The Road to Tyranny – by Alex JOnes: One of the best documentaries on 9/11 cospiracy. It takes you back way back in time to explain how governments have killed their own citizens to justify wars…also looks into the Oklahoma bombing proving it was not just hit by one truck with a bomb but there were multiple explosions were from inside the buliding just like the twin towers in 2001!


Video showing analysis and discussion on the three planes that hit the twin towers and the pentagon and the disappearing flight 93.




6 thoughts on “gO bACk iN TiMe ~ SepTemBer 11th ~ the True Story

  1. As Salaam Alaykum,

    hey i noticed that you are into astronomy…I was wondering what websites do you usually go to to read up on the least about astronomical findings, research, etc.

    Thank You

  2. Wsalam,
    yes im a bit into astronomy and also recently purchased my first telescope. i usually visit the following two sites:

    the first one is my fave as they have an interactive sky chart to view your night sky virtually….
    astronomy.com is also an excellent magazine for latest research and news. u cud subscribe to the mag as well…

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