hOme sWeeT hOmE

It has been one month and 12 days since I arrived back home, but it seems like ages.. its seems like iv been here forver..seems like i never went and the time spent in Leeds seems like a dream.

Its good to be back.Ramadan started a few days after i arrived, that kept me very busy. Alhamdulilah it felt great to be with friends and family and have wonderful stuff to eat at iftar.. the dahi baray and cholayy, gulab jamun…, hot n spicy kai rolls…. and amii kai hath ka khana! biryani.. yummm…..things greatly missed in Leeds.

so what do i miss the most from UK??

well i will have to say its the fast internet connection! here the net is dead slow and on top of that there is no internet cable at my new place! so im stuck with the stone-age dial up connection which is dead dead slow! nothing works!

this is the main reason why i dint blog for soo long! the slow speed was driving me crazy.. it still iz.. but i guess.. but im a little used to it now..

so im back to blogging! have a lot to blog about.. my telescope is all set and had some wonderful views of moon and saturn.. will blog about that pretty soon.


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