fiRsT LiGhT

My telescope saw its first Light the day it arrived in Leeds…. i was too eager to test it out that  i went out the same night… and since i had no idea how to operate the telescope (its quite complex.. still need to figure out a lotta things!) i was only able to find the full moon. but what a sight it was!!SubhanAllah! what an amazing creating of Allah.. and to think we never ponder!
the moon in its full glory.. every mountain and  crater visible! it was just superb.. cant be described.

After that the scope had to be packed and all i did was worry if it will reach Karachi in one piece! Alhamdulillah it did.

First Quarter Moon - InvertedOn the 30th of October and 1800 hours, i viewed the moon again, this time from Karachi. It was the first quarter moon. I used 25mm and 10 mm eye pieces along with the barlow lens. The detail was exceptional! Its just amazing what a small telescope can show! Since my telescope is a reflector, therefore the image seen was inverted, as seen in the picture. (This moon pic is not mine)

I have to admit that one can never get bored of watching the moon in its differnt phases. I look forward to enjoying more beautiful views of the moon.

Moon Facts:

Diameter: 3,480 Km.   27% of Earth

Mass: 7.35 x 10 22 Kg   1/81 of Earth

Average Distance from Earth: 384 000 km

Closest Distance: Perigee: 357 000 km

Furthest Distance: Apogee: 407 000 km


4 thoughts on “fiRsT LiGhT

  1. Congratulations…you are a proud owner of a telescope. I am new to socalled “backyard astronomy” myself and got hold of my short tube referactor only last year. Recently I have been on the look out for fellow amatures and you are the first one that I have come across who has made a recent posting on the internet. I am sure there must other backyard astronomers in Karachi but I have yet come across them. Please do share with me your astronomy experiences.

  2. Backyard astronomers!…sounds like backward astronomers…don’t like this term very much. Should be forefront astronomers. I like the term amateur astronomers. Fouad could you please contact me at my email address, I am the team leader of Pakistan Amateur Astronomers Society, something very rudimentary and in its begining. I am looking for people interested in astronomy and to work out what we can do at our level.

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