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LoRd of tHe RinGs

Lord of the RinGs

nO Im not talking about the movie or the book, its Saturn, the lord of the ring system in our skies im talking about.

Five planets of our solar system can be easily seen in the skies and are visible as bright stars. All you need to know is where to look and when, as they are not visible all the time, but they wander around the night sky.

These days, Saturn is the only planet visible and it rises around 2 Am and can be seen easily until dawn. It was an amazing experience to view saturn through the telescope. The disk and the amazing ring system. Two of its moons were also visible. But were really tiny…

Though abviously, the view was nothing like that seen in books and media..obv nothing  compared to hubble, still it was an awsome sight. I wud need to buy more eyepieces to see details on the surface and better viewing conditions as there is too much light pollution in  my area from the creek city and the creek club.

I also took a pic of saturn, but with a mobile camera. The pic is terrible and saturn looks tinier in the pic than it really was, but i was only too happy to have been able to captureit!
Left is the hubble pic and on the right side is mine with Nokia 6280 held at the eyepiece!

Saturn ProfessionalMy Saturn

8 thoughts on “LoRd of tHe RinGs

  1. Are you sure YOU took that?
    Because if you search in “Saturn” on Google, your first image is the first to come up and it is not the same url as the one you linked to in your post.
    Ahah. Dyke.

  2. Bringing back old memories, the last time I saw Saturn this close was about six years ago, on a roof top with my uncle’s telescope which he got from Tesco, and he had a barlow lense too.

    Though, Jupiter was way ahead clearer and could see the great spot.

  3. Javeria, thanks for the comment. However I do not consider myself as some kind of an expert, I just love to share whatever little I know and get other peoples’ ideas.
    Chromatic aberration is the fringing of colours around the image. It is because the unability of a conventional lens to focus all the wavelengths at the same point. As you can see the red part of the spectrum is being focused at the upper edge of the Saturn’s image, and the blue part at the bottom. This is not usually a problem with the relectors, but often with refractors at higher magnifications, including my own telescopes. Saturn appears yellowish through my telescopes, and not silver. Tell me please, did you use any filter or aperture to view the moon or viewed it directly?

  4. AoA,
    sorry i dint respond to your previous comment as well. Your such an experienced astronoer and you know so much already, i doubt i can give u any better advice. this is my first scope and i hardly even know how to use it properly!
    abt this image.. well the pic has come out very hazy, otherwise saturn appeared like a silver ball with the silver rings.. no colors were visible, i cud see two moons and no the division was not visible. i used a 10mm with a barlow lens. what do u say? is this not normal? btw what is chromatic aberration?

  5. Javeria, what I see in the picture is a bit of chromatic aberration. Was it really there when you viewed the planet through your scope, or it has something to do with the mobile camera? Were you able see the Cassini Division in the ring? Do let me know please.

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