Palestine : Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Yesterday Today and tomorrow by Dr. Tariq M Swaidan

Everyone talks about the Palestinian “problem” but no one seems to know the history and the facts .. and the root cause of the problems. me included! however i failed to find any good book which would discuss briefly the long history of Palestine, starting from the early settlers, then the Prophets Jacob ( Yaqoob), Joseph (Yousaf) and Moses (Musa) (PBUT all), up to the present day issues and problems.

When i first laid eyes on this book… i had to buy it!! even if i was broke!!

Its an excellent book, gives the over view of five major eras of Palestinian history:

  1. Palestine before Islam
  2. Palestine in the Islamic Era
  3. From Ottoman to the British mandate
  4. Under Zionist Occupation
  5. Intefada and peace.

It is a 421 page book, beautifully written with illustrations and photographs. Will give a detailed understanding of the muslims view points and facts, why the muslims consider the land of Palestine to be holy and sacred, the destruction the zionsts have brought to Palestine and how under the Muslim rule it saw its golden days.

Must have for every body especially Muslims!

Can be purchased online here


2 thoughts on “Palestine : Yesterday, today and tomorrow

  1. I suggest you visit my blog: You’ll find that I do know Palestine’s history–past and present. Today, however, we all urgently need to know God’s “historical” Presence, as all the Prophets, from Abraham though Muahmmad revealed it. Only by enlarging our understanding of God can we avoid the prophesied darkness of a nuclear winter. Palestine is just an “incidental problem” in a much larger scenario. (And if you’re looking for a book about it, try “Of Promises and Previews: Urgent Old Messages for a New Millennium.”)

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