LiVinG wiThOuT LyiNg…

iS it Possible to live in this world without telling lies?? small or big… for good or for bad… for benefit of others or even to make others happy? or to use as an excuse? wHiTe LiES??


5 thoughts on “LiVinG wiThOuT LyiNg…

  1. It is very difficult in this world without telling lies but always avoid form lies coz lies has no end. Yes app jhoot bolay per ksis say us ko nuqsan na ho ya hurt na ho. Botton line is you can !!!!

  2. Its a dilemna indeed.

    I am not sure if one should follow the “the end justifies the means” paradigm…

    Clearly there are times when it appears that the truth can cause harm and hurt, for example a soldier in captivity could lie to protect the lives of his comrades..Is that a morally wrong act ? Should he tell the truth and have hundreds of his comrades roasted for sake of a principle ? Whats more important the principle or the lives of fellow men ??

    The first hadith of sahee bukharee can be transliterated to mean: “The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions…”

    But there is the hadith that I remember roughly “If you hear that the mountain uhad is moving believe it but if you hear that a momin lies,dont believe it”

    Or is it that lying may at the time “seem” to be the right thing to do, but in the longer run cause more harm than good.

    Its always a tough call….The issue is clearly not black and white…

  3. Nothing special.

    – Do as prophet Muhammad (salallah o alaih e wassallam) did
    – Do as Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman, Ali (razi allah anhum) did
    – Do as companions of prophet (salallah o alaih e wassallam) did
    – Do as companions of companions of prophet (salallah o alaih e wassallam) did

    If anybody can find ahadiths where our prophet permitted or appreciated a lie then the one is permitted to do the same for something similar. But its better to ask the interpretation and the authenticity of ahadiths prior to roll something on your own.

    By the way, those great personalities were not living a mechanical, robotic or emotionless lives.

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