cHanGinG pErSpeCtiVes…

I fiNd it quite interesting how the perspectives of people change or time. One thing.. one person. different perspectie at differnt times.

while i was in Leeds, i was like “garmi kab aii gee??!! garmi kab aii gee”( When will summers come!? when will summers come) it was too cold for me all the time and i used to be wishing for summers and the sun to come out of hiding… and when it rained i was like “OH NO not again! when will it stop raining! i hate rain!”
Now that im back to my hot and humid karachi.. i kept wishing for winters to come!.. finally they have arrived today with loads of rain… beautiful rain! I Love Rain!” 🙂


5 thoughts on “cHanGinG pErSpeCtiVes…

  1. Absolutely…this human soul can never be satisfied…we have been made for Heaven…where you dissatisfaction doesnt exist in the dictionary…

    But still…have to still pass on in this life…we should learn to be ok with everything…so that we complain less and enjoy more…

    Frankly, I always enjoy the summer more…I would rather sweat than be dry and cold…and then of course there is the MANGO…hehe…

  2. @Akbar!
    twisted but true! the good thing abt living in Karachi is you can enjoy the rain and as well be an astronomer as the sky clears in max 2/3 days.. plus without electricity you can enjoy the views of the heavens above much much more!! 🙂

  3. Summer is yet to come. In May and June, the sky remains clear throughouut tha day. But as soon as the Sun sets, small local, low lying clouds start floating over Karachi, getting worse and worse with the passage of time, till around 3-4 am in night. In July and August, there is almost continuous cover. You don’t usually observe these things unless you are doing some astronomy. I remember lying on my back at my roof for hours waiting for the sky to clear. However you can do good astronomy in from September till April.
    Ahh…no power failures at the Airport close to where I live. (A “bit” too selfish!! 🙂 )

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