faCing deAth…

Facing Death…

Death is an undeniable fact of life…yet is the most ignored.
We all have to die and we all know that. Thousands of people die every day. Yet this stark reality has become lost…obscured…eventually forgotten.

When we embark on a journey, we plan every tiniest detail. What we will need for the journey, what we should pack, our documents, passports all should be in perfect order. We do our utmost to know about our destination, climate clothing etc However, our preparation for our own death is nil.

For our death, we plan nothing, pack nothing, have no clue what the journey will be like…Do we even know our destination? Yet we claim to be Muslims and we claim to believe in the Akhirat.

Do we actually know what the Akhirat will be like? When we all are resurrected, will it be day or night? How will we come out of the graves? What will happen next? How long would the court of Allah be for? We know nothing…we never even bother to know about this journey…yet we say we believe?! If this is not lip service… then what is it?

This lack of conviction of Akhirat and being ignorant about it causes us to forget our own death – the undeniable fact of life.

So how does a Muslim with true belief in Akhirat behave?
I go to a Quran Lecture given by Najmul Hasan every Friday in English on Khayaban e sehar. There I realized what true belief on Akhirat really means.

Najam uncle narrated a true story of his friend who was ill and got his blood tests done. From the hospital he called Najam uncle and told him I have two news – one good one bad. Najam uncle asked him to narrate the bad news first.

He said he has been diagnosed with cancer. Terminal cancer. After such a news, one wonders what possible good news can there be in the face of death!!?? His friend replied that finally he will get to meet Allah and see the unseen – the ghaib.. on which he had full belief all his life.. And now finally the curtain to the other world would soon be lifted from him. So this was the good news – for a true believer. And this how our belief on Akhirat should be.


19 thoughts on “faCing deAth…

  1. When people talk or think about death so much its a possibility that they are thinking about committing suicide or they believe something or everything is bad or working against them. I’m a little worried about you at the moment.
    Anyways think life as a gift from Allah and you have to take care of it. Try to live every moment to its fullest, you never know when its gonna end or even you think you do know try to make the most of it – Don’t end it yourself because in that case you will lose your ticket to see Allah or 72 virgins.
    Just my 2 cents – not trying to offend anyone.

  2. AA Javeria,

    When i ve time i read you blogs. You are doing nice job. Well death is true reality but there are lots of things to do in life. As my opinion we ve to keep three things then we make preparation for Akhirat.

    1- Haqooqul Ibad
    2- Salah, Zakat
    3- Acha insan

    One thing keep in your mind Allah is there he is watching you. I am living in USA. Last Friday in Jummah prayer i meet with DR Yahah in Isamic center. he is a very famous Isalmic scolar. only 20 people was in jummah prayers. I asked few questions with him. If we follow these three thing are we good muslim he said yes these are a basics of true muslim but you ve to add one thing Tilawat of Quran shareef after Fajar prayers.

  3. @Sharuk
    Thank you for your concern, but you completley missed the point of my article.
    I am not being suicidal (It is haram anywayz..) im not sad or depressed! and i am not terminally ill.

    I was inspired by the story of the person who was diagnosed with cancer and his way of facing death. I just wanted to highlight what true eman on akhirat really means by the example of that person so that we muslims should also work towards increasing our eman and taqwa.

  4. and another @ Sharuk,
    Dude your 2 cents missed the the point by light-years 🙂
    and secondly the author is a gal, I dont think she cares all that much for 72 virgins 😀 Matter of fact, she’d probably prefer none around 😉 By the way where did that figure come frm anyway !!??

  5. Javeria >> Medical science is way better these days than last century. Doctors have cures for diseases like cancer now [or I should say some cancers are treatable]. I don’t think you understand why I said anything about suicide. People like you mention get depressed because they think that nothing is going to help them now. But as a progressive muslim you think its strong taqwa. I don’t think its ok to say, “Hey Im definitely going to die now because of this disease”. Thats silly. what kind of spirituality is that?

    Aleem >> Most common thinking now in west or non-muslims is that muslims are terrorists. They do such things [even eating halal food] because they want to get 72 virgins. Its a myth but people think like that about most of muslims. So I said it in a general sense. Sometimes think beyond your square foot of window UnCl3 😉

    I know in asian countries we respect whatever our elders say but sometimes they need help too!

  6. @ Sharuk: Had you been a doc, i might’ve considered your comments of advanced medical sciences, but by no means do you seem to be one. Let me tell you that despite the unprecedented advancement in medical techniques, there are not, 100s, but 1000s of diseases that are simply incurable. They say that a signal is enough for a wise person to understand a point, nevertheless, not everyone is the same.

    You care too much about what the Westerners think about us, ever thought what WE think about the West? You need to first decide which side you are on and then comment.



    Disclaimer: This post is generated by the system of H.Q., incase you hold any reservations against it, kindly notify the admin of this blog.

  7. @ Jav: you’ve raised a point which is deliberately evaded by most of us, appreciate your concerns, accept my gratitudes for the reminder.


  8. Hey! we are having hot discussion over here.

    @ Raza Zaidi –
    Who is Dr. Yahya? I believe you are talking about Harun Yahaya. Well, indeed he is doing a great work for islam and muslims. But I can’t close my eyes while reading him, especially. He is a kind of researcher and so called scholar. We can’t take him for granted. I recommend him though. However, you list out few things. Its better to include everything in the list you find in quran and ahadiths. And then try to practice those as much as you can. Tauheed, Risalat, Boycott of biddah, say no to shirk are few very important things. If you would not follow the deen complete you will find yourself deviating day by day.

    @ Sharuk –
    It is not the intention to insult but you need some more study and awareness. Its just about don’t forget your death. Just like when you eat alot of sweetmeats and you feel indulge and feast, you should keep this in mind that it can be harmful to eat alot of it. Same thing can go for anything. Its about live your life in islamic way. We save alot for our uncertain future but nothing for certain ultimate future which is death indeed. By the way, what do you mean by live your every moment fully?

    @ Javeria –
    Najum Ul Hasan. If I am not mistaken, he has his Darul Iftah, “Yasin Ul Quran”, in New Karachi area?

  9. @Sharuk
    “Progressive Muslims” hmm .. i wonder what kind of a Muslim Prophet Muhammad (saw) was? or his Sahaba? I think you should read up on their biographies.
    IT IS taqwa to fear Allah and to fear his punishment. If you forget Akhirat and death thats when all your actions go wrong Why do you think Muslims today ..like in pakistan cheat and loot and lie and backbite and do gheebat, dont pray,openly commit sins etc etc..?The root cause is that the so called progressive muslims [read lip service muslims]think its a sign of being suicidal to remember death which in turn weakens the belief on Akhirat. If each and every Pakistani Muslim truly believed in Akhirat and remembered death they wouldnt cheat, loot,steal and lie.

    secondly no science has been able to stop death. When people are diagnosed with terminally ill diseases.. docs say there is nothing left to do but pray..so death can not ever be evaded no matter who advance we become.

    that was hilarious! hehheee

    I dont think its the same Najmul Hasan Atleaast i am not aware of his activities there in New Karachi. I do know he works in Meezan Bank.

  10. @ Javeria –
    BTW, who is Adnan over here. Anyway, don’t really know about Najmul Hasan, if he is not the same Mufti Najmul Hasan, Muhtamim of Darul Iftah Yasinul Quran. But Meezan Bank is a kind of Islamic Banking Scam to me. Don’t take it offensive, please.

  11. @Adeel..
    sorry my mistake.corrected.
    About Mezzan bank.. well i guess no Islamic banking is truly Islamic.. but they are trying their best. maybe one day we will be free from Riba Banking..Inshallah.

  12. @ Adeel:

    i’m afraid no bank in Pakistan can operate on islamic laws unless the State Bank is going about matters islamically. Meezan Bank is trying its best, so i guess instead of spreading a wrong word perceived by rumors, its better to appreciate whatever minor efforts are being made in the right direction.


  13. @ H.Q. –


    What you say if someone from sharia committee works as an advisor for some conventional bank and get paid for it?

    What you say for ladies frontline staff in islamic bank?

    What you say of car finance policy offered by Meezan Bank?

    Why using conventional insurance anyway? It is considered participation in sins.

    In fact no one knows when one can astray while started off with all good in mind. I have seen in my life how Mufti becomes Mufta.

  14. @ H.Q. –

    Why using conventional insurance anyway? It is considered participation in sins for the time being. Car may be a need if not luxury but not a food that someone will die without it.

    These Islamic Banking advisors in State Bank are working on its payroll. Payroll of a conventional bank which is damn prohibited, we all know this well.

    By the way I am not relying on rumors but on facts. I have worked on banking softwares indirectly while working in a software company for a year almost. Furthermore, I have a complete research on Islamic Banking in Malaysia, Pakistan and UAE. Unfortunately not published on the web, yet. Which is done by one of my friend while doing his research thesis for securing Masters in Economics from University Malaya, Malaysia. He also visited Pakistan for this very purpose few months back.


  15. @ Adeel:

    ain’t sure about the insurance, i personally never had an experience with insurance. however, i guess, you did get my point and in a way you didn’t. I mentioned exactly what you’ve elaborated upon, that unless StateBank devises policies to run any bank according to the islamic codes, none can do much about it. If its not completely islamic, its better to keep an account in Meezan Bank instead of Standard Chartered or Citibank, if you know what i mean. I’ve had my account in Meezan bank for quite a while just because it was supposed to be the first islamic bank in PK and was in some way affiliated with Maulana Taqi Usmani and had his son on the Board of Directors… though their service is not as alluring as that of SCB, i prefer Meezan bank just cuz of the “tag” of islam. As far as Banks in Malaysia are concerned, they’re able to go about things quite easily cuz over there the Govt. doesn’t feel ashamed of being a follower of Islam, in our case, even most of the population is shy of being called muslims, so obviously…………

  16. Whatever….

    Each and every bank in the world is now adapting Islamic banking in all Islamic countries not because they found it good. Because they want to sell it to those who were not reachable with conventional banking. It is nothing but the new label. No matter in which country you are living in? No matter who is on the shariah board? Nevertheless, Its a trap.

    Insha allah, I would be able to give you a detailed research shortly. Until then please observe the things yourself carefully.

  17. I just saw your post above whereby you’ve mentioned that ladies are sitting at counters… i agree, theres no point in making ladies sit over there, and you can’t even say for sure as to “why” the ladies sitting at counters are so necessary. other banks DO have ladies but less than Meezan Bank. I now have two accounts with them in two different branches. In one bank whenever i step in, 2-3 ladies from different departments will approach me, one will ask me for feedback, the second will ask me to bring my company account from Bank Al-Falah to Meezan bank and the third would ask me if i need any loans. This kind of environment isn’t there in any of the other banks. Your focus on the presence of ladies in the “islamic bank” is equally condemned by me.

    Ok, since you’re adamant that i shouldn’t be befooled by the “label”, then i’d truly appreciate if you could, based on your extensive research, let me know of a bank which provides good facilities plus has islamic banking and if there is none available then i guess i’ll transfer to Std. Chartered anyways… atleast they have good customer service. Meezan Bank’s service is getting pathetic day by day.



  18. can u kindly give me the contact # of Najam-ul-Hasan….i shall b truly gr8ful….
    Looking fwd 2 an urgent reply..!!
    ^^May ALLAAH (swt) guide us all on da strait path….ameen!^^

  19. Adeel,

    I like your inquisitive nature but to be honest, I am not really impressed when you throw around names and pretend to be Mr. Know-it-all because you have worked on banking software and hence acquired a mastery in financial principals. I also object to the apparent objectivity of your opinions- while I understand that you may have concerns about the workings of a certain parallel financial system, I think its counter-productive to dismiss the whole system as a complete “scam”. Nothing is perfect at its nascent stage and thats exactly why it requires a lot of time and the brains of smart people like you to develop the systems to near perfection. If anything, the Islamic financial system offers a fresh way to do ethically sound banking and finance projects based on their value addition to society, not on making money out of money and hence creating a bubble. The world has very clearly seen the results of such a financial model and I am sure important lessons were learned from the mistake. Again, this is not meant to criticize you, but to let you know that you should not form such absolute opinions so early in life. Yes you may have doubts, but purify your intentions, and suggest improvements to a particular process, rather than shooting down a novel idea.

    On a separate note in reference to post # 17 by H.Q, I find it disgusting how you say that there’s no point in ladies sitting at counters- this is a financial institution and not a brothel- people come to work and make an honest living and your criticism of women in the work-force is despicable.

    That should be it- thanks a lot of reading and sorry about the long post.

    – Mustafa

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