On the waiting list of Death…

I remember, when I was a kid, one of my elder cousin had a baby boy. I was really attached to that boy. I remember when I used to come home after school; the first thing id do was to go see the new baby. I loved him dearly, but he was sick and he died before his 1st birthday. A few years ago before his death, my grandma had died. But she was sick for a long time, so I guess I was mentally prepared.. but this child…i could not understand I was angry, very angry with Allah. What did that innocent child do to deserve this? His mother was in shock and so much pain. In fact every one was… such a young death …why? Why him? Why Allah took him from us? Its not fair.. its cruel…

A few years ago, my close uncle, had a very terrible car accident. His car was completely destroyed and the miraculous thing was that he came out unscathed. His friends asked him to give a party as he had been so lucky. On the day of the party, he had another accident and he died on the spot.

The other day, I heard another some what similar story from uncle Najmul Hasan. A construction worker was working on some building. He fell off a very high floor and everybody thought he was dead. But he got up, dusting his clothes! Amazingly he was alive. Everyone rushed to him, congratulating him, how lucky he has been…and in order to celebrate they asked him for a treat. He was crossing the road to get some soft drinks when a car hit him and he died on the spot.

A few days ago, my neighbour’s brother died suddenly. 20 days later their mother died too with grief.

Many people are diagnosed with terminally ill diseases and there is nothing the doctors can do, even with the most advance latest technology.

Death is all around us, yet we do not know what it is and why it is? When it will strike? Strike whom and why?

All the answers are there in front of us, if only we’d bother looking.. Truth IS out there.. BUT you have to look for it…

Allah Subhana Tala Says in the glorious Quran:

[3:185. Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception.]

Thus, this life is nothing but a test. A big exam we have to pass. So what are the tough questions we have to face in this life? How will Allah be testing us? Allah says:

[2:155. And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sâbirin]

So all of us have to face these tough questions and tests of life, weather we like them or not. We can cry and mourn and be angry with Allah, it will do us no good. The only way to pass these tests is by doing Sabr, being patient and not complaining and accepting the will of Allah.

Have you ever been on a waiting list for a flight? You never know when you will get the seat, so you have your stuff all packed and ready and your documents in order.

Similarly, we our self and every one we know in our life has a seat booked on the plane to the grave…and we are all on the waiting list of death…
Wont we then prepare for it?


5 thoughts on “On the waiting list of Death…

  1. a saying of the Prophet S.A.W. goes “wisest amongst you is he who remembers his death all the time”.

    Jav, thanx for all the reminders.

    I’d like to vote for a subject change now. 😉

  2. “Have you ever been on a waiting list for a flight? You never know when you will get the seat, so you have your stuff all packed and ready and your documents in order”
    Excellent example to summarize the whole topic.
    But one thing…won’t being preoccupied with death all time would lead to learned helplessness, a source of most of the problems faced by the nation (ummah) en masse. I mean, that all the scientific progress, from genome decoding to martian rovers and the pluto probe, are all futile, so are any defenses against the carpet bombings on Muslim masses. After all they all meet their lord after that.
    The young baby could have survived if diagnosed properly and treated accordingly. Better traffic regulations could have saved your uncle, and construction worker could have been with his family had there been a signal, zebra crossing, and a traffic sense. In fact many of these deaths that you have mentioned are not natural deaths but murders. Tuberculosis was a terminal disease a few decades ago but now is as curable as anything, and there is a long list. And big majority of cancers are now curable, all depends on how much resources and technology we have at our disposal. Otherwise, a simple diarrhea, or malaria is a terminal disease in a far-off village in a third world country.
    We are suffering in this world of technological advancement because we are not smart enough to live. Not even Allah would be at all pleased if we sending thousands of our children daily to meet him by letting them die at the hands of simple diarrhea or starvation.
    Two examples:
    1. October 2005 Earthquake of magnitude 7.6: more than 100000 died. 1906 Earthquake of San Francisco Magnitude 8.3, 3000 died.
    2. The cyclone of 1970, hitting coastal areas of East Pakistan, 500000 died. A stronger storm 35 years later hits New Orleans, The Katrina, 1836 people died.

  3. @ Akbar Husain –

    I agreed with you in some aspects. There are “may be”s in some cases but the time of death is certain. No traffic signals, no traffic sense, no zebra crossing or nor all these together can save anyone from death. I would say, once again, death is certain, all other circumstances become excuses nothing else.

    But here I do agree with you that we should put our best, with a hope towards allah indeed, to save someones’ life. But if it is time nothing can do otherwise.

    Your last two examples are good, beside depending on the population of the area. I can remember a quote which is in urdu.

    “Jo hua woh tou hona hi tha. Dekhna ye he keh moun kala kis ka hua”. – not known

    Note: By the way, you are pulling the whole idea of the post in different direction. It simply qualifies for a post itself. The idea of this post is, nobody knows when it is time to head off.


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