LuNaR LuNaCy wiTh JuMping JuPiTeR

The recent Lunar eclipse was SubhanAllah beautiful and amazing, Though it seemed a bit scary with the mysterious shadows lurking on the other wise bright lunar surface. Since it was a slow process, i was a bit bored so swiveled my scope in the direction of Saturn to view it again. Never does it cease to amaze me!

Then I noted something else.. a very bright star mid way up the horizon near the south west..and im thinking… hmmmm looks like Venus.. but couldn’t possibly be Venus.. Venus is visible in the evenings these days… couldn’t be Saturn.. I just viewed it… couldnt be a star as was not twinkling….could it be Jupiter? Have I missed it in the sky chart?

Then I swiveled my scope up to it and a few seconds later I was jumping with joy! Had any seen me.. standing alone in the middle of the night on the roof top…they would have thought “what a Lunatic!” especially with the Lunar eclipse going on! Heheheh

Jupiter is just simply breath taking! Thought it appears quite small in my scope and colorless.. I could still make out the two dark bands around it and its four moons were clearly visible bright and shiny…all Magnificently lined up. What a view! SubhanAllah!
But I wish I had a bigger scope… like a 10 inch one or atleast a 6… the details of the surface can not be seen and it doesn’t look like as it appears in magazines and websites! Sight! On top of that the viewing conditions in Karachi are terrible with so much light pollution its impossible to see the north star! Serious…. i was able to find it only when there was a major power failure and all street lights n the creek city lights were off…

I used 10mm and 25mm eye pieces with Barlow.

Another interesting event of the night was the occultation of a star by the eclipsed moon.. this is the first time iv seen any occultation… was wonderful!

There is a solar eclipse coming up on the 19th. I don’t have a solar filter…so dunoo if I would be able to view it or not.. Unless I get hold of some solar filters…

I will soon Inshallah upload some pics taken by two ameteur astronomers from Karachi. Unfortunatley due to the current blog ban in Pakistan, i cant access wordpress from either world call or supernet… and the proxy server is not leting me upload the pics. Il upload them as soon as im able to Inshallah.


5 thoughts on “LuNaR LuNaCy wiTh JuMping JuPiTeR

  1. I would suggest you to go for image projection of the eclipse rather than direct viewing through a filter for four reasons:
    1. It is cost-effective.
    2. It is safe.
    3. You don’t need any sophisticated photographic apparatus to take photographs.
    4. Many people can view it at the same time.

  2. This is quite easy.
    Just move the eye-piece a few centimeters out. It starts working like a projecter, and should project the image of the Sun on a screen placed at some distance from it. The more it is slided outwards, the closer and smaller would be the image on the screen. Try to focus the image till you get sharper edges and sunspots. If the image is too bright, try making an aperture of card-board with a coin-sized hole in it (or smaller) and cover the main aperture of the telescope with it. You will get a crisp image. NEVER TRY TO VIEW THE SUN DIRECTLY WITH NAKED EYE OR WITH A TELESCOPE. IT CAUSES IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE.
    Technically spaeking, for normal viewing, the eye-piece is placed in such a position that the focal point of the objective falls within the focal length of the eye-piece. It forms a virtual image, which we see. To project the image, the eye-piece is moved back so that the focus of the objective falls a little outside the focus of the eye-piece. Yet it should not be outside the two focal lengths of the eye-piece. Try using the low power eye-piece. It gives better results.

  3. Did you get the pics i’d sent you? You never acknowledged.

    Hey, the new outlook is OK but the color combination is quite stressing for the sight. You might consider switching the color theme.



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