LoVe of tHe sAhaBa (ra) : Abu Bakar and Ali (ra)

The noble Sahaba ra of Rasool Allah proved their love by sacrificing their own selves, their lives and their properties for him. They loved him more than their own selves, their parents and their family. The Seerah is filled with display of this utmost love. Some incidents are being mentioned below.

Abu Bakr Siddiq
The Quraish of Makkah made a plot to murder the Holy Prophet. Allah had given the order for migration to Medina. At night, in the cover of darkness, the Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr left Makkah and arrived at a Cave called Thor where they decided to take refuge.

(The shoes of Abu Bakr) were worn out; some said he used to walk tiptoe in order not to leave a trail behind him. Abu Bakr, first entered to explore the cave and be sure that it was safe, closed all holes with pieces torn off from his clothes, cleaned it and then asked the Prophet (saw)to step in. The Prophet went in and immediately laid his head in Abu Bakr’s lap and fell asleep. Suddenly Abu Bakr’s foot was stung by a poisonous insect, but he did not stir or move despite the pain, fearing Muhammad saw might wake up. (Mubarakpuri, The Sealed Nectar)

This was how much the Sahaba loved Prophet Muhammad (saw), they were willing to sacrifice their life and bear so much suffering and pain.

Ali ibn Abi Talib
The Quraish of Makkah had made a plan to assassinate the Holy Prophet (saw) and they had laid siege to the House of Rasool Allah.

The Prophet told ‘Ali to sleep in his bed and cover himself with his green mantle and assured him full security under Allah’s protection and told him that no harm would come to him. The Prophet [pbuh] then came out of the room and cast a handful of dust at the assassins and managed to work his way through them reciting verses of the Noble Quran (36:09) and went towards Medina with Abu Bakr. [Mubarakpuri]

Despite grave danger of attack from the Quraish, Ali slept in the bed of Rasool Allah, endangering his own life, for the sake of Rasool Allah.


5 thoughts on “LoVe of tHe sAhaBa (ra) : Abu Bakar and Ali (ra)

  1. Asasalamu Alaykum,

    Nobody here is denying the status of H. Ali (ra) and this “phrase” does not settle anything.. nor does it prove that Ali ra was suppose to be the first caliph of the Muslims.

    Do you even know the context of this phrase? Have you even read your own Hadith Books?

    Please get hold of your own Shia Hadith Books like Al-Kafi and Usul-e-Kafi by Yaqoob Kulaini and read them or your Bihar ul Anwar series of Hadith books by your great scholar Muhammad Baqar.

    I would suggest you read An Introduction to Shia Islam by Moojan Memon. which explains the development of Shia Thought with full references to their hadith books. This writer is Iranian but not Sunni.


  2. Assalam Alaikum,
    WE have to respect all Khulfa-e-Rashideen i.e
    1)Hazrat Abu Bakar r.a
    2)Hazrat umer Farooq r.a
    3)Hazrat Usma Ghani
    4)Hazrat ali r.a
    And all others SAHABA R.A and taba tabaeen r.a and all umma haatil momineen r.a.
    As Madam is right have to see ur books secondly if we say some thing on this issue then u will mind seriously according to quran also we have to respect them.
    For Hazrat Umer Farooq r.a some qurani Aayat nazool occur similar to Hazrat Usman Rasool S.A.W feel Haya from him what status they all have in the eyes of Allah and Rasool S.AW.

  3. Salam to All,
    Please stop to fight on this. hundreds of years gone. Caliph was a Administrative grade or meant to be Sharia in both cases Mr. Abubakar was first who sat on that seat we cannot change this fact, and what he did was wrong or right this judgement is not our job but Lord’s. we should spend our time to understand the reason behind our creation. remember resposbility of all Messengers was only to convey Lord’s words to mankind not to force mankind. Islam is for each human in the world, so i have to find my duties and my creation reason not for others all i have for others to convey right path(not to force). Think if Allah like to force Mankind then why he sent Messengers while he is capable to turn our minds.

  4. First of all this is not fighting but only inform that as a muslim no body has right to blame sahaba R.A ,tabaieen,tabatabaieen and all others ulema and buzurganaideen.
    Four caliph did right not wrong Allah already say in Quran.
    we all have to discuss with our muslim brothers and sisters who have wrong believs and if they say any thing wrong then every body knows that aperson do this he will be Wa-jib-ul-Qatal.
    we muslim say no wrong even to Hazrat EESA A.S.
    Allah send messanger for deliver message of Allah but at one time they fought against those who did not accept their message.U can see and read quran and history of islam.

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