WiLL we sTiLL cELeBrAte BaSant neXt yeAr?



3 thoughts on “WiLL we sTiLL cELeBrAte BaSant neXt yeAr?

  1. Thanks for sharing this one…. Even though you shared it a loooong loooong time ago, the regular visitors of the place have shown no interest in this post. Either because this year’s Basant is over and the next one’s pretty much far away and they’re the least concerned about this menace…………OR, note, there’s a big “OR” here…..

    people simply aren’t fond of reading “anything” in Urdu at all…. I’d heard of ABCDs and BBCDs –> Abbreviations for “American Born Confused Desis” and “British Born Confused Desis”……….. Anyone ever heard of PBCDs? i.e. “Pakistan Born Confused Desis”?…………. Well, i proudly happen to know some! jinki urdu parhnay say jaan nikalti hai…

    “tum shauq say college mein parho
    Park mein ghoomo
    jaaiz hai ghubaaro mein urho
    charkh pe jhoolo

    buss ik sukhan banda-e-aajiz ka rahay yaad
    ALLAH ko aur apni haqeeqat ko na bhoolo!”

    This is for all Pakistanis who’re not as fluent with their “mother” language(s) as compared to “other” language(s).

  2. OR Someone might not feel like posting after reading this brutality

    OR May be someone felt so much grief and sorriness, that it became difficult to think anything to comment this post.

    OR May be someone became so much angry that if one would have commented this post then one might not took care of decency of language against the responsible fellers.

    Not commenting the post doesn’t always mean that folks have no interest in the post.

  3. chalo, am really glad to hear that some1 DID read it.

    atleast this will remain in the people’s hearts when they watch BASANT being celebrated next year, and if they cannot stop it by their hands, they’ll do the least by feeling awful about it at their hearts….

    Over n Out.

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