FoRwaRDed FaLseHoods: No.1 Sun rise from West on Mars?

The following message was fwded extensively on the emails. It tries to prove that the sun rose from the west on  Planet Mars and this will happen to Earth as well. I have some interest in Astronomy and i knew about retrograde motion. Therefore when i read the message i realized that false statements were added to some facts to prove that sun will rise from west. This is blatant lying!

 The following is the actual fwed message with my comments are in brackets followed by my explanation of retrograde motion.

NASA – Sunrise from the West

Get ready, be prepared…. ..
Please read, very interesting article.

The science of astronomy states that the speed of
planet Mars has been decreasing in its course toward
the eastern direction in the past few weeks to the
level we notice the “waver” between the east and the
west..and on Wednesday the 30th of July the planet
movement stopped going toward the eastern direction..
Then in the months of August and  September… Mars
changed its course in the opposite direction to the
West- and that until the end of September

..which means
the sun will rise now from the west on Mars!!
( This is not true)

And this
weird phenomena of the opposite movement called
“Retrograde Motion” Most scientist state that all the
planets will go through the same once at least and ourplanet Earth is one of them.

Planet Earth will move in
the opposite direction some day and the sun will rise
from the west!!

This might occur soon and we are unaware! The rise of
the sun from the west is mentioned in the hadith and
this is the major sign of the Day of Judgment, most if
not all, the minor signs have occurred. Wake up.

Our beloved messenger Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him)

“One of the signs of the hour. the sun will rise
from the west, where no longer tauba(forgiveness) will
be granted” !!

And the strange thing most of our
Shariah scholars mentioned that the rise of the sun
from the west occurs only once on that day the sun
will rise from the west.. then again from the
east..and continues until Allah wishes and this is
similar to what is happening to Mars.. it stops, then
it changes its course of direction for a short period
of time..then returns to way once it was.

( This is all apparant motion of mars to us i.e. retrograde motion of mars from our earth, in reality mars is moving just as it was, it is rotating just as it was, the sun is rising from the same place as it always did on mars!!)

This piece of news is very important as it brings with
it a great sign of warning and remembrance of the
coming of a new WORLD – the world of he Hereafter .
When we show this hadith that was told 1400 years ago
about this miracle.. you will see InshaALLAH, a lot
will rivert to right path…And the muslims if they
see this phenomena happening in Mars who knows maybe
it would bring them closer to our CREATOR.

May Allah (swt) keep all of us in the Right path and
provide us with success in this world as well as in
the hereafter.

I have marked the false statements in red.

Retrograde motion is the APPARENT motion of planets in our  sky. It has nothing to do with the actual rotation or revolution of the planet.

If you observe the moon, it appears in our night sky in a differnt location every night. if u observe daily, you will realize that the moon everyday appears slightly east from its previous location. This is its apparent motion to US.

Similarly we can observe planets in our night sky everyday if u observe daily, they APPEAR everyday slightly east of their previous location. However becasue of differnt speed of rotation, we move faster than mars and therefore it appears in our sky to start moving westwards on some days This is called Retrograde Motion.

This concept is a bit complicated, but i have treid to simplify it. If other astronomers can explain it better please do leave ur explanations…. I can assure you this happens quite frequently with mars and other plants far away from us. This does not mean that the SUN is rising fromt the west.


The hadith of the rising of the sun from west is very authentic and will definitely Happen. Allah SubhanaTala is our creater and has full power to change the rotation of the earth any time He wants. It is devilish on our parts however to twist the scientic facts to prove hadiths. This is blatant lying and we should not lie to prove that our religion is true.  Just think how the knowledgeable astronomers will laugh on our stupidity and call us idiots and lunatics!

We shud have enuff Taqwa and Eman to belive this hadith without any scientific fact.

May Allah guide us all to the Truth and make us accept it, Ameen.



31 thoughts on “FoRwaRDed FaLseHoods: No.1 Sun rise from West on Mars?

  1. We have Quran to weigh our minds. On the contrary disbelievers have mind to way Quran. And after becoming a believer they must start weighing their mind on Quran. Quran and Ahadith are truth without any single bit of doubt.

    Allah created this universe and designed it in a particular way we can’t think of. So, retrograde motion as described can be true or not but the rising of sun from west on earth is a truth as sun itself is a truth. No matter, if it would occur because of the design or arbitrarily. Indeed, Allah can make anything happen anytime. You take that as you think by design or by necessity or arbitrary happening. Its just the reasons which is required by humans. But the ultimate reason would be the Allah’s will.

    If scientists are saying something about this concept and saying that it already happened to Mars and it is meant for every planet. I don’t have any problems with that. They might say something else in future after analysing some other facts. Its science not a divine religion. Thus, it can be wrong or right. If it talks similar to what we are given with, the Quran and Ahadith, then well and good, otherwise we know the truth we don’t need science to tell us something we already know and are sure about that.

    I can believe science as far as it tries to say something similar to my Deen. Hence, as far as they are saying, “We are unaware of time”, I can take that thing.

    None the less, Javeria, you are right in asserting the idea but the scientists and astronomers associated retrograde motion to Venus and Uranus not all. Those planets moves clockwise, as opposed to others. That is called a retrograde rotation NOT motion. Now our concern is how retrograde motion occurs. So, the definition for that is,

    ________“The planets generally move from west to east in the sky. Occasionally, one of the planets seems to slow down, stop, and loop backwards, moving from east to west for a short time. After a short time, all the reverse happens and all is back to normal. The planet did NOT stop or move backwards in its orbit; for a while, the Earth was moving faster than than the planet, overtaking the planet for a short time, making it seem to lag.”________
    – [ ]
    _____”Copernicus realized that retrograde motion occurs because Earth moves faster in its orbit than the planets that are farther from the sun. The planets that are closer to the sun move faster in their orbits than Earth travels in its orbit. Retrograde motion occurs whenever Earth passes an outer planet traveling around the sun or an inner planet passes Earth.”_____
    – [ ]

    Wikipedia say,

    _____“Retrograde motion is motion in the contrary direction. In the case of celestial bodies, such motion may be real, defined by the inherent rotation or orbit of the body, or apparent, as seen in the skies from Earth.”_______
    – [ ]

    Which means they are well aware of this thing and accepting the idea.

    However, they are not sure about anything. i.e.

    ———“No one has directly observed the earth orbiting the sun, but the theory that the earth orbits the sun is the simplest explanation”____
    – [ ]

    Furthermore, Can you please provide the URL or citation for the thing you posted?


  2. Thats simple,

    ____”A planet’s “retrograde motion” is the apparent motion an outer planet makes against the stars as viewed from Earth. Earth moves faster than Mars, and so Earth catches up with Mars and then races past, leaving Mars in the dust. We see this as “retrograde motion”. It is analogous to a faster car catching up with a slower car and then passing said slower car. While passing, the other car looks as if it is going backwards, but of course it really isn’t. This is what the Earth and Mars are doing. The people on Venus see the Earth going retrograde as well, but we certainly aren’t going backwards just because we happen to be being passed up by Venus. We only seem to be going backwards when viewed against the stars from Venus. I hope this helps.”____
    – [ ]

  3. Among a few theories about the Earth’s magnetism, one is the Polar Shift or Pole Reversal Theory. According to this theory, The mangetism of Earth keeps on changing in complex manner, and once several thousand years, the poles might reverse. Thus, the magnetic compass would point
    its north arm towards Antartica and the south arm towards Greenland. If it is the case, and the poles flip over to alternate positions, the Sun would be rising from where the magnetic compass would be showing its west. But I would still see it rising from behind my friend’s house and not from behind the Mosque, where I usually see it setting. It has nothing to do with Earth starting to rotate in an opposite direction or
    slow down in its orbit and start moving backwards.

  4. I’m a layman in this area but I’d like to share a piece of common mob psychology in this regard.

    whoever spread this email probably thought that this theory was true so since this could happen to Mars, it might as well happen to the Earth, so in a way the person decided to relate it to the relevant hadith. Those who have strong FAITH in Islam do not need facts to prove their authenticity. However, for those who question the teachings of Islam, specifically the class of modern Muslims who got problems with all Islamic teachings and beliefs, for them the minutest scientific fact, whether true or not, is enough to accept the hadith.

    Its good that you value rational thinking and argue on the propagation of virtually produced theories to prove something, but like I said, for strong believers, the requirement of such Xplanations is not necessary. However, if the intention behind this email was only to remind our people that there will be a day after which repenting for sins shall not be accepted, probably the motive can be achieved to a major Xtent in case of people with mixed up beliefs.

    may ALLAH guide us all and give us the IMAN that does not require Xplanations to accept the teachings of ISLAM.



  5. AoA,
    The purpose of this post was to highlight the issue of forwarding mails which are not true.

    There are many other emails being fwed extensively which are nothing but hoaxes and lies.

    One presentation on moon split being fwded which shows a nasa pic of moon with a huge crack which runs around the moon. So the “Moon split” miracle is being proved with this so called fact. That is also not true and there is no huge crack on the moon which runs around its surface.

    Anothoer fake pic has been circulating showing the giant skeletal remains of humans apparantly Qoom e Aad in Aramco Saudia. This is also a lie. No giant human skeletons anywhere.

    Another pic of roza of Rasool Allah saw fweded shoing the inside of the roza. This is also not true. the roza is not of Prophet Muhammad. I have misplaced that pics.. if any of u have it plz mail it to me…

    Many many people are quoting the email about the sunrise from west saying that the sun rose from the west on mars and this this proves it can happen to earth to as well. As i tried to clarify, this is not true. Somebody has misunderstood retrograde motion and assumed themselves that sun rose from the west on mars.
    The fwded email did not quote any reference.

    So my point is, why do ppl i.e. Muslims make up these lies and fwded them over the internet. It is gunah to fwd information without first verifying it.

    For a java applet demo of retrograde motion of mars chek out the following link.

  6. hmmmmmmmmm, thanks for all the clarification. Its good you’re keeping track of all the hoaxes. Anyways, like i mentioned previously, alhamduliLLAH we don’t need hard facts of science to make us believe in whatever the Qur’an and Hadith teach us…. however, fake stuff may sometimes be useful to those who question the teachings of Islam…

    nonetheless, thanks for sharing this valuable info. Remember me in your prayers.



  7. Retrograde motion is the apparent motion backwards in the sky as viewed from the Earth. Normal motion of planets in the sky is from west to east, but sometimes, outer planets seem to slow to a stop, reverse direction for a time, and then resume their original direction.

    The applet (animation) below demonstrates how retrograde motion work. Watch Mars’ apparent motion across the Earth’s sky as the Earth passes Mars in their orbits around the Sun.

    Here in that animation you can see:
    Sun at center yellow colour, Venus green colour, Earth Blue colour, Mars Red Colour. The relative motion between earth and mars is shown by drawing a line between earth and mars representing the “line of sight” of a observor from earth. Actually, if we see this phenomenon from mars earth already retrograde same time when mars retrograde but we as human need to see this from earth.

    So, you can also note that this is scientifically a “observation thing” between two moving planets i.e. earth and mars.Similarly as we know that sun is also moving in its orbit around the galaxy at a speed of about 220 km/s and thus its orbital period is about 240 million years. So if you join the earth and sun with similar line of sight this movement will be similar but very slow due to large orbit of the sun around the galaxy (milky way). This phenonmenon will occure between sun and earth in 240 million years but we also dont know when did last time. So we cant calculate when it is going to happen next time!!!

    This might occur soon. What do you think about this?

  8. AFAIK, In order to observe retrograde you would have to reside some other planet. If there were humans on Mars then they couldn’t feel this phenomenon within the boundaries of mars. Same is with earth that even if retrograde happens on earth then we the people would not be able to observe it unless we get out of earth’s boundary.

    THe phenomenon mentioned in hadith as a sign of Qayamah would be something different and unique, just like splitting of moon.

  9. Assalam Wa Alaikum brothers. I just wanna add here that our sole purpose to be here in this world is to go through a test. This test is to basically believe in something that we cannot see because anyone can believe what they see. The real beauty lies in believing in Al Gaib (The Unseen).

    By the way, it is not at all difficult to believe in things. All you need to do is apply your brain which Allah has given to you and then pick any creation in the world and think about it for a while. You will automatically realise that it could not have formed by itself. There is something controling it.

    Then all you need to do is go back to your history lessons and see what all the Messengers are repeating time and again.

    There is one God, the one and only Lord!

  10. Assalamu Wa Alaikum Wa Ra’hmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

    Thank you all for such beautiful explanation of the ” SUNRISE FROM WEST IN MARS ” fact. I learned about it in an Islamic program and was very much interested in learning in details about it and see if it is really true. And my interest landed me here [ Alhamdulillah ] . [ I believe in Allah , His Messenger (sw) and the Holy Quran blindly , no matter what anyone says ]
    Truth always prevails and Falsehood perishes for Falsehood is by its nature bound to Perish.

    I would also like to know about the splitting of the moon. Please help me with the information.
    I will really be grateful.

  11. thanks brothers…appriciate you all on the topic coverd..
    may allah bless u all…
    keep tracking of such will get sawab…many of our brothers are ilitrate you poples are doing good work.

  12. Salaam AlayKum,

    I think this is a simple misunderstanding and unlike other stories I can see how someone might get the wrong end of the stick. I wouldn’t class this as hoax but as a misundestanding.

    That said, I wanted to stimulate debate about hoaxes and us Muslims. I think it is good to point the finger at ourselves and analyse our actions.

    Many Muslims seem to get very excited when they hear “OMG! Michael Jackson became Muslim” or ” OMG! Neil Armstrong became Muslim after hearing the adhaan on the Moon”.

    When I say Muslims get excited I mean that one gets a feeling that their Iman has increased after reading such stories and that they have had some confirmation that Islam is indeed the right path because some celebrity is becoming Muslim.

    Why do we need such stories to increase our Iman? What does it say about our faith?

    I realise I am preaching to the converted here but I want your opinions.

  13. To Adnan Siddiqi August 11, 2007 at 12:20 am…..

    Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas: “During the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle the moon was split (into two places). (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Merits of the Helpers in Madinah (Ansaar), Volume 5, Book 58, Number 210)”



    The incident relating to King Chakrawati Farmas is documented in an old manuscript in the India Office Library, London, which has reference number: Arabic, 2807, 152-173. It was quoted in the book “Muhammad Rasulullah,” by M. Hamidullah:

    “There is a very old tradition in Malabar, South-West Coast of India, that Chakrawati Farmas, one of their kings, had observed the splitting of the moon, the celebrated miracle of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) at Mecca, and learning on inquiry that there was a prediction of the coming of a Messanger of God from Arabia (Detail given bellow), he appointed his son as regent and set out to meet him. He embraced Islam at the hand of the Prophet, and when returning home, at the direction of the Prophet, died at the port of Zafar, Yemen, where the tomb of the “Indian king” was piously visited for many centuries.”

    The old manuscript in the ‘India Office Library’ contains several other details about King Chakrawati Farmas and his travel[1].

  14. salam alekum .i have 1 comment about sun rise from west i just recieved this email aweek ago and i had to teal all my friend but after i read this pag it does make lots of sense and i agree with you cause allah change the whole planet in 1 min with out any 1 knowing so as muslims we should belive for those sign all time and be prepared ja zak allah khair

  15. salam alekum brothers and sisters did any 1 heard about the email that there is sheikh in madina munawareh had dream of rasull allah Pbuh)that told him yawum alqeyamah the judgment day is very close and the evident that abig star gonna come close from us and shine do you all think this is chain letter or what salam alekium

  16. Salaam…Thanks guys…Thanks for all your comments and posts on dis topic. I have forwarded this link to all my Frndz and Inshallah all will be pitty much happy to know the exact fact behind THE SUN RISING fROM THE WEST IN MARS.

    We all are Muslims and we believe in the unseen so we must believe that If ALLAH (SWT) wills he can change the direction of the earth in no time and we do not need any scientific proof to related it with. But this is for sure that the Qayamat is near and many signs have come by So my dear Friends be prepared for the Day of Judgment and collect all the good deeds, as much as u can and get pass through the test of our Life. May ALLAH(SWT) showers his love and mercy on all of us…. AMEEN

  17. A simple answer to the debates, Sura Al-Kafirun says “Oh disbelivers, i do not worship what you worship, you do not worship what i worship…. You have your religion, i have mine”.

    Let it be witnessed that on the day the sun does rise from the west, we muslims have conveyed the message to others

  18. Salam alaikum,
    Thanks for the clarification on this email,in fact i have been pondering over it ever since i got the email from a friend.please i need more clarification on the Neil Armstrong’s issue,i want to know the true story.thanks

  19. Salam,

    In fact Al-Quran had explain very clearly in chapter Al-Hijr 15:73-76 about ‘how the sun rises from the west.’

    Al-Quran said (the meaning) “So As-Saîhah (torment – awful cry) overtook them at the time of sunrise; (73) And We turned (the earth) upside down and rained down on them stones of baked clay. (74) Surely! In this are signs, for those who see (or understand or learn the lessons from the Signs of Allâh). (75) And verily! They (the earth) were right on the highroad (back to normal path/condition) (76)

    It’s quite a straightforward explanation. Quran said that during the sunrise the earth is turned upside down, therefore we got the phenomenum of the sun rises from the west! the earth is rotating at the same direction, at the same speed, and orbiting the sun as normal, nothing changed except now the north pole is becoming south pole and the south pole is now the north pole, therefore we will see the sun is rising from the west!

    May Allah bless of us.

  20. Salam,

    i agree with the article and its “Retrograde Motion”, as i had covered this in a physics lesson a long time back.

    but jus a note of interest.

    The earth has a lot of layers of rocks, and it has been found that, these different layers of rocks have different polarities. so for example in the north pole, some layers of rocks would be North polarised and some would be south polarised, this is because, Through time the earths magnectic field changes, so there will be a day wen you look at a compass, and north will be south and south will be north, and wen that happens, the sun will rise from the east and set in the west according to a compass.

    now im not sayin that this is the sign or nething, but if some1 really wants to use science, then to me this method would be more accepted then the Retrograde Motion.


  21. Well, It seems that our young astronomer had stumbled across information, the meaning of which were apparently not clear to the sender. To me the issue of a hoax as some of u have pointed out, or that no evidence of the sort is needed by a true believer touch only the most obvious ( though important ) issue here. Most of the responses have taken this into a particular direction. I am just adding one more way to look at this.
    It has prompted all of you to look up information(research) and some of you have done a great deal to clear the misconception. Please add, that Allah (SWT) wants us to reach him by using our heads and this as I have come to know, is the best way. The holey Quran is filled with examples of work of Allah in place of miracles, so that we can reach our Rab. There has to be some difference between the gaze of a Camel and that of Man.
    So, dont for a second think that u can close your eyes and go on. You have to keep them open, ie your mind. Your eyes only see what your mind knows. If any of u have been watching the space special on National Geographic, There is a spectacular piece that deals with the expanding universe. Here is something for all of you to work for. The Ayat in the Holy Quran that deal with the end of time, read them … maybe your mind sees more than it is used to.

  22. As-Salaamu alaikum WRWB,

    Dear All,

    I just have gone thru all the comments mentioned here. Honestly i do not know how to go about it. But the Fact cannot be changed, i do appreciate the comments from many people here that we do not need Science to strengthen our faith in Allah and his teachings.

    Having said that i also feel that a lot of people have wrote that this might perhaps help people to realise and revise their knowledge about islam that the door of Tauba would be closed when the sun rises from the West. This too is not wrong.

    Today i hope many of you would agree that most of Muslims Iman has really gone beyond the minimum required level. So Just to increase the Taqwa of the people and a reminder that the doors of tauba would be closed shortly, i personally thing is not too wrong. I also do understand that this is not required but if this can change even one person on this face of earth to return to the right path then i feel there is no harm in it.

    As far as what the scientists would think about this misunderstand about the fact about Islam (If it is not Scientifically Correct) then i think we Muslims have already done so many Blunders in our lives and we also know how the world has reacted to it, I mean the NON MUSLIMS.

    I do must realise that we are trying to take help to science to understand our religion, i think thats not wrong. If You people observe Dr. Zakir Naiks programmes he does explain us thru Science, Cause that help us understand much better. I personally feel that there is no harm if we try to understand our religion thru science. I want your comments on this, Please mail me to

    Jazakallahi Khairan,
    Safi ur Rahman

  23. AOA! brothers and sisters!

    I cannot understand why we all are arguing with each other whether sun is rising from the west on mars or rising from the east. We are talking about retrograde motion, astronomy and some of us giving references from Quranic verses and Hadeeses(hadiths). Just simply remember one thing THERE IS NO GOD ONLY ALLAH, MUHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH! just ask ourselves that are we ready to face Allah when we gona die and on the day of judgement, have we got all answers for the questions which will be going to ask us? what are we doing? trying to find out how near we are to Qayamat. how many signs happend truly and how many we are going to come? and when they are going to happen? I know most of you have got email about 50 signs of Qayamat some of them happened, some are happening now and some are going to happen, i think the ones happened are enough for us to show the right path and some of them which are happening now we should learn from them too before its too late. Just prepare yourself for the Day; it is our duty to tell non believers about our true religion Islam and ask them (not to force them) to come towards your true creator (Allah), after that it’s up to them whether they believe Him or not, because we have done what we asked for. I think this is the best way i can explain you, those who understand what i am trying to say they should start following now, this life is a test, get your answers ready! Rest of you I will recite this Quranic verse: “Deaf, dumb and blind – so they will not return [to the right path]”. Enough said. Wasalam 🙂 and Allah knows best and he knows whats coming!

  24. In the name of Allah and PB to Mohd.

    Science is part of law of Allah. Thus we are lacking in our understanding in what is Allah’s remit. We can never achieve full understanding unless that is Allah allows it.

    However we as human and Muslim must lead by example on how enlightened we are to the non muslims. So may Allah wills it, we have discharged our duty as his servant.

  25. Dear all of you aslkum

    This is right and I accept this and I will try to message our other brothers if you can message to each other so you will try.

    God bless u

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