BefoRe the Venus Occultation

ChandTaravenus3.jpgvenus4.jpgVenus and Moon through the Telescope.

The skies were clear, with only a few passing clouds. Venus disappeared behind the moon around 9:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time. It reappeared from behind the moon quite close to the horizon, so I was unable to capture the appearance on camera. The camera was not capturing it.

I filmed the disappearance on a camcorder, but it will take time for me to transfer the video to the pc. I took pictures, direct from the camera and also from the eye piece of my Telescope. Sky Watcher Explorerer 130 MM. the eyepiece used was of 25mm. The disappearance was easily seen through the scope. However i was not able to see the re-appearance from the scope due to my low viewing location.

These pics of Venus and the Moon were taken with Olympus Digital Camera from Karachi Pakistan.

The first two pictures were taken with the Camera directly, while the next two are taken from the eye piece of my Skywatcher 130 MM Telescope.

More pics coming soon…

My observation and some other other beautiful pics of the occultation can be found here:


2 thoughts on “BefoRe the Venus Occultation

  1. Very nice picture. Was this one taken by you?
    My net is so slow, I am still trying to upload the pictures taken by me. The FOV of SK’EYE-3 is very small, so I could not take the picture of “Crescent and Star” in toto. However the recession phase was captured well, but the Moon was very low on the sky.

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