Rushdie Knighted…But for WhaT?

On June 16th 07, Salman Rushdie, the author of the famous Satanic Verses was awarded knighthood by Queen of Britain. This news was followed by country wide protests against the knighthood awarded to Salman Rushdie. 

This was followed by a statement from the Anti Censorship body in London which condemned the protests in Pakistan  “In terms of censorship… we are extremely unhappy at this level of intimidation that surfaces every time there is dissent, criticism or comment on Islam,” Index on Censorship editor Jo Glanville told AFP. Ms Glanville said focus on the book The Satanic Verses was ‘inevitable’ but the 60-year-old author was recognized for his contribution to literature, particularly for creating a genre that ‘fuses east and west’ 

It seems that Ms Glanville and the Queen are unaware of the “Literary genius” of Rushdie which reflects in his ever famous book, The Satanic Verses. 

Ahmed Deedat, the famous orator on Islam has written a book called Can you stomach the best of Rushdie? “The Satanic Verses” unexpurgated.which sheds light on the literary genius of Rushdie. 

Ahmed Deedat writes:

Despite all my anger, sorrow and bitterness I still plead with my fellow Muslims in travail – “Stop crying”, “Don’t wail!”, “No more protest marches or book burning!” All our visible signs of pain and anguish are giving the enemies of Islam gleeful sadistic pleasures. I say, STOP IT! Turn the Tables!…

This publication , the word “UNEXPURGATED” , which means that Rushdie´s text in his original “The Satanic Verses” are not tampered with. That nothing is done by me to remove, expunge, erase any obscene or pornographic word or phrase. If you can´t stomach Rushdie´s “shit”[ This is a very mild expression from Rushdie’s book. See and hear me on video “Is Jesus God?”, a debate with Dr Shorrosh in which I was hard put skirting round and round this word and yet never coming to uttering it: in deference to my audience.] in print, please tear up this publication and throw it in your toilet pan. In all my lectures on Rushdie, I had warned my audiences in advance that my talks were “Definitely not for Prudes, children and Bashful Men and Women”!

 “Admitted that Rushdie has many filthy, dirty and obscene things to say about Islam and its heroes and heroines: but sir, do you know what he has to say about you(The British) , his benefactors and protectors, what thanks he gives you for his upbringing, cultural and moral deportment, and unsolicited refuge and hospitality?”                                           

 Salman Rushdie  has used exotic obscene hindi profanities  which would go above the heads of many readers especially the English readers. He has come up with new obscene phrases for the English language. 

He has used the b****** word 29 times and more than 50 f words in his 1500 page book .

 His book is filled with profanities and slurs and obscene phrases. He did not even spare Margaret Thatcher or even the Queen of Britain. His book also contains racist comments against the black and even the whites and amazingly the British people as well, who it seems have now honored him for this.He has also explained the purpose of white women in this book, in case the white women didn’t know! He has not even spared the hindu gods. 

Even if Salman Rushdies’ other books are a masterpiece of literature, how can a person who has written so much filth against EVERYONE and the British themselves  and not only Islam be knighted and honored by the British? 

 Is this just to infuriate the Muslims into committing more attacks and bombings or is this sheer ignorance of his literary genius in Satanic Verses.?

 What ever the motive, Muslims should not fall in this trap and start committing more bombings and attacks. This would tarnish Islam further instead of bringing about any change. The wise thing to do would be to propagate the true teaching of Islam and to make people aware of what Islam really is.  

One amazing thing which changed my thinking was a documentary I saw on new Muslims. There was an American, who read the Satanic Verses and he realized what a biased and totally senseless book it was. He wanted to know the other side of the story, so he researched on Islam and amazingly he became a Muslim. He still keeps the copy of the satanic verses, coz he feels that was the book which led him to Islam! This was just one story. Maybe there are many others who read TSV and it led them to Islam.

 So is Satanic Verses good or bad? Depends which angle you look at it… 

Can you stomach the Best of Rushdie? by Ahmed Deedat

Dawn June 17,2007: Rushdie Botham Knighted

Dawn June 20,07: Uk Envoy summoned over Rushdie Row

Dawn June 22,07: Protests held againt Rushdie Knighthood

Dawn June 22,07: Anti Censorship group assails protests


6 thoughts on “Rushdie Knighted…But for WhaT?

  1. “So is Satanic Verses good or bad? Depends which angle you look at it… ”

    My dear, I like you and like all Muslims have nothing but remorse on his knighthood, oblivion of the Muslim sentiments round the world, and the highly unsensitive gesture by the British.

    It reminds me of the Danish cartoon issue which was defended as fredoom of speech by their nation and government!

    There’s no good in his book (TSV) one person might have converted but for the rest it just increases its sales and ulitmately his and the publishers coffers.

  2. I would somewhat agree with Javeria, when she said, “Muslims should not fall in this trap and start committing more bombings and attacks.”. On the contrary, I would really appreciate killing of Rushdie. Do we really need fatwa for this?

    The Satanic Verses was first out in 1989, if I am not mistaken. I don’t know how this guy is living till this day, it is showing our weakness. Its really shameful. However, the title of “Sir” is not at all bothering me, though. Because I don’t really give a mosquito’s a** to the title “Sir”. They have given it before as well to Elton John(A Gay Singer), Sean Connery(A Movie Artist). So, its not at all meaningful rather it is meant for this sort of guys. But yes I am still not calm when its about “The Satanic Verses”. Its definitely bad. None the less, suppose we take it as it brought good and one of the non-muslim converts to Islam. Now, do you prefer few more books like this, because this one brought good? Do you prefer to right similar kind of thing to convert non-muslims to Islam? Indeed, you not. Hence, we can not say as you said, “So is Satanic Verses good or bad? Depends which angle you look at it”.

    I don’t support these protests, because I know, “Barking dogs seldom bite”. What else they can do instead of protest? Nothing. And not they have seen that there protests against Danish Cartoons didn’t deliver any results. So, whats the point.

    ___” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein ___

    I would definitely agree with you that its time to think and act. Although, it should always be like this. We are not in the position to do anything just at the moment. Our society is producing crap, our education system is producing crap, so what else would you expect?

    With respect to all that we ought to call war upon local tyrants first, then we think what to do next.

    Sir – Mongrel
    Knighthood – Having a sense of security under queen’s skirt

  3. Rushdie correctly deserved to be knighted, for he is a loyal soldier and a warrior in their crusade against Islam. He kept himself under the threat of being killed for decades for fighting for their cause. What are we complaining about?

  4. Akbar – Rushdie correctly deserved to be knighted, for he is a loyal soldier and a warrior in their crusade against Islam. He kept himself under the threat of being killed for decades for fighting for their cause. What are we complaining about?

    Me – Cent percent agreement. Furthermore, and to whom we are complaining?

    We have full rights to react but no suicide bombings but a target killing. It shouldn’t be considered as offense, it would be a defense. Complaints wouldn’t work.

  5. Salaam Javeria,
    I love your blog.
    Just out of curiosity, did you actually READ the Satanic Verses? If so, How? (in UK?)
    Or is this review based on Ahmed Deedat’s book?

  6. Wasalam Hiba,

    JazakAllahu Khair for your comments and suggestions. May Allah reward you.

    No i have not actually read the Satanic Verses, it is only Ahmed Deedat’s book that I read.

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