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O Pakistanis…Stop Taunting

Assalamoaleikum my dear brothers in Islam,

Kindly stop taunting on the Lal Masjid people. I know that to all the rest of the Pakistanis who’re against the Lal Masjid people, this is a very FUNNY situation. The reality however, is different from what we see. This whole drama was staged in order to make fun of all those brothers and sisters who practice Islam to the fullest.

 Each one of us has a friend or a brother with a beard and raised shalwar or a sister that wears complete burqa like the girls from Jami’ah Hafsah. Even if those people were wrong, the concept behind exploiting them so much was to undermine and defame all those who practice Islam to the very core, not only to defame the Lal Masjid people.

Our fellow Pakistanis, like always, are simply laughing away this sad incident. Please remember that even if the Lal Masjid people were simply the victims of our Government’s nasty plans to defame Islam just to save its seats and get re-elected, the consequences of this incident shall be very grave because it is not the Lal Masjid people that you will be taunting, you will be taunting all those who follow the true Islamic dress-code, which was the dress-code of our Prophet Mohammad SaLLALAHu Alaiyhi wasallam and ummahaatul mo’mineen (mothers of mo’mineen) from Hazrat Khadija to Hazrat Ayesha RadiALLAHu an’hunna… and consequently, in the decades to come, people will fear practising Islam because they will be mocked as the Lal Masjid brigade and this and that…..

This will go on for as long as Pakistan lives… Pray that PAKISTAN survives this sad transition without further partition or ceasing to exist.

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10 thoughts on “O Pakistanis…Stop Taunting

  1. @ Adeel
    Asalam o alekum,
    Kindly Listen to Dr. Israr Ahmed Here….

    He admires their passion intention and agrees with their demands. However, he disagrees with their methodology and says it should be done according to the Sunnah of Rasool Allah.

    He in very very strong words negates the use of self control and authority and power to stop evil without having your own government. He does not approve of buring cd shops and other such “ways” of enforcing shariat.

    Id prefer you listen to his speech. which is most recent.. i.e. 8th July… However you may read an editorial on the same lines here but was written in April which states that methodology should be according to Sunnah.

    Click to access The%20Way%20of%20Muhammad%20(SAW).pdf

  2. “Humara dushman America naheen balke humari apni government he” – Janaab Anwer Awlaki

    “Lal masjid aur jamiya hafsa jald baazi kar rahe hain. Abhi humari itni strength naheen” – Dr. Asrar Ahmed
    Note for Javeria: He didn’t said anything that they were doing against Islam

    “To read a newspaper is to refrain from reading something worthwhile. The first discipline of education must therefore be to refuse resolutely to feed the mind with canned chatter.” – Aleister Crowley

    “Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock.” – Ben Hecht

    These might help you guys.

  3. Whatever happens,happen for best. When SO CALLED muslims didn’t forgive Hadiths and declare them fake then what’s the worth of Burqa. Our work is to follow basics of Islam and teach them to other as well. Don’t worry about those who make fun of Burqa or anyother thing. In short, ISLAM atleast is not in danger and Ifyou read yesterday’s jang, there is survey that more and more women/girls are going to take admission in madarssahs.

  4. @ fatimah:

    Was a single suicide attack carried out by the Lal Masjid people?


    Why do you people have to blindly believe every propaganda that the media makes ?

    @ all:

    I have no grudges against the Govt. or the Lal Masjid people, the only thing that is wrong here is that our country Pakistan has become a “pay as you use” labratory for the Western intelligence agencies whereby all they have to do is pay our slave Govt. to get conspiracies tested. Do you people actually think the attacks on Musharraf were not a setup? Do you also think that someone really wanted to kill Shaukat Aziz? Ofcourse not! These are old ways of getting cheap fame, which both our President and PM have desperately been trying to achieve. There are several such examples of plots that took away the interests of people from other significant issues. Infact, the past 7 years have been the most happening years in Pakistan. Even natural disasters have hit Pakistan for the largest number of times during this period.

    As far as the Lal Masjid’s logics are concerned, I don’t care what the motives of Mr. Abdul Aziz Ghazi and Mr. Abdul Rasheed are, I am solely worried about the students, the youngmen and youngwomen who were the victims of this filthy plan designed elsewhere, and thinking that these people are completely right, they began supporting them. Now today they have to face utter humiliation and are being ridiculed by everyone across the nation. This is the only thing that saddens me the most.

    Besides, my article has not mentioned that Lal Masjid was right or wrong, it has only mentioned the incompetency of the present Government, and therefore, i would gladly support anyone who maintains a strong opposition towards the Govt.

    a Reminder:

    To all those who think that “the method” was wrong, I would strongly recommend to consider the following scenario:

    You bought an aeroplane at a very dear cost. You love the aeroplane very much and would gladly do anything to keep it alive and kicking. The day you took your plane to flight, some maniac pops out of nowhere and hijacks your plane and will not let you head towards your destination, what would you do? You request the hijacker to please let you take YOUR AEROPLANE to the destination of YOUR choice but the hijacker threatens: “NO WAY, i’m taking it to wherever I like (or wherever his master has asked him to), you better stop resisting or I’ll kill you.”

    Now the result of this scenario will depend on how dearly you love your aeroplane and how willing you are to reach your destination.

    Now there will be two kinds of people on the aeroplane:

    1.The first kind, which is abundant in Pakistan:

    They would start preaching to the hijacker:
    “dekho, Islam mein hijacking karna mana hai, aisa nahi kartay, dekho buri baat hoti hai, ALLAH miyaan buht naaraaz hongay”, and would then sit down and leave the results to ALLAH. Wherever the hijacker takes them, according to them, it will be ALLAH’s will.

    2. The second kind, which is scarcely available, and has now been brought down to the knees so that such a force never rises up again in Pakistan would do this:

    These guys would gather up whatever weapons from wherever they can inside the plane and try to get rid of the hijacker who’s forcefully occupied a plane that you have the right to take wherever you like. They’ll either settle scores with the hijacker or the plane will crash, either way, they will never come to live as slaves of the hijacker.

    Pakistan is a similar case, it was taken in the name of Islam, several thousand Muslims were slaughtered during the making of Pakistan. Then unislamic forces took over the country and since the day of Pakistan’s inception they’ve been trying to make it a secular state.

    Those who say that this is not the correct way to handle the matter of a tyrant government, then they should know what any deceiver deserves according to Islam. Our rulers have been playing games of deception with us for the past 60 God damn years, and yet those who try to teach them a lesson are ridiculed and top it, are denounced by our ulema who instead of stopping them should support them.



  5. Asalam o alekum all,
    I do not agree with what the strategy of implementing the shariah by the Lal Brigade.

    Maybe their intention was right but their method incorrect. If we don’t agree with their views, it does not mean they are not muslims or not practicing Muslims. We should not make fun of any muslim, even if we dont agree with them. Because we will indirectly will be making fun of Quran, the Sunnah , the sahaba and the sahabiat.

    After all that has happend, no matter who you blame, the government or the Lal Masjid, people are making fun of Islam, the Burqa and the beard. Extremely cheap jokes are being forwarded on the emails and comedy skits shown on tv ridiculing the burqa.

    This behavior is totally unacceptable.

  6. It’s a big problem that Pakistanis don’t realize where they are getting hit from. Many fahishaat that exist today in that country is because they (pakistanis) don’t encourage good and forbid evil and don’t worship Allah to the fullest as they should. And because this problem exists, it is hard for them to see the difference between what is right and wrong.

    Hence, you have people that are confused about who they should support. And on the other hand you have the ‘chamchas’ of different political parties that spread nothing except the ideas of Kufr and Shirk-Akbar. Very few have accepted the truth and can do nothing but make du’a for those trapped in the situation regarding the Lal Masjid.

    May Allah elevated them in status and in their struggle. Ameen

  7. oh i am so sorry i just saw that u just pasted this from a forum 😦
    dint know how to delete my comment 😦
    so v are actually thinking on the same lines (reffering to ur previous post)


  8. do u really think this is against Islam….
    the threat of suicide attack is what infuriated the govt…do u truly believe that the people who will die of dos suicide attacks wld be Kafirs …how many curupt ppl die of suicide attacks and how many kafirs are der in Pakistan….the people who die are only innocent children women and men who are on their way to their homes….Is their Jihad against Muslims …i thought in Islamic wars u are not even supposed to harm trees and animals….killing a muslim i dont rate as Jihad….
    and do u call Sucide bombing as Jihad: in Jihad/war u are supposed to cme out as shaheed or Ghazi….isnt suicide haram….
    No body is rediculing Islam…everyone is sad since some ppl are only defaming the sacred religion….
    Even prophet did not force Islam on anyone….

    will only wearing a proper dress make me a true MOmin …
    People …even not very religious like me favor some of the actions by lal masjid but when they threaten of Suicide attacks …i am sorry…the last thing i want to know about is how my neighbours or relatives died coming home because somebody somewhere thought that by blowing himself and killing our loved ones, he is actually honouring Islam…

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