Reflections on Lal Masjid Issue…and Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Analysis

Invocation - DuaDua of Musa as

Reflections on Lal Masjid Issue

“Either you are with us , or against us” Many points of views that i have read and heard, most people weighed the whole Lal Masjid issue in the above mentioned statement.

If you are not with the Lal Masjid, then you are with the Government.If you are not with the Government, then you are with the Lal Masjid.But things are not always Black and White…

What The Lal Masjid Wanted To Do Was Noble

My previous posts about the lal masjid generated a lot of debate… all over again. I was criticized for not understanding other views…and that i didn’t gain anything from the previous discussions.

And i still stand by what I said… but some people misunderstood me. If i’m not with the Lal Masjid, then im with the government is probably what they thought. I Just want to correct some misunderstandings…

Firstly I am not against the implementation of Sharia? How can i be? Any good muslim with even a little eman dreams of the times of Hazrat Omar ra when shariat prevailed and there was justice and peace.

Am i against “Amr Bil Maroof Wa Yanhauna Anil Munka” i.e enjoin Good and forbid evil…

No im not, how can i be? it is a command of Allah on us in many places in the Quran. Dont i want brothels and obscene movies and evil stuff to be removed from society? Of course i do! No decent human being likes such stuff.

If you read my first post about this issue here, you will see that i said that their way of forbidding evil was wrong and not based on Sunnah.

Are the Lal Masjid people Muslims? Of Course they are, far better than most of us…i never said anything personal about them or call them Mushrik or Kafir or judge their eman…

Is their intention right? Yes they have a noble intention. Implemention of shariat and removal of evil from the society is what every good Muslim wants. They have the passion and determination to serve Islam, this is indeed noble and I never said that this wish of theirs is wrong…i never said anything against implemention of Shariat.

Then what is the fuss all about?

Where They Went Wrong?

It all boils down to the way they wanted to implement the sharia and the methodology they adapted to enforce it and their mannerism of stopping evil.

This is the thing that i disagreed with. Thats why i say everything is not black and white. Think Grey!

Kidnapping women, policemen, taking over public property and burning down buildings is not the way to stop evil. They wanted to stop evil and enforce shariat, which is good but their methodology of doing it was what i disagreed with.

Dr Israr Ahmed also Says in his Lecture on Issue of Lal Masjid:

“Agar app jain or bazaar mai ja ker video shops ko agg lagana shuru kerdain… Yeh Ghalat Hai…”

People said don’t blindly believe the news and the media. So the next point arises that did they actually commit these crimes or not. If they didn’t, then who did. If they didn’t commit these crimes and some one else did, then obviously my whole argument stands void and there is nothing to argue over!

But if they did do all these things, kidnap women and chinese women as well, take over government property – then just because they are good Muslims and their intention is good and their demands valid, i am not going to support them in something which goes against the teachings of Islam. So I repeat, their intentions were pure, demands were valid but methodology wrong.

The Right Methodology from The Sunnah

I gave my proofs from the Seerah of Rasool Allah.

For thirteen years, while the Prophet saw was in Makkah, he did not take his Sahaba and destroy the 360 idols. What can be a greater evil than idol worship… he should have just gone in and destroyed them? But he didn’t… he waited for 23 years and when he had the power, the authority, the soldiers, the weapons then he marched down to Makkah to re capture it and enforce the Islamic Sharia there.

There was some criticism about this example which i replied to here:

It may surprise you that Dr. Israr Ahmed also gave the same example. He says in his lecture:

“Nabi 12 Baras Makkah mai Rahay or Kabay ka Tawaf Kertay Rahay Jiss mai 360 buth rakhay thayy. App Nai kisee buthh ko tora? Nahi…Nahia nil munkar nahi ki…Yeh Koee bari baat nahi thee…raat ko 10 nojawan ja ker toor saktay thayy…baad mai jo hota daikha jata……”

Translation: Nabi saw stayed for 12 years in Makkah and He continued to do tawaf around the Kabah inside which were placed 360 idols. Did he destroy any idol? No. He did not implement “forbid the evil” . It was not a difficult thing to do. 10 young men could have destroyed the idols in the middle of the night. Whatever the consequences were… would have been tackled later…”

Why did he wait for so many years until he had the power and the authority to fight the tyrants of Makkah?If suppose Prophet Muhammad (saw) along with his few sahaba had destroyed the idols while they were in Makkah in the first 13 years… what would have happend?

We can understand this from the Story of Ibrahim (as) Ibrahim as was the only person in his entire area to believe in Tauheed. When he destroyed the idols and rejected polytheism and stopped people from idol worship… what happend? His own people threw him in the fire.

This is exactly what has happend to Lal Masjid people. What were they expecting? if you challenge the position and authority of the government, they wont send you flowers. They will send their troops for a battle to kill you. Please dont think im siding with the governemnt or agree with their actions. Im just talking about the reality…the consequences of their actions were inevitable…

So in the end Maulana Abdul Aziz was humiliated and arrested. Maulana Ghazi was martyred.

Prophet Ibrahim as was saved from the fire by Allah by a miracle. There was no miracle in store for Maulana Ghazi Shaheed.

So my point is that Prophet Muhammad saw waited to fight the tyrant government. He planned well, establish his authority and equip his army before he made the move to attack.

So it is stupidity to try to tackle a tyrant government without any proper planning, any proper methodology and any proper equipment and any control or authority.

Dr Israr Says…”

Jo Process hai ( to forbid evil) Huzoor (saw) sai, wahan sai laina hai jo kuch laina hai…Yeh jo apnay hath mai taqat lai laina hai baghair kisee hukoomat kai…bohat bari ghalti hai”


“The Process ( To forbid evil) has to be taken from Prophet Muhammad saw. Whatever we have to take, we have to take from there (i.e. the seerah) This process of taking authority in your own hands without having any government …is a huge mistake”

He further adds:

“Taqat kai sath mamla kerna mashroot hai taqat o iqtadar o ikhtiar kai sath…jab tuk app Hukumat Mai Nahi Atay, Hukoomat Ko Nahi Badaltay, Uss Waqt Tuk Apnay Hath mai Taqat Lai Kar Tu Yeh Keh Awaam Kai Ander Baddi Ka Intishaar Kernay Keh Liya Maidan Mai Ajana Quwat Kai Sathh Taqat Kai Sathh, Yeh Bohat Barii Ghalati Hai Bohat Bari Ghalati Hai Bohat Bari Ghalati Hai…”

I have translated it as:

” To use force ( in stopping evil by hand) is conditional on authority, power and control. Unless you are in the Government,Unless you change the government, until that time, to take authority into your own hands to stop the citizens from doing evil by jumping into the field with force and power is a HUGE MISTAKE , A HUGE MISTAKE , A HUGE MISTAKE”

The Right Method/Plan for establishing Sharia

Yes i was definitely wrong in one aspect when i said that when people become good, shariat will be established it self. Yes i was wrong in this and i admit openly i was wrong.

Dr Israr Ahmed has in detail given the blueprints of the proper and the correct plan to implement Shariat.

It is based on a number of points. Inshallah i will try to transcribe his points and translate them and put them on the blog.

I can summarize the process that the first step is to do Dawah – Yaqeen Wala Emaan paida kerna. Preach to the people and make them true believers. The second step is to organize the True Believers i.e. those who follow the shariat. You need to properly plan, unite, train and organize these individuals and then the revolution will start…

Since the government is Muslim but not practicing and without emaan and is tyrant, AFTER following all the steps of the revolution… which he explains in his lecture, he states that it will be jaiz and will not be haram to stage a “Musallah Baghawat” .it will be an Armed Rebellion against the governemnt once you have gathered enough strength,enough power, enough man power and when there is certainity that you do have the enough resources to over throw the government.

Audio Lecture By Dr Israr Ahmed on Lal Masjid Issue.

I heard the talk given by Dr. Israr Ahmed on the Lal Masjid issue on the 9th of July and that is where i have quoted from in this article by transcribing some of the parts…

He beautifully and wisely analyzed this entire issue. He has explained the verses of the Quran on forbidding evil and the hadith about stopping evil with your hands…

He stated that Lal Masjid’s intentions and demands were good and correct but their methodology wrong. Only one methodology will work and that is the one which is based on Sunnah and which does not go against the teaching of Quran and Sunnah.

So then how can the shariat be enforced? What are the steps of enforcing Sharia? How to bring about an Islamic Revolution… Listen to the Lecture By Dr. Israr Ahmed here.

I would say it is a MUST LISTEN TO LECTURE to erase our misconceptions, misunderstandings and so that we know the right from wrong and top of it all.. it is high time now that we all know the Right Way of Enforcing Sharia.. the Sunnah Way so we can unite under it. Inshallah.

May Allah Guide Us All.

May Allah forgive the Muslim Brothers and Sisters who died in this tragic episode and grant them a place in Paradise and list them as Shaheed. May Allah help us in removing this tyrant government and establishing His rule. Ameen.

Lal Masjid Operation: Real Audio Lecture By Dr. Israr Ahmed


15 thoughts on “Reflections on Lal Masjid Issue…and Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Analysis

  1. Yes I completely agree with Asrar Ahmed. I noticed, not sure about anyone else, that in his whole speech one thing is quite dominant and reflect the notion that, we should grab adequate strength first before embarking “Musallah Baghawat”. And indeed here Lal Masjid folks went wrong. They were in the impression that they have enough strength. They assumed that all the islamic powers/parties would come to help them out, once they start the thing. But on the contrary it didn’t happen. Nobody stood to help them, because all folks were having conflicts. Asrar Ahmed said this thing before in the start as well that this would result in nothing due to lack of strength. He says that we have to revive Eeman in the hearts first. On the other hand its quite clear that how media, syllabus, restrictions, freedom is doing to ruin the nation. At least I am not seeing any progress, but its just me, a negligible.

    Furthermore, if he said that we should not burn video shops and all, because its unlawful in Islam to exploit public property. Here, I may say that he is relying on the news channels. But what I read on, they never done these things as propagated by the TV channels and news media. And I believe them more than, or say rather than, TV news channels.

    Regarding Dawah. I believe all of them were quite strong in their faiths and Abdul Rasheed Ghazi has been preaching them from quite a number of years. But yes I would agree they were less in nos.

    Moreover, I would like to say that saying that their way was wrong and beside other minor reasons the biggest reason is because they were not having strength, doesn’t really justify the thing. I believe we can have different perception but we don’t have the right to say that they were doing against Sunnah.

    You stated he said, “This process of taking authority in your own hands without having any government …is a huge mistake”. And then you stated he said, “It will be an Armed Rebellion against the governemnt once you have gathered enough strength,enough power, enough man power and when there is certainity that you do have the enough resources to over throw the government.”. I found both contradicting each other. But no issues, I am able to understand his point.

    I don’t know it would have been glad for me if Tanzeem-e-Islami, Tableeghi Jamaat, Jamia Binoria, Ahsan ul Uloom, Darul Uloom, Jamia Farooqiya, Jamia Rasheedia and all stand to give them a helping hand. But sad they are not having enough strength. May Allah give them the strength they need and then grant them success in the battle. But I believe the blood of my love ones will not get wasted.

    “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” – Thomas A. Edison

    I would take this difference of opinion as of the controversy between Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Muaviah. But we can’t say, we don’t have the right to say, that any of them was on mistake. I suppose same follows here. I don’t say them that they were doing against Sunnah, nor I am saying that Asrar Ahmed is saying against Sunnah. I am saying that its not white neither black, but gray.

    “We know what is disclosed to us and indeed Allah knows the best”

    But this post of yours cleared my heart. May Allah bless you sister. But I am still worrying about the nation.

  2. @Adeel.
    Asalam o alekum.

    Well i dont see it as a contradiction…

    You are not in the government and you don’t have authority. Since the government is tyrant you will have to fight for authority. i.e. rebel against the government ON THE CONDITION that you have enough resources, strength, manpower, unity….to make the rebellion successful….

    Just like Rasool Allah saw gathered an army to take over Makkah, to free it from the tyrants….

    But of course everyone has the right to agree or disagree… and you quoted an excellent example of Hazrat Ali (ra) and Muawiyah ra.

    Yes i wish these Islamic organizations would unite for Islam and leave their differences aside….

    Like you said nothing is useless… and i agree…

    Allah Tala says there may be something which we dislike but it may be good for us… so i feel that Inshallah…some good may come out of it… maybe all these religious parties will Unite…

    Though it seems now that studying teaching and propagating Islam would become extremely difficult after this incident. May Allah have Mercy. Ameen.

  3. @ Akbar

    No thats not the view from my house.. Just found it on my broz laptop.. and i liked it….i think its a view from his friends house.
    I think its Shahrah e Faisal.. but cant be sure…

  4. Now No need of any discussion & protest all scholars were sleeping & quite during operation all political parties were enjoying APC in Uk they didn’t protest against cruel action against orphans ,sisters ,children , let assume Maulana were wrong lets assume that there were foreigner militants but what was the fault of innocent people ?!!!!!!Is it not cruelty that for ego Army invaded and killed innocent children, women ,If Laal Masjid authority brain washed students of Jaamia Hafza ,but unfortunately (800) innocent citizen of Islamic republic of Pakistan were killed as President Parvaiz Musharaf promised They were part of Pakistani Nation not India .Well done Pak army you were trained for killing Pakistani population well done.!!!!!!
    All Muslim scholars including MMA, DEWBANDI, BARAILVEY, SHIA, all political parties including me we enjoyed War movie on GEO TV we are part of modern Roshan Khiaal Government!!!!!!! Now we shall suffer & our new generation will suffer after effects e of this barbarian action nature will take revenge from us no any person or group we must be ready for revenge from Allah..

  5. @Al Najam
    1. Had the govt. been after taking lives of innocents for the sake of ego, one napalm bomb could have been quite very enough. What was the need of staging a long and mind exhausting operation? I think it was more of a rescue operation.
    2. I think govt. cared enough for expected casualties. Show me one news item where Musharraf “promised” 800 casualties. They did request Edhi to keep prepared 800 coffins. It is rather a credit that goes to the government that it at least showed concern. I don’t know why some people resort to lies to make a point.
    3. Well done Maulana brothers. One of you tried to escape the fate in womens’ outfit. The other one of you died for the greater objective…
    – to malign the name of Islam in the world.
    – to malign any future efforts or movements to bring Islamic govt. in the country.
    – to create rifts with China, a nation whose friendship we need most at this time of global isolation and turmoil.

    This Lal Masjid issue has been a major blow to the reputation of Madarresahs, and responsible are the Ghazi Brothers and those who support their stand. I think it was there objective which they very well achieved.

  6. salam after reading this i feel sorry 4 those muslims who dont have knowledge of islam,how many prostitute places are there in pakistan? Stopping this sin by hand, is this gunnah? Isnt stopping sin by hand part of emaan? I dont wanna say any thing more.may Allah give hadayat to ummet e muslima ameen

  7. No argue on the hot issue that who is responsible for the death of 800 innocent students because they were killed by government but on the time when molana abdur rashid ghazi was not surrendering.
    OK. But who was responsible for 2 to 3 dead bodies in the same coffins?
    Who was responsible for the holy quran pages that were seen in the near by muddy water?
    And When government requested Edhi to keep 800 coffins prepared at the last time , after which no one surrendered then how government is saying that there are only 150 or so casualties?
    [ To Mr Akbar Hussein i would like to say that it was the responsibility of government to keep the coffins prepared, rather we should give government credit for it. ]

  8. i want add further that inspite of 800 for ur information more than 3000 students were get shahadat.I would like to all of u regarding lal masjid that please do research dont depend on media without research dont throw stones on lalmasjid and both maulanas,maulana Rasheed agree on surrendring but the agent of quadianies as did fraud with his elderbrother same they will did with him.
    If u visit the site of jamia Hafsa Razi tala unha u came to know what was happened there.Every where smell of perfume like thing was spread,even so many days has been passed and thisands of bombs fired.
    All fault is of this jewish agent govt.Every body knows that by the order of whom they did this all.
    I woud like to request to all muslims mainly that dont depend on media because in the whole world media is handling by americans.
    Read quran translation then u all wil come to know that MAULAN ABUL AZIZ DID AND DOING THE RIGHT WORK IN THE FAVOUR OF ISLAM.

  9. asalaamualikum to all

    let all work hard to re-establish shariah (Khalifah). this is needed more now then ever- with the ‘kuffar’ causing widespread destruction all over the muslim lands- we need to build our sheild to protect the ummah. NATO/US forces started hitting pakistan boarder, Chemical weapon (white phosphrous) being used in iraq (fallujah), bombing somalia by US, ummah being massacred by daily NATO/US airstrikes etc… its time we stood up and make re-establishment of Allah’s deen our top piority

    for regular news on our ummah and other exciting articles, check out, save this as your favorite and pass the link on to others, a small action by anyone of us might result in a big action by others- and you will get the ‘ajr’ for it inshahAllah

    and lets not forget to make dua for the shoohadat of lal-masjid and jamia hafsa, may Allah sat give them the highest jannah, ameen.


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