Who were they ? Where did they go? By Dr. Shahid Masood

A must read article by Dr. Shahid Masood. What was hapenning behind the walls of Lal Masijd… how were the burqa wearing girls feeling while they were being bombed? Whether you are with or against the Lal Masjid, one thing is very very clear, the way the government treated them was horrific. Musharaff is now the tyrant of this age…forget saddam husain! Musharraf Vs The Chief Justice or Musharraf against the Lal Masjid, the innocent have to pay the biggest price.



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  1. How much is this article credible? How much is Dr. Shahid Masood credible? Who bothers to look into it.
    I also read this article a few days back, and could not stop many questions and doubts arising in my mind towards the bias from the very begining of the article (or story, whatever appropriate).

  2. To me, Shahid Masood is more credible than any other media guy. I found him honest most of the time. I believe, he do his work honestly and its his passion not just a job. However, you can listen Hafiz Aakif Saeed and Israr Ahmed in juma bayans of July 13th, 2007, here and here.

  3. I cant say anything about the news items …

    but i agree 100% with Adeel ( for a change!! ) that Dr. Shahid Masood is the most credible person i have come across on the tv. He is honest, sincere and speaks the truth.

  4. To summarize, my understanding of this Lal Masjid drama, is that it was all staged by Western agencies, who made a successful attemp to,
    – malign the reputation of madarressahs,
    – malign the tableegh and efforts to spread Islam
    – malign the moderate reputation of the one and only Islamic Nuclear power.
    – Creating rift between Pakistan and China.
    – Bringing a bad name to those who practice Islam at its fullest.

    The main characters were Ghazi Brothers, who used the affections of our youth for Islam, creating a sham sense of doing “Jihad”. Their dedications for Islam was ruthlessly hijacked. They were forced to believe that they are going to bring shariat with dandas and illegal weapons, by burning and damaging properties. For them Islam was narrowed down only to ending obscenity, thus surpassing the rest of the major issues.

    The actual victims are,
    – Those students who lost their lives.
    – Those soldiers who lost their lives.
    – Those who practice Islam at their best.
    – Those who are engaged in tableegh.
    – The reputation of the, now more vulnerable, Islamic nuclear power.
    – The nation, including all of us, who are now engaged in futile arguments as who was responsible, who is tyrant, who is shaheed and who is not.

    Hence Mission Accomplished.

    One more thing: The credibilty of media people can never be trusted. This is my personal opinion. And those who give statements about those whom they never knew, are living in fool’s paradise, only preparing to get disappointed later on.

  5. And now look what these terrorists are doing in the name of Islam…carrying suicide attacks on their own people, killing innocents only to pressurise the government. This was what they were going to implement on us in the name os Shariat. These are the people we had been supporting for so long, supporting their striuggle to bring shariat. From bombing of the police recruitment centre to bombing the CJs rally just a few minutes ago, what logic they have to kill Muslims to pressurize the government. If the suicide bomber who attacked the police recruitment centre went to Heaven, then the civilians who died must have gone to hell…right! And to inflame such a situation, many people have a role, including our dear Dr. Shahid Masood, who wrote a very touching article. Perhaps he said a right thing, but at a very wrong time. One can clearly see his intentions behind the article. That mean creature IS using his credibilty to inflame the situation, besides all those who are adding fuel to the fire for their political gains. May Allah give our youth some understanding and ability to read between the lines.

  6. Where are you, Akbar? Now its no more like that. Its a war, they called the war upon government. And government means everybody working for this tyrant government.

    Didn’t you see that they didn’t kill anybody since January/February till the final incident? What do you think after this happening they wouldn’t react?

    Akber – If the suicide bomber who attacked the police recruitment centre went to Heaven, then the civilians who died must have gone to hell…right!

    Adeel- No, its not always black and white. As people say that the militants and the government soldier died in Lal Masjid incident both will go to heaven and both should be consedered Shaheeds. So, why not here assume the same. However, I consider those soldiers, who fight against students at Lal Masid, hypocrites and ignorant.

    I don’t know what kind of people choose police dept. or armed forces. I believe that the folks choose the police dept. or armed force are already corrupt before getting in there OR they don’t have the proper education which is required for these most sensitive departments. So, you can expect this kind of incidents anytime, anywhere. Hence, you are admitting people who don’t qualify for that responsibility.

    As AL-Farabi idea states that, “Doctor gives the medicine to cure the patient physically. Similarly a ruler/king, unlike typical doctor, is a doctor of spirit/soul. And indeed it is the most important trade. Curing spirit is the most important.”

    And as Socrates gave the concept of, “Philosopher Ruler”. He defined this notion that the ruler should be a philosopher if not then the state must be ruled by a philosopher. Furthermore, he described a very important class of a society and named that class as “Guardian”. And he said that the society is bound to be demolished right after this class get corrupted. This Guardians were not aliens but the wisest of all, bravest of all and the trained soldiers.

  7. Akber – To summarize, my understanding of this Lal Masjid drama, is that it was all staged by Western agencies, who made a successful attemp to,
    – malign the reputation of madarressahs,
    – malign the tableegh and efforts to spread Islam
    – malign the moderate reputation of the one and only Islamic NP.
    – creating rift between Pakistan and China.
    – bringing a bad name to those who practice Islam at its fullest.
    – Those students who lost their lives.
    – Those who practice Islam at their best.
    – Those who are engaged in tableegh.
    – The reputation of the, now more vulnerable, Islamic nuclear power.

    Adeel – I would agree with these.

  8. Akber, this is like that. You will get both kind of news. Now its on you who do you believe. Who you think as credible. Nobody can feed truth to your and my mind. Its our mind which should be capable to understand and recognize the truth and throw the rest crap. But again we don’t know what our mind really do with that information. We are not sure that is it doing its work honestly or not. Even we are not sure if it is trained for the work or not. We have to train it first before assigning it any of that work. For training you need real education not a education about a particular trade. But the real education. Plato forwarded the list of a few i.e. Maths, Science, Logic, Reasoning, Religion,Religious Science. Unfortunately, we take education for some other worldly purpose these days. And believe me I have studied few of these subjects in my school/college time. I don’t know the sh*t. I started looking into these again but this time not for any worldly purpose but to see the good.

  9. @Adeel
    So you say, the government means everyone working for this tyrant goverment, including soldiers, policemen, doctors, nurses, engineers, office workers, and just everyone. So your definition of Jehad means to kill them all, tear them into pieces in suicide bombings. Therefore some “true soldier of Allah” last night, blew himself to pieces alongwith 15 tyrants including three women, at the CJs rally. “May Allah be pleased with him”. And the suicide bombings we had been having inside mosques in recent years, well before Lal Masjid drama, was also a part of ongoing Jehad. “May Allah be pleased with them too”.
    Adeel, come out of it, get some professional help.

  10. I definitely was not clear in giving my view point. I apologize for that. I should try again. Jihad not against all doctors, not against all engineers not against all nurses, not against all office wrokers, not against everyone. But yes against doctors who chose this profession but are no just in their duties. But yes against those engineers who are reluctant to take full responsibilities of their task and are not just with their work. But against those policemen and soldiers who are not just inside out. Jihad against all trade personnels who are not just with their trade for example, taking bribe, robbing public property, invading religious places etc. JIhad doesn’t merely means suicide bombings.

    Furthermore, suicide bombings are not the only way Jihad. There are few other better ways qualifies for consideration on the first place. We are having this kind of suicide bombings because the system is corrupt since beginning. I am not the supporter of blind suicide bombing attacks, I merely mean that the system and the government is responsible on the first place. But again I wouldn’t mind suicide bombings if there is no way to bring good. For example I wouldn’t mind bomb suicide bombing attack on criminals like few political leaders who bear no. of murders and crimes on their shoulder and have no sense of shame in that. They are the real tyrant.

    What I mean, when I say working for government, is merely that the army/police/rangers who obeyed their officer blindly without even thinking of humanity, without even thinking of religious teachings. I found them ignorant. And if someone attack them I wouldn’t mind. As a fact I was unable to elaborate my point and went on simply covering all trades, thats my fault. I believe, I am very much inflicted with the recent disaster of the Lal Masjid. I didn’t mean to say doctors, engineers and other government workers. I hope this make it clear.

    Lal Masjid drama was made by the government to please their fathers. We know that. There is not doubt about it.

    Just would like to give you a few examples. My ustaad-e-muhtaram left army because he thought it would bring harm to him in his life after death. After leaving army and till now he is busy in teaching Bukhari, Mishkaat and Quran to their students. My wifes grandfather was an army officer. Fortunately he realized that he couldn’t serve the purpose of joining army. Now its not that respectful profession, it is corrupted like one can’t save himself after being there. So, he left army for good. One of my friends father is still an army officer but he teared his son’s letter of acceptance. Because he didn’t want his son to be a part of that corrupted department. Now army or police is like a underworld mafia. An army officer doesn’t want his son to join army as a mafia don doesn’t really want his children to be part of underworld.

    Jihad doesn’t mean to kill them all no matter they are responsible for evil or not. We must avoid this kind of notions when a better solution exists.

    None the less, I am not sure Islamic folks did the attack on CJs rally. It can be a propaganda again. May be government is using the victims they received during the operation to do suicide bombings like this. As we know they are not disclosing how much they received. And you know one can expect anything from the government. But yes, other attacks like on police and army may be carried out by Islamic folks and that is logical to me.

  11. But we should not react arbitrarily. They want the same but we should not pave their ways. We should think and react. Hope this would make my point a bit clear, if not completely.

    “Muhaddiseen jab kisi ki shakhsiyat mein koi baat khilaf-e-sunnah dekhte tou us se hadiths naheen lete thay. Hum har kisi se khabrein le lete hain aur naheen dekhte. Ye sach he keh aaj tou har shakhs mein kitni hi cheezein khilaf-e-sunnah mileingi. Magar humein phir bhi apni se koshish karni chahiye ke un mein se behter talaash karein.”

    Javeria, can you please forward the “A Repoerters View” email to Akber. It might help him to analyze the work of media. Thanks.

  12. “Exiled former premier Benazir Bhutto — said to be seeking an alliance with Musharraf — agreed the blast was likely a militant backlash as it mainly hit workers from her secular Pakistan People’s Party. But many of the hundreds of lawyers at the event saw the hand of Pakistan’s shadowy intelligence services in the attack.” ________ An excerpt from http://www.turkishpress.com/news.asp?id=185840

    “On Tuesday evening, a bomb killed at least 15 people at a lawyers rally in the capital, Islamabad. It is not clear who was behind that attack.”__________ An excerpt from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/6904104.stm

    It might help to make it further clear.

  13. Assalam o alaikum,

    Nice to hear you guys, i was just here because some body ask me to read all this.. its better to have discussion but the discussion will be in their limits i think some time get personnel..


  14. Adeel bro., your views worry me.

    Its evident that you support suicide bombing worse than that you seemingly are justifying killing of innocent people based on YOUR “assumption” that they deserved it because they were “corrupt” or “secular”.

    What basis do you use to arrive to such incredible conclusions!!?

    Do you not know what are the rules in shariat that need to be followed, what is the process that needs to be completed before you can justifyiably condemn someone such !??
    Ever heard of the term “innocent till proven guilty”?

    You have listed two profession that deserve killing, police and army. later you will expand your net to anyone who does not subscribe to your views or does not support you to be worthy of the worst kind of death.

    Trust me, the logic you are following will eventually lead you to this end. There are many already who have such a belief. I fear you might soon join their ranks.

    Or have you deviated so much from shariat that you no longer see the need to follow its rules ? The very shariat that you wish to implement,,you are openly disobeying..!!

    You believe in executing people based on your assumptions…

    Its funny how the molvees use the term secular…Basically anyone who does not subscribe to their extremist views is termed secular and now apparantly fair target for blowing up to pieces.

    If you were an uneducated braineless zombie I would have not wasted my time writing this. But you are seemingly an intelligent person. And THATS what worries me…How on earth does someone like you use such twisted logic to justify actions that are not only inhuman but also anti-islamic, anti logic and anti compassion.
    Action that serve to only defame Islam and pit muslims against each other.

    I would like to one day meet u face to face, and see how you have come to have such radically deviant un-islamic views. Views that are seen by a huge majority as disgusting, anti islam and anti humanity. Views and actions that are destroying the image of islam and proving what the west wants to prove, that islam is an inhuman, horrible religion of idiots.

  15. Aleem, It was all human going on but attacking mosque made it inhuman for you folks. I don’t know why don’t you guys see what they did that they got this brutal punishment, and now you are saying its not at all human to kill army/police and rangers despite knowing that these people are responsible for this disaster.

    Please don’t make your assumption evident about me. I wrote what I think, there is no space of assumption, it was quite clear.

    And by the way I have mentioned what kind of corrupted people need to be killed because your system doesn’t really deal with them. Your system can’t do anything of Musharraf, Army responsible for all this, Altaf Husain and many more. But your system give severe punishments to madrasa students.

    According to Dictionary.com, secular means,
    – of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious
    – not pertaining to or connected with religion
    – concerned with nonreligious subjects

    “Secular” means “Murted” if the person was muslim and then become secular. Do you have any other meanings?

    Suppose if someone bomb Altaf Husain or Musharraf or anyone who was clearly responsible for mass murders, would you really think that that man did wrong?


    Dr. Shahid Masood wrote a touching article on Jamia Hafsa issue that was published in last Friday’s Jang newspaper. The credible anchorperson’s article gathered much attention among masses. A closer look, however, reveals a clear bias and many flaws that makes any serious reader think many times before accepting it to be truth or close to any.

    He may be true, but even it is so, he has said a right thing at the wrong time. And in this week’s carnage with suicide bombings, in which dozens of Muslims have died so far, Dr. Shahid has a role to inflame an already delicate situation.

    1. In the beginning of his article, he has tried to cover through touching phrases, an illegal and practically a criminal offence by Jamia Hafsa students (which they thought was right, and I rather appreciate their brave effort) of taking over childrens’ library by force. It was a reaction to the demolition of seven mosques, all reportedly constructed on illegally captured lands. What status these mosques held as per Quran, Hadees, and Shariat? This shows that a clear bias of the article that was coming up.
    2. Dr. sahib talked of a 7 years old girl who was very keen to take the mobile number of the journalist. Personally it is a bit difficult for me to grasp it, as a little child, who is away from any evil influence of TV (Let alone cable to watch Geo) can understand the importance of Dr. Shahid Masood as a journalist…important and credible enough to insist for the contact number. I remember Mr. Adeel Ansari, in one of his responses, claimed that he was mere 11 years old when Karachi massacre of 1992 by government was on-going, and he was too naïve to know it, and so he could not stop smiling.
    3. The electricity and gas etc. of the complex was cut at the start of the operation, and closer to the end of the operation, Dr. sahib actually talked to the girl who reported the shahadat of her elder sister, before herself embracing martyrdom. How did her mobile phone remained charged for more than a week. At least I don’t know of any mobile with such a long standby time. And the girls must have been in touch with their family in due course of the tyranny of the Operation Silence, consuming more of the battery.
    4. At the peak of the carnage, among bombing and shelling, among panic and stampede at the last moments of efforts to save one’s life, the 7 years old child still has enough time and remembers to SMS Dr. Sahib. A little hard to believe.

    Dr. Shahid Masood may have wrote about a true incident, but it is a bit difficult for one to gulp and digest.

    (N.B. With due respect to all those who died, because they died for a cause, not knowing that they and their devotion for Islam was hijacked. They are all shaheeds and I wish them high place in Paradise)

  17. Jee jee jee. Main samajh raha hoon.

    1. Aap agar kisi masjid mein namaz parhne jaatey hon, tou dekheinge keh woh bhi illegal saabit kar di gai. Aur government aap ke maagne par papers bhi la kar dedegi bilkul asli 100%. Tu aap ko maanna parega ke haan ye illegal thi. Waise KDA office gaye ho miyaan?

    2. Woh bachchi bhi tou hans hi rahi thi, jaisa bataya gaya. Naheen? Jab us ke saamney ye sab hua tou woh chup hui, mere saamney hota tou yaqeenan main bhi smiling band kar deta. Jahan tak aap ki baat he importance samajhne ki. Tou dobara parhiye us bachchi ne uncle kaha, tou uncle kisi ko bhi kaha ja sakta he importance jaanna zaroori naheen. Aur is se ek baat aur saabit hoti he keh aware rehne ke liye TV zaroori naheen. Mere ghar mein TV naheen he, shayad isi liye unaware hoon!! Ab Buhat se aalimon ki importance jaante hain mere saath rehne wale chhote chhote bachche halaanke agar TV hota bhi tou woh aalim TV par tou aate naheen.

    3. Motorola C115 works for two weeks for me. And it was the cheapest at its time. So, its very likely that she was having this one. Other point is she, definitely, would not have been listening MP3 songs or talking to someone for no reasons. They were in trouble at that time. It is very likely that she would have kept her mobile off and turn that on for purpose.

    4. May be she is said to do so by someone or by her elder sister, whenever time come.

    Asal baat ye he keh Quran aur Hadees samajh naheen aati he ye tou ek story he, is mein tou ghalati ki kaheen ziada gunjaaish he. But Can’t you see the stories government made to invade the mosque and after that keep on making stories.

  18. I apologize for the sentence, “Aap agar kisi masjid mein namaz parhne jaatey hon”. Please replace it with, “Aap masjid mein namaz parhne to jaatey hi honge”.

    Who told you that those mosques were illegal? Us ka aitbaar kar rahe ho jis ne saikron daway kiye aur phir PHIR gaya.

    About suicide bombings.
    Who can kill the architects of his own nation can kill his own subordinates as well. These all bombing attacks are being done by government/agencies or whatever you say. When US can hold Molvis responsible for 9/11 attack then why now Musharraf can hold Molvis responsible for these suicide bombing attacks.

    “Sach dheere se bolo tou koi yaqeen naheen karta, aur jhoot zor zor se bola jaaye tou yaqeen aajata he”

  19. There is one glaring contradiction and anomaly in your thesis that the suicide bombing are being conducted by government itself.
    And that rediculously obvious fact is that you have yourself condoned and supported suicide bombing, and many supporters of lal masjid and even the criminal leaders of that masjid itself had threatened of suicide bombings and claimed to have regiments of suicide bombers ready to go to janat for the cause….

    And now you are saying that its the government.. Adeel, honestly, u really need to wake up…

  20. Brothers,

    You are arguing for no good reason. Certainly what happened in Lal Majid is condemnable and certainly the suicide bombings are condemnable.
    Dr Shahid Masoods article was very timely. We cannot turn our faces away from reality. Many Many innocent students of Quran were burnt alive and their bodies hidden. We as a nation need to wake up to the path that we are being forced to take. Musharrafs enlightened moderation is actually the absence of religion and pits all such people against the ones who want to live and abide by the laws of Islam.
    We can argue for days about lal masjid and the attack on the security forces but the point to understand is that everything is happening according to a malicious plan. We will soon be facing American missile and bunker buster music and unless Allah intervenes, it is going to be happen for sure. And its going to happen while we are busy arguing about who was right and wrong. Americans and Israelis cant tolerate Iran (a nation still far from acquiring nukes) how on earth will they tolerate a fully nuclear pakistan. The innocent students of Lal Masjid and the poor soliders of our army have suffered due to the tactics of musharraf who refuted an already agreed upon peace argument at the last moment.
    And whatever Aleem said about not blaming amreeka is really shallow. You need to understand that even Americans are blaming America now. Europeans are blaming America as well. How on earth do you expect us victims not to blame them. Go to this website and read what Americans and Jews are writing
    So my Brothers, the time is near. As predicted by our Prophet(pbuh) the clash of civilizations is imminent. And if you look around you the society is getting divided between religious and secular minded people whether this be at the wordly level, national level or even inside the same household.
    but we need to be together and face this keeping in mind that ””””They plan and Allah Plans. Surely, Allah is the best of Planners”””

  21. Akber – Motorola C115 has a standby time of upto 100 hours, and talk time of upto 4 hours.

    Adeel – Sound. And how about if you just turn it on for sending sms or make a 1 min. phone call?

    Aleem – Perhpas now u stop blaming amreeeeka , yahodes and the agencies..and start looking in the mirror..

    Adeel – Sound. Here you can see that the attacks were against the soldiers/army.police, these are according to the threat, we can see the motive here. But those attacks on hub chowki(few chinese were also died) and CJ rally, how you think is done by Islamic folks. These blasts were done to take advantage of time.

    Aleem – Perhpas now u stop blaming amreeeeka , yahodes and the agencies..and start looking in the mirror..

    Adeel – I am not blaming, I am rather sure. This is already told to us by our prophet sallallah o alaih e wassallam.

  22. Aleem, your given URL states that, “For the first time, militants in North Waziristan have claimed responsibility for suicide bombings and other attacks on security forces in the troubled area, where about 50 soldiers have died in two weeks.”

    Now how do you think that why they have taken the responsibility? From my point of view they have taken the responsibility for this because otherwise government is holding them responsible for all bombings and attacks which are not done by them. And yes they could have just denied all bombings completely but they haven’t because they know what they did and are doing. I found them the men of their words, not like Musharraf and similar others.

  23. @Akber Hussain:

    They’re the ones killing innocent security personnel and civilians through suicide bombing, you say eh?

    At one point you say that your “personal” point of view is that no one in the media is credible. Who then are you believing when you say “they” are the ones carrying out the suicide bombs?

    @ Aleem:

    Once again you’re being biased. Whether Haqqani actually owned up to the suicide bombings or not, you never really know. Have you ever met Maulana Haqqani in person? DAWN told you he said so. Isn’t it? And you’ll believe it, cuz you WANNA believe that they’re the “extremist” elements and that our Govt’s “peace-keeping” agencies are a bunch of angels who love Pakistan and its people and would never create any trouble here & there.

    You and Akber need eyedrops. Use some effective ones this time.

    As far as the whole theory of implementing Islam on the “zore of dandaaz” or by force is concerned, then hey, you’re turning a blind eye on the enforcement of ENLIGHTENED MODERATION using GEO, ARY DIGITAL, Women Rights NGOs, NEWSPAPERS, MP5s, automatic rifles AND last but not the least, the elite force of COMMANDOS known as SSGs against our own people!

    Swear to GOD, those who want Islam, would want it by hook or crook. Those who don’t want it in this country, they’re gonna bring up lame arguments to oppose any move that might implement Islam.

    So I guess there’s no point in arguing amongst yourselves guys. Watch and see whether BUSH, Musharraf and his cronies will win. Cuz from what I see, the harder they’re trying to suppress Islam, the stronger is the impact of its spread across the world. Its about time Muslims decided whether to fight or flee.



  24. @HQ,
    …The habit of blaming others for ones own problems is a sign of self defeatist weak mind and self induced ignorance.

    Untill you can not accept the mistakes u have made, and face up to them, u will never succeede.

    Yr charge of bias agains me is amusing..!

    As for yr statement
    “And you’ll believe it, cuz you WANNA believe that… ”

    I could as easily say. You wont believe it because you DONT want to believe it.

    I could furthermore ask you if YOU have met that taliban bozo in person !?? to have the right to ask me the same !??

    -ignorance indeed is bliss…

  25. Just I would like to say whatever happened was worst in this country’s history.

    i am also presenting a link for more columns and article like this and a really thinkable forum…


    you can read columns like Javed Chaudhry, Hassan Nisar, Abbas Ather, Dr. Sahid Msood, Zahida Hina, Hameed Akhtar, AQ Hasan and many many more.

  26. I can not understand that why we are bent on proving that one side in the lal masjid incident was right and the other wrong. All what happened on 10 of July will keep on haunting us as a nation for all times to come. At least Americans were considerate enough to establish a memorial site for 9/11, but our government will be building a parking lot in Jamiah Hafsa’s place to further fuel the anger and emotions of the victims of this massacre. Lal masjid after what happened on last friday is far from functional again. It has literally become our national sport to blame Americans for everything that happens in Pakistan and off course it is the easiest thing one can do to wash his hands from all what’s happening. I don’t believe that there was a design to it. If Americans are to manage all these escapades in Afghanistan/Pakistan, than it will be the only thing that Americans will be doing. Anti-Americanism is a good slogan for religious parties but not for the civil society as it is not conducive to anyone. In the nutshell, yes, America does have ambitions on the whole to make all the nations in the world subservient to its might and technological advancement, but they operate on a much higher level. When they have a President of a country to comply unconditionally, why do they have to hire ghazi brothers to execute their ideas and stage a show which is damaging for them more than any body else in the world? The reaction is not only in Pakistan but in the neighboring Afghanistan as well where a greater of Taliban is at work and that is more detrimental to the American cause than the awry image of Pakistan that already has many incidents to its credit and another won’t make a stark difference.

  27. Can you please contact me offline? I have to send you something. please just leave a message on my blog ‘s MEEBO chat module or email me at Gmail id which is “kadnan”

  28. hi friends… i hav read ur comments on dr shahid article.. well i think he is just trying to say that lots of innocent ppl have died in lal masjid… and thats it…he is not trying to make his readers emotional…and he never did it in past… im listening him from the last so many years… he is alwaz right… if there was a single innocent in the lal masjid even then then our army should have tried its best to save that innocent person… but what our army did… its shameful… our pak army is the pride of pak… but a stupid general is misusing our army for his power… and the ppl of pakistan…..and look at us the 16 crore pakistanis .. we r doing nothing… what r we waiting for????? ALLAH will never come on earth to help us… think??????

  29. We always pillory the Mullahs for anything they do, from their attire to the use of loudspeakers, Mullah bashing has become a fashion in Pakistan like the Communism in the past. I am not a fan of Ghazi Abdul Rasheed or his brother and also baton-wielding girls of Jamia Hafsa and I think the way they were acting was not right.
    But being a Muslim and Pakistani I would like to ask the so-called sham liberals and victorious and proud commandos and their insane and coward commanders that where they were on the day of May 12 when the MQM terrorists, who pose themselves as the custodians of secularism and liberal values, loosed a hell over the peaceful citizens of Karachi.
    On the contrary the sin of these innocent girls was that they didn’t killed or injured any one, so they were punished so badly.
    Dr. Masood is for me is the most credible man in Pakistan and I suggest the so-called liberals to think twice before teaching law to Jamia Hafsa girls, as the biggest violator of the constitutional rights and constitution is the army and its blighted despot mush.

  30. I just want to say that after what our Government and army has done at Lal mosque,we should be ready to receive AZZAAB-E ILLAAHI in some shape or the other.We all should strongly condemn this action and beg forgiveness from ALLAH in shape of ASTAGHFAAR. Surely the blood of those people killed in lal mosque operation, will never go in waste.

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    I am wondering how I can post in urdu in your website. I appreciate if u please advise me for that problem. other wise I will have to write in roman english or in english

  32. To write in urdu, you should have urdu unicode installed on your computer, otherwise you cant write in urdu. But you can copy paste urdu unicode from other site on my blog…

  33. [say no to army dogs … they are worth less.]
    Well i would like to say that because of one journal, we should not held the whole army responsible for what was happened in lal musjid issue. They were the and infact are the defendants of Pakistan , but because of one journal they are now involved in such matters in which they should not

  34. And whose , who here are behaving as they are spokesman of government , would u please like to comment on following
    Why the government not allowed private channels to take interviews of Molana Abdul Aziz Ghazi and the little boy , who came from inside?
    The government after killing all people inside lal musjid and jamia hafsa , showed a huge amount of weapon, right. why the students did not use it at the last time ?[Or they must have left it for us to see that how much dangerous we are, we have a big amount of weapon]
    And when the government can have dialogs with Indian government for about 7 years , then why for the sake of lives of innocents students inside , can have a dialogs with ghazi brothers?
    The answer is simple that this government would do what will be said by America otherwise America is a superpower and America has already warned us that Pakistan will be back in stone age [ as said by our brave journal] [ who always used to say MAIN KISI SE NAHI DERTA

  35. First of all dont call that they were killed but say shaheeds,u are saying right that they are the agent of jewish and christian i.e america and england.For ur further information govt used media and all media person are now a days also agent of america.they did not give the passage as every body know then maulana Abdul Aziz bring INQILAB OF ISLAM.
    Our whole army are the agent of america,if not then why they dont stand against their current journal who is dog of america i.e pervaiz who is also quadiani,secondly people are innocent and think that our army as not wrong,then what they all did in Bangladesh,in 1965 as they only won as america help them,on siachin due cold they came down and india up till now capture the important area and many domestic action similar like lal masjid in karachi near nagan chowrangi masjid siddique Akber they did brutality there and the same army was there,so dont keep soft corner to these whole dogs as they are doig jobs not come in army as for khidmat of their people,i closely often watch these army person.Further for ur information to all of u that if u visit pakistan forces messes then u all see that WINE available there just like cold drink.so this type of army of any muslim country then what can u do .

  36. Well sir if you are saying that all army personals drink wine , it is absolutely wrong. I know a number of army men who are not like that. Right .The simple thing is that because of the heads of army , you cannot designate the whole army as dogs.They were and they are losing there lives on borders [ of Afghanistan and India] Very few people have a courage to ruin their lives for the sake of nation,and if some one says that they are doing nothing, it hurts a lot

  37. Corruption doesn’t stay at one point. It spreads quickly specially when it is allowed to do so. When Busharraf came the corruption in the army was not that much though it was serious at that time too. But now it has grown wild. Every where you see there are Housing Societies operated by retired or current army officers.
    The minds of low ranked army officers have changed now. When they see their bosses roaming in luxury cars, it corrupts their minds too. Corruption now is not restricted to top brass of Army. It has reached to the roots of army.
    And as always, Adeel Ansari you are damn right. We will not be able to give any excuses on the day of Judgment. When Allah SWT will question these officers then what the hell will they say. It is better off settling things in this world rather than leaving it to Hereafter.
    We many times, without knowing, make things even bigger then our Deen. Pak army is not a holy army. If someone is doing seriously wrong like some Generals did in the Lal Masjid Massacre then all including army should stop them. If some General is giving you orders to go against Islam then how can you follow such orders.

  38. I agree that all army person are not drinking wine but anyone talk like this it means percentage so according to percentage its 80 to 90 percent ,i again think u dont agree but for ur again kind information its absolutly rght and uca research by suitable and reliable means,in all over pakistan more than 50 percent people drinking wine this another information which i think u again dis agree,for further information more than 70 percent people dont have fast in Ramadan Mubarak,these all are realistices information but we have habit of dont accepting realistces facts,this not our fault but a person having more hopes as a muslim and living or national of islamic country then it impossible to accept all this realistices.
    As u say that u know army person i agree because theyare ur relatives,similar thinking is of mine but when i came to know all this knowledge then also shoked.
    As u say that their heads then every head of any depatrment involve in this and then u your self calculate nos,secondly if usee simple soldiers then they all are involve they are simply called RANG ROUT becuse we all blame madrassas that they are brain washing the youngsters,similarly these soldiers also brain washed if u visit any nothern area or border then u see that they even dont pray five time prayers and very badly looks towards females icant define , u can read most evident report of Hamood UR Rehman commission report.What did our army in Bangla desh ,those were the soldiers with their heads.
    I agree that they are losing lifes not shaheeds and i already in my previos mail mentioned that they are getting salary and against salary u cant perform jihad and other islamic issue as these all is for the sake of ALLAH SUBHAN TALA .
    Actually in every depatment of our country we cant join with our wish and will but only as we have to earn and get benefits for our family,for example:
    Take teaching profession,why our education syestem so worse,this only because a techer is not doing teaching with his own will but only as he or she cant get jobs in money makig and career making organisation,similarl the case of army the benefits they are getting so every body wants to join army.
    You also say right that they are losing lives but not for sake of islam but americas orders and they just obey them and i think u regular listen news on borders they are just like dogs when their dollars heads i.e america lift the rope they do that work,if they are right why they dont do BAGAWAT.
    So please do research thaths why our country and muslims all over the world have worst position.
    I write this that normal person is so innocent that he or she cant believe on the mis doing of their loved ones.so dont hurt on this but always hurt when something going against the islam,QURAN AND OUR BELOVED PROPHET
    Hazarat Muhammed PBUH.

  39. Alright. You know every one has his own point of views . Brother Irfan you have mentioned it twice that what our army did in Bangladesh. I really dont know , would you please tell. Secondly i want to know that if a person in army , not involved in such operations like lal musjid and wana, who offers five time prayer, do not drink wine, not involved in corruption, not in army to get salary but to serve his nation and his country, against what Musharraf’s objectives lost his life in suicide bombing, is he a innocent or an army dog just giving his life for America?
    Third, the soldiers who are awarded with nishan-e- haider, who gave their lives with the intension to serve nation, were they dogs?
    Please let me know.
    You know a couple of my relatives are in army , so i want to know that what is the cost of their lives, an army person serving the nation or an army dog serving America. And believe me they are neither wine drinkers nor corrupts, neither they look at the women as you have mentioned nor they are like Musharraf. And they five time prayer offerers and even offer tahajud

  40. Adeeba – i want to know that if a person in army , not involved in such operations like lal musjid and wana, who offers five time prayer, do not drink wine, not involved in corruption, not in army to get salary but to serve his nation and his country, against what Musharraf’s objectives lost his life in suicide bombing, is he a innocent or an army dog just giving his life for America?

    Me – Neither completely innocent nor army dogs. I would call them as fools, who didn’t realize that they are under the control of mongrels. They should have resigned/given their posts long ago. If they couldn’t, for some rational compelling reason, then I would consider them somewhat innocent. And this is just to inform you that the deads in suicide bombing are not just ordinary army men but some particular personnels who took part in Lal Masjid massacre. Gandum ke saath ghun bhi pista he. Allah insaaf karne wala he.

    Adeeba – Third, the soldiers who are awarded with nishan-e- haider, who gave their lives with the intention to serve nation, were they dogs?

    Me – Their deeds are great, indeed. But their shahadah depends on their Niyah. And Allah knows what is there inside the heart. But what we can see is they were brave and they fought for muslims to save a muslim country and died for that noble cause, therefore deserve Nishan-e-Hyder.

    I know 3 of my relatives who left army long before all these happening. I consider them wise and sagacious too.

  41. Madam,most of your answer has been given by mr.Ansari,further i add inthis that about bangladesh i cant brief u but only say this that u can read Hamood ur Rehman commission report,secondly its very shameless as a muslim to discuss openly.
    secndly u say about innocent army person,so Adeel has been answered,that they have to left job,now u say that how his family survive this why we all muslims are in current position,there is thing called mujahida and an example is of bank job which is HARAAM but every body is doing,so if a muslims do Haraam work then i doesnt means islam allow that work or things.
    u also say that ur relatives are very good army muslims so i cant say anything against them may be u are saing right but only doings five time pray and other farz ibaadah,then it doesnt mean u and me done our job about islam and we are very good muslims and noble etc.For your information all smugglers and corrupt people doing all this ibadaah regulary and with more KHASHOO AND KHAZOOH uknow very well like our politicians mainly Benazir bhutto,Nawaz sharif etc.
    u say are they dogs who gave their lives,so if u dont mind then yes because if i know any thing wrong in my depatment and if remain their it means i also involved in that work,i myself dog if i did the same thing,i again inform u that u know nothing about our forces and i also say that iam talking about
    80 percent.That why Maulana Abdul Aziz of lal masjid said since four years that a muslim should be perfect muslim, not like us .
    About soldiers who got Nishan Haider so again Adeel already give u answer further i said that all the soldier who got these medals lost their lives for the country not for islam,its long debate but shortly Major Aziz bhatti did suicide,Subaidaar sawaar disobey his commanders, RASHID MINHAS HOW U COME TO KNOW HE WAS RIGHT MAY MUTEE UR REHMAN etc.MAINLY WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT UMMA AND GIVE LIFE FOR THE SAKE OF ISLAM NOT FOR A COUNTRY WHOSE FOUNDER WAS NOT A MUSLIM.
    Please read history, similarly about sir syed,Allama iqbal,etc.Actyally we read in books what goes in favour of our country but but true is not so sweet.

  42. Well brother before the operation of Lal Masjid ,[ last year] one of my relative [ captain in army ] went to Qeutta to give some sort of paper and there in a suicide bombing , he lost his life. So , there are many soldiers like him who are losing their lives [ not directly involved in such operations] . And for me it is not easy to believe that he or my other relatives still in army are just worthless

  43. Madam, i still request to read my mail thouroughly ,secondly i again say that we love our relatives and have soft corner for them .if he die in suicide so it doesnt mean he died for the sake of islam instead of them that bomber become shaheed,i hope you cant agree with this that suicide bomber is shaheed then for your information it is right to do like this according to circumstances.IF FOR THE TIME BEING AGREE WITH YOU THAT YOUR CAPTAIN IS INNOCENT THEN , that Ansari already said that GAYHOO KI SAATH GHUN BHI PISTA HAI.
    And i again said that 80 percent forces persons are dogs of america and they are just smelling dollars smell.

  44. Irfan, kisi ke khuda ko gaali do ge tou kya woh tumhare khuda ko sach maanay ga? naheen. Be humble, be rational. Is tarah se dil mein kadoorat paida hoti he aur bas.

    Furthermore, suicide bombing is not at all allowed in any circumstances. Fight, Attack and let them kill you. Throw it, deploy it, blow it, try to save yourself, if shahadah is in your your fate, you will definitely get it. Say no to suicide bombings.

    “There is enough light for the one who wants to see” – Hazrat Ali (razi allah o anhu)

  45. I said, “…. let them kill you..”, in my, immediately, previous post. I found it non-sense and deceiving. Let it make it this way, “Fight, Attack and ready to accept shahadah in return”

  46. Sir,
    I didnt call any name ,i think i could not explain in a good way or u could not read thorougly.READ THE TRANSLATION OF
    QURAN U WILL GET that in some case u have to openly say no to other gods,as ALLAH IS THE ONLY ONE.
    Secondly in islam it is right to suicide,actually AMERICAN ARE SO SUCCESSFULL IN THEIR STRATEGY THAT GOOD WORK BECOME BAD WORK.
    Sir, this is technique of fighting and if u go back to islamic history then u can get this.if u think that iam saying wrong then listen Dr.ZAKIR NAIK LECTURs.

  47. Irfan, you are not that wrong in saying anything but it is good to be to the point, speak less in order to maintain quality. Hence, I am just taking related part of your comments.

    Irfan – I didnt call any name ,i think i could not explain in a good way or u could not read thorougly.READ THE TRANSLATION OF QURAN U WILL GET that in some case u have to openly say no to other gods,as ALLAH IS THE ONLY ONE.

    Me – You took my words literally. I was playing phrases and example. I was a bit too abstract and obscure, I suppose.

    Irfan – Secondly in islam it is right to suicide,actually AMERICAN ARE SO SUCCESSFULL IN THEIR STRATEGY THAT GOOD WORK BECOME BAD WORK. Sir, this is technique of fighting and if u go back to islamic history then u can get this.if u think that iam saying wrong then listen Dr.ZAKIR NAIK LECTURs.

    Me – Yes yes I know. Not a single Fiqh said that Suicide is a lawful act. It might be considered as a last technique in war. But not the first. I have listened to Zakir Naik and I am one of you my brother.

    I’m not opposing lal masjid over here, you can read all my comments on this post.

  48. Dear,i did not take your words literally i know what you want to say but iam trying to explain what media effect on whole muslims mind and we all think about country not bother about umma.i talk about OUR LEADERS WHICH ALL ARE CORRUPT but no one say wrong to them similar about army but what media shows to whole nation and all the people say what media say.In our educational life ,student learn what the book say and no one knows even our senior citizens do not know the actual and when i prove them then they come to that they are living just like fools.so thats why iam explaining TO LADY WHAT the truth is, which is not sweet.
    I in my previous mail recommend your mail phrases i know that u are with Mualana Abdul Aziz but try to explain what we actually think .
    FOR example u say that not a single fiqah say suicide is right then again i dis agree to u because on media the ulema say are ULEMA SU and ULEMA HAQ always favour it and not as a last technique and if for the time being i we agree then on ur comment then DO U THINK THAT NOW DAY IS NOT A LAST STAGE OF WAR?AND EITHER MUSLIMS HAVE SO MUCH STRONG AND THEY HAVE MUCH POWER?
    I think u also say no thats why they are doing suicide bombing.
    But i for your information want to tell u that there is no evidence about this that suicide bombing is doing by ISLAMIC MILITANTS,but every body including deendaar log also saying that all the madrasaas students doing this.

  49. [i again think u dont agree but for ur again kind information its absolutly rght and uca research by suitable and reliable means,in all over pakistan more than 50 percent people drinking wine this another information which i think u again dis agree,for further information more than 70 percent people dont have fast in Ramadan Mubarak,]
    [they are getting salary and against salary u cant perform jihad and other islamic issue]
    Every one doing some job is getting salary for it. Kabhi kisi doctor ya teacher ne yeh kha hai dont give me salary , i am doing it not for money. Aur agr koi apne kam ki pay le rha hai tou iss mein koi burai nhi. Secondly i havent said that they are doing jihad.
    [ very badly looks towards females icant define]
    Only the army persons doing it , i can say it with guarantee that 80 percent people do.
    [u also say that ur relative s are very good army muslims so i cant say anything against them may be u are saing right but only doings five time pray and other farz ibaadah,then it doesnt mean u and me done our job about islam and we are very good muslims and noble]
    You have said that army persons in northern areas do not even offer 5 time prayers and i was just trying to say not all of them rather then convincing you that my relatives are good muslims.
    [i hope you cant agree with this that suicide bomber is shaheed then for your information it is right to do like this according to circumstances]
    Well i am not going to comment on this that who is shaheed and who is not innocent as i am not aalima. And i agree with you that suicide bombing is a good strategy and right to do under some circumstances but before that one must get a 100% guarantee that no innocent would be hurt, and if blowing your self at a place where a single innocent person lost his life , then you will be responsible and answerable for that. So better to do suicide blasts in Afghanistan in front of US army or in Palestine in front of Israeli army.
    How do you came to know that he was wrong and would you tell a reference from where came to know that major aziz bhatti did suicide.
    Are you talking about Quaid??
    No argument on that but koi manne tou k GHUN bila waja pista hai.
    [80 percent forces persons are dogs of america and they are just smelling dollars smell.]
    You are trying to convince me that 80 % army persons are dogs. ok i am convinced , how could i support that person who used to drink wine , who favours attack on Lal musjid, how could i, but i was asking about remaining 20 %
    [thats why iam explaining TO LADY WHAT the truth is]
    As a sister i would like to give you advice that while talking to a LADY or talking about a LADY, you may use the word sis or you may use her name[ far better than using this word LADY].

  50. i am writing answer to late so sorry as iam busy and not feeling well.
    First i want to clear that i wrote lady inspite of sister or ur name,
    I and evry body who have some islamic knowledge agree on this that calling any lady with her name is very shameless u can call her by his father name, husband name i.e bint-e- aur,um-e- if she is mother because for a lady its include in pardah thats why, i didnot call ur name if others do i also request them do not do so.Calling not a sister,i again say sorry but i wrote lady only in respect of u otherwise i have no meaning ,as for example call Lady doctor not sister doctor,if u are consious about meanig of lady shows age then i again sorry.
    I mean about taking salary is this that in our country every body gets or join any job only for status or salary not as he or she fond of job thats why our country has so much problem in every department as person who dont want to work in any department he or she just apply only to accuire a job as he or she has family thats i give example of a teacher as in our country a person become a teacher as he or she does not get job in their required depart.
    I do agree that inspite of army person normal people do so looking women but if a techer is wrong then how can u imagine students become good.
    Madaam,its not necessary that evry body should aalim or aalima just read quran and hadith u can get it.
    Killing not innocent in suicide bombing is not possible as u know very well that in war or jung innocent people also dies.
    Secondly those people who u r telling innocent then they are not innocent now u asked how then IF I HAVE JOB OF SEQURITY GUARD IN ANY OFFICE OF LOBY THAT ARE WORKING AGAINST ISLAM THEN HOW IAM INNOCENT,SECONDLY IF IN BAZAARS NOBODY FOLLOW SHARIAH INCLUDING ME THEN HOW CAN IAM INNOCENT similar to this so many example.So if so called innocent people u dont want to kill then how u can fight..
    I asked u how u came to know Rashid minhaas was right.
    About Quaid of pakiastan M.Ali Jinnah ,i wrote.
    Secondly iam accepting [bila wjha ghun pista hai magar qasoor ghun ka bhi ho ta hai kai wo waha kio ho ta hai].

  51. Brother thank you for replying as i am convinced by a number of your points.
    I am not at all conscious about lady shows age but sister is more preferable.
    I havent said that only aalima or alim should read quran or hadith but other people while saying something about islam and its teaching , should be careful as they dont know as much as aalim do
    In my last post i didnt call army person as innocent but common people, like in peshawar apart from army personals 3 to 4 common people also died
    Well about rashid minhas ,as far as i have read [ in books], he was right, ab agr ap ye kahien k books ghalat hain ya college mein ghlat perhaya gya tou mein kia keh sukti houn.
    and one thing more that killing not innocent in bombing is not possible , that why not to do such attacks in places where innocents are also present

  52. I again want to inform that to call any lady name its more preferable to call her like bint-e or Ume- etc,as according to islam.
    What i up til now did discussion is in the light of Ulema and scholars, i am also not an Aalim.
    But iam trying to forward what the right is as evrybody now a days talk, what media and moderate islamic people says against islam.
    Male compare to women knows much more as they are offering jumma prayers in masjid so by listening live to any authentic Maulana is best then reading, as its more effective.
    Common people if dies then they get shadat,but they should be innocent,i already wrote some points on this please read.
    About Rashid Minhas mam,u are write that we all reads in books,i agree according to books but in books if u think that 2 person in aeroplane and one is saying that another one is kidnapping me that is Rashid Minhas says but if u think he is sitting in front and mutee ur Rehman was behind him.Plane was controlled by Minhaas and ground staff declared that Mutee ur Rehman kidnapping the plane.We have to think on every aspect.
    May be u think that iam not a pakistani and just doing useless arguments mam for ur information those books pick up from the market in which truth is lying.
    For example
    1)About sir syed
    2)quaid of pakistan
    3)similar diring independence thosand kill by hindus etc but no body knows that same did by muslim also.
    This is for ur further information that in 1971 M.M.Aalum u know him also , present him self for fighting but at time every body refuse and says that u are bengali and u may cheat us this comment says on media quite time ago.
    I wrote already about innocent as thy are present evry where
    so how can any body take care during bombing.

  53. “Madaris ke sarparaston ko naveed ho ke Benazir bhi khatam ho chuki, jalsa bhi khatam ho chuka, aur jihad bhi…!”

  54. Dr. Shahid Masood must have got the answer tonight for the question which should not haunt him any more…Who Were They? Where did they go?

    May Allah save us, our Ummah, our Country, and our Imaan from this “Jihad” menace.

  55. Jihad ko menace kehne waley par kufr saabit he. Jihad tou woh awaleen farz he jis se doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani hojata he. Aur aaj se 1400+ years pehle bhi ye dekhne mein aaya he. Warna namaz waghaira tou har koi parh leta tha jaise taise.

    Jihad chhor di aur duniya hi duniya mein lag gaye, mousiqi apna li, entertainment ke naam par waqt zaya kar diya, deen mein meekhey nikaley gaye, jo chaha apnaya jo chaha chhor diya, apni marzi ka deen chaha. isi liye aaj kuttey se bhi ziyada badtar zindagiyaan hogaein. Jis dagar par ho us par hi chalte raho aur phir dekho ke aur kitna zaleel-o-khwaar kiye jaate ho.

  56. Benazir woh azab he jo Allah ki taraf se is qaum par musallat kiya gaya he. Bhala Allah ka azab kaun taal sakta he. Madaris ke sarparast Allah ki marzi ke aage kuchh naheen bechte.

    Kya samajhte ho! kiye ki saza naheen milegi. Barabar milegi.

  57. …jihad ke naam pe masoom insanon ke khoon se holi khelnay walay pe kiya saabit hai?? aur is jihad ke naam pe dehshat gardi karne walon ki himayat karnay walay pe kiya saabit hai???










    so better to stay quite , if you dont know.

  59. aur dehshat gardi aur khon ki holy k namm per jihad ko menace kehney per kia sabit hai? If some one is doing jihad for the sake of threatening other people , he is not at all jihadi and not doing jihad. uss k liye koi aur word nikaliye , jihadi mut kahain.

  60. Akber how u involve jihadis in every incident if u get any disease then according to u it is done by jihadis.
    for ur infprmation uptill now no proof against jiahadis and Talibaan all are misconception and asumption against them.
    B.B itself did this she and her husband are like ABU-LAHAB.
    Adeel clearly elaborate u i think so and any one read translation of Quran agree what Adeel said.

  61. The Lal Masjid operation was indeed a big mistake..

    Seeing this operation reminded me of Karbala when Imam Hussain and his companions were blocked access to water and food. I saw the same here. Food, Water and electricity all cut off. But hats off to Ghazi Rasheed for not bowing down to the tyrants.. And holding on and then giving his life for Allah. His brother was tricked by the muazin of the masjid to come out wearing the burqa and convey ghazi’s message to him.. He was not running away..

    And one more thing i’d like to add.. The media wasnt allowed in till the next day.. no media was allowed to enter in or meet ghazi rasheed… the govt had everything controlled.. So dont go on believing the govt..

    For truth these days one has to walk an extra mile. and judge things neutrally. Not as a shia or a sunni.. something that i feel is goin around in this country. May Allah bless all those who stand for Allah.. be it shia or a sunni.

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