Celebrating 60 Years of “Lipservice”

ON August 14th – 2007

Pakistani Musicians: [The people who “love” Pakistan the most] Hide your jeans and T Shirts.. n if a female singer – your sleveless and other  dresses… adorn a White Shalwar Kameez and sing your Love for Pakistan and claim to be a Proud Pakistani.

Way of Celebration: Hold some concerts or TV Shows…. sing one or two patriotic songs…wave some flags, wear a patriotic badge

Pakistanis: [Wearing a patriotic badge…waving the national flag] Instead of working for the country, take a holiday on 14th August and claim your patriotism…I love Pakistan I’m Proud to be Pakistani I will do this for my country.. i will do that for my country…blah blah blah

Way of Celebration: Wave the flags on your bikes, cars, shops and houses. Get rid of the silencers of your motor bikes – head towards sea view. Break all hell loose by destroying everything that comes in your way.. gas stations..sign boards, footpaths, shops in the meanwhile creating traffic jams and creating unbearable noise pollution that make the life of fellow Pakistanis living along Khataban e Ittehad and Sea View miserable.

Pakistani Government: Celebrating 60 years of Independence, We have done this for our country.. that for our country.. itnee Tarraqi huee hai.. itna kaam hua hai.. blah blah..

Way of Celebration :Appear on some TV Show.. reiterate your (fake) love for Pakistan and (fake) hardwork you have done. Listen to and shake hands with the respectable female Pakistani singers…

Rest of the Year :

Pakistani Musicians: Pakistan ? What Pakistan… Shalwar Kameez..??? Ewww backwards.. adorn your jeans and shirts, do your utmost to look like western singers or Movie Stars and sing songs of love for your beloved(s) . Go out of Pakistan at every possible opportunity… try to get Indian or American Nationality so you dont have to live in this country…

Pakistanis: Try and make as much money as possible, by hook or by crook. Defraud, cheat and lie and steal. Steal electricity, take bribes, throw kachra everywhere, spit out paan, break traffic laws. Never get to your office on time.. leave office early, do chutti when ever you want. Celebrate everything and everyday by asking for a public holiday. [If people given the choice.. they would work once a month- rest of the days should be a public holidy – great service to the nation.] If you want to protest.. go set some restaurant on fire or some other shop on fire.
Government of Pakistan: Go back to looting the country.

In the end.. everybody is the same. All our claims are nothing but a lipservice. because lip service is easy, all you need to do is move your tongue. Words like hard Work, punctuality, dedication, sincerity and loyalty do not belong in our dictionary of patriotism.


6 thoughts on “Celebrating 60 Years of “Lipservice”

  1. The one who doesn’t understand what freedom really is, should not be freed. – Adeel ansari

    The real independence is the independence from your inner evil (Nafs). – Adeel ansari

    Note: Not sure if somebody else already said this sort of thing. Its so obvious that its likely to be said earlier, I believe.

    Nafs ke ghulam azad ho kar bhi ghulam hain. Hum tou phir bhi azad hi naheen. Haan shayad azad khayal zaroor hain, aisa kehte tou hain. Chaliye maan lete hain, par kya faayda humare khayalat ki chaar divaari itni tang aur chhat itni neechi he ke khayalaat azad hone ke bawajood onchey naheen ur sakte. Humare khayalat mein sirf gand bala hi aata he aur wahi hum muashrey mein phela dete hain aur phir fakhar karte hain. Jaise ke kuchh examples Muhtarma ne ooper darj ki hain.

  2. Salamalikum,

    Can’t agree more. Many share the same sentiments…if I were to write something on independence, it will closely match what’s written above.

    May Allah bless you and honor you and increase your knowledge.

  3. there’s a true critique inside you, its good you’re bringing it out. Very well written. Its as if you’ve read my thoughts.

    (and to be very honest, me and my partner didn’t take an OFF on 14th August either, we were at the office having our own meetings – since evthing else was shut!, also, we didn’t put up flags on our cars this time, neither did we celebrate on the night of 13th….. call it workload or whatever you like, but seriously, this year, CELEBRATING independence didn’t mean a THING!)

    May ALLAH bless you for spending your extra time over the right thing…



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