Miracle of Unity – Battle of Kruger

A Must watch Video displaying the miracle Unity can achieve…now matter how strong and powerful the enemy!

“This is undoubtedly absolutely amazing. So much to be learnt. Watching the lions waiting in ambush to attack reminded me of shaitan lying in wait for each one of us. It reminded me of how cautious one needs to be, to be in a group and united. To stray away and be alone is so dangerous but one does not realize it till its too late. Then later when the entire herd came to save the calf it was absolutely amazing!! This is how we as muslims should be – just as much alert and concerned about our fellow beings – striving to save them from the clutches of shaitan, pulling them back from the brink of hell. Also this is how we should all be at work, united, alert and caring for each other, preventing one another from slipping.

It also reminded me of an ayah in surah an-Naba’:

إِنَّ جَهَنَّمَ كَانَتۡ مِرۡصَادً۬ا (٢١

‘inna jahannama kanath mirsada’

Lo! hell lurketh in ambush”

Not only shaitan, but jahannam (hell) also waits in ambush for us. May Allah SWT protect us from the fitnah of this duniyah and guide us with istiqamat to the sirat e mustaqeem. May He SWT open our hearts with love and concern for others just as much as we have for ourselves and our families. Ameen.” – Fwed in an Email


3 thoughts on “Miracle of Unity – Battle of Kruger

  1. a very decent example of unity indeed. Reminded me of Karachi when the Crocodile showed up for its own share! its just like when someone is trying to get their right, the Police jump in to get their share! LoLz.



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