Aik Hindu Ki Faryaad – Cry of a Hindu!

Hindu Qoom ki faryaad - Cry of the hindu


9 thoughts on “Aik Hindu Ki Faryaad – Cry of a Hindu!

  1. Salamalikum,

    Uff, uff….Allahul must’aan. Very scary stuff. Unfortunately, a good segment of the population of the subcontinent believes in this sort of “Islam”. This sort of “Islam” is prevalent mainly among poors. However, the issue is a little deeper because truly the ignorant followers might have a claim of ignorance and led to ignorance by others. The most disturbing thing is that these bidaat are part of the most basic of aqida!

    But, alhamdulillah, the sort of ‘sect’ that believes in these things is well known (even if it’s popular) and their mistakes are known and documented as well for those who want to learn. If not for name-calling, I would have named the ‘sect’.

    The irony is many “religious” people indulge in this and those who are ambivalent about their religion are safe from these bidaat and kharafaat!! SubhanAllah! Of course, such ambivalent people have other problems.

    May I ask where you got this from? May Allah guide us all and forgive our mistakes. jazakAllahu khairan

  2. Waslam & Salam all

    I got this in a fwd mail long time back. Yes it’s scary as well as true. May Allah guides us and don’t become example of modern days Aad ,Thamud or Noah’s nation-AMeen

  3. AoA,
    I got this in a fwded mail from a friend.
    The sad thing is lots and lots of people in Pakistan follow the “Hinduized” Version of Islam and see nothing wrong with it.

    Somebody once said that Pakistan is the best but Pakistan mai qabar parasti ki laanat hai.. islya hum per Allah ke Rahmat kisay hogi?

  4. @ Jav:


    Qabar parasti ki laanat hai, i agree, but then theres a huge bunch of people working against it as well. Insha’ALLAH one day we will see a better, brighter and cleaner Pakistan with true muslims moving around with pride.

    Insha’ALLAH ALLAH kee rehmat hogi.

    You all must know the example of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a majority of the population of the Arabian Peninsula had once again indulged in worship of IDOLs after the demise of the Khilafah until recently when Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul-Wahab liberated them of their vicious beliefs through a complete revolution. Soon after they were purified in their beliefs, ALLAH blessed their lands with oil, the ultimate wealth in today’s world. (However, unfortunately, they became complacent and ease-loving, due to which ALLAH S.w.t has forced over them the rule of the West which they can no longer escape unless they abandon their prejudiced practices, their luxurious lifestyles and commit themselves to the teachings of Islam.)

    It takes time, but its never too late. And if people have the wrong beliefs, doesn’t mean its over. Always remember, “WE” don’t make things happen, we can just try. However, the longer and harder we keep trying, the more chances there are of help from ALLAH. Just keep your spirits high and insha’ALLAH, sooner or later, this land of Pure, shall once and for all, become ‘PURIFIED’.



  5. Salamalikum,

    I still say this is prevalent among the poor, who make up a good portion of the population. And, this fact is a well known thing among scholars—that our poor people are most susceptible to indulge in this pir-faqiri/mazari culture. This is not to say that learned people aren’t affected by it. But, really how many people you know who go for niaz at a mazar or go to an urs? I’ve never known any one (as far as Karachi is concerned). These munafiq pirs/faqirs play on the simplicity of poor people. Also, despite popularity of such practices and ignorance of people, it is heartening to see this one qaburi methodology is up against at least three other methodologies that severely oppose them.

    However, I do agree (with no takabbur) that there is a lot of taqwa among many Pakistanis. Yet, many people have problem with aqida not to speak of those who don’t want much to do with this religion. You can dislike or disagree with Moudoudi, but he hit the nail on the head when he once remarked that in the subcontinent Hanafi fiqh Hindu shastra ban kar rahgeeya hay. Although of course this is an exaggeration and is meant figuratively but it still conveys the right message.

    Actually, I think one can’t just pin the blame on Hindu practices because in other parts of Muslim world these qaburi practices happen or used to happen without Hindu influence/aqida. I think it’s more appropriate to say that the practices that come out of such corrupted aqaaid have color of Hinduism in the subcontinent.

    In the subcontinent, it is really Akbar (may Allah give him what he deserves) who helped create this mess with introducing his religion of Deen-e-Ilahi, a mixture of Islam and disgusting Hindu practices. This mess was either very limited or not there (much earlier on) before him. Since Muslims had stopped learning their religion, this ‘deen’ seeped into people’s practices and especially among parctices of islamically-illetrate people.

    But, there were always people who opposed such bidaat, like Aurangzeb, who had scholars right down Fatawaa Hindiyyah (Fatawa-e-Alamgiri), Shah Waliullah and people surronding him, and many before and after him.

    I concur with HQ’s opinion, true, very true…may Allah reward you brother.

  6. assalam-o-alikum
    yeh web site main nay abhi dekhi hai . aur ju poetry ka theme hai woh bilkul ghalat nai hai . its true keh pakistan main yeh lanat hai aur yeh lanat shidat pakarti ja rahi hai but there are some people ju is kay against strictly say kaam ker rahay hain and ppl are changing . laikin yeh us waqat tak possible nai ho sakta jub tuk pakistan main sharai goverment na ho . i pray keh pakistan main sharai goverment aye . Pakistan zindabad paindabad

  7. I would like to inform that LAL MASJID people tried for sharia but nobody including ulema support them,so if we talk only and writing on blogs about sharia and discuss then a time will come when restriction will on this type of discussion will impose.
    Today pervaizy pervaiz already gave an interview that in pakistan no chance of coming islamic govt.
    If people on these remarks again remain sleep then no FARISHTA come and put islami NIZAAM.

  8. Hi
    Ap ke concept bhut ghantya hain ye is liye ke nahi apko apne daviyon ke bare main knowledge hai na hi ISLAM ke bare main se just keep quite and stop this nonsense

  9. This poem showing real part of Islam.This is reality and one thing I want to say that reality and truth will be always bitter.If these people and many other have to read it then they people cant try to think for moment but they will just pick on others.That’s the matter that Mulsims are going down day be day.In Iraq,Afghanistan,Bosnia,Chechnia,Indonasia,Somalia,Kashmir,Gaza and many more areas where nonmuslims are killing Mulims withouth any reason. “They need to read Quran ” DEEPLY ” as true,but they can’t becasue they just know to pick on other’s thinking.

    If some body read my this thinking then I am sure he/she never thinks about reality but he/she will be ready to abuse me and my thinking.
    May Allah bless all Muslims and get us to real Islamic Views.

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