I am a Muslim not a Commodity

I am a Muslim not a Commodity

Originally uploaded by Edge of Space

I am a Muslim
Kill me and call it “Collateral Damage”
Imprison me and call it “Security Measure”
Exile my people en masse and call it “New Middle East”
Rob my resources, Invade my land, Alter my leadership and call it “Democracy”


3 thoughts on “I am a Muslim not a Commodity

  1. Its sad but true that Muslims have reverted to the modern ways of seeking the “world’s sympathy”. If I had a chance to guide them, I’d tell them to revamp their lives as Muslims and try to get the sympathy of ALLAH S.W.T. instead of their fellow beings. Those who have the sympathy and love of ALLAH S.W.T. with them, don’t need anyone’s sympathy or love to protect them, they automatically learn how to protect themselves and know their rights and limitations. Sadly, Islam is far away from today’s Muslims, they’re Muslims by name and creed but don’t know the very basics of their own religion; a religion that is the source of inspiration and enlightenment for nations besides the Muslims, and deplorably not for the Muslims themselves!

    Muslims on the other hand have become so liberal that they tend to question the teachings of their own religion. They’re never satisfied and their weak faith asks them to question what the Almighty and His Prophet S.A.W. has taught them. And come to think of it, they think their religion is orthodox!

    Anyways, its a long discussion. Some other time maybe.



  2. HQ, i agree with you completely. Now days there is an another brand of Muslims who are misleading other Muslims. They say we should pay attention to science and technology only and leave the religion as it is. Nothing needs to be done for Islam. No need to teach Islam as we all are Muslims so we will get the knowledge of Islam on our own. No body should guide any body.

    This type of mentality will further push the Muslims into darkness. Islam should be given preference over science. Being a good Muslim will automatically means you will do advancement in Science. As Islam and science is very much inter related.

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