Welcome Ramadan Lecture by Safiya Khan

Istaqbaal-e-Ramadan Program by Safiya Khan

Sunday 9th September at

Defence Hall, D.H.A Creek Club.

4:30 – 6:30

All ladies are cordially invited.

Welcome Ramadan Lecture by Safiya Khan

Safiya Khan is one of the most talented students of Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Due to her great interest and knowledge in the subject of Psychology, she beautifully and eloquently explains the concepts of the Quran based on the human psychology. Being an avid reador of Stephen R. Covey she explains how the Qur’an gave the best concepts about Successful people fourteen hundered years ago which, the success literature of today provides after years of research. She brings in a unique dimension in understanding the Qur’an..

Quran is the Key to Success

Do you read this book?

But do you understand it?

Understanding is the Key

Now is a chance to understand this great book and to be successful..

There will be a Dora-e-Qur’an starting 1st Ramadan at Creek Club Inshallah. May Allah reward her for all her efforts. Ameen.


Please forward to all others you know.. it will be Inshallah Sadqa e Jariya for you.



8 thoughts on “Welcome Ramadan Lecture by Safiya Khan

  1. this is to inform you that were are soffer in nigeria durin the ramandan perioud , i have some people in my village that is ready to fast during the ramandan but there is knew money to feild them in the breakin time . so i need you help on eny way to assit them . you can get me ture my phone number 2348035491649 or 08035491649
    jansakalahu aeran
    God we provide for . pls respond.

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