Istaqbaale Ramadan by Huma Najam – A Summary

Ramadan – When Sins are burnt Ramadan – This word literally means “Jala dainay Wala” i.e. “One that Burns” According to scholars, in this month the Sins are burnt away.. therefore it is called Ramadan.

Ramadan – The month in which muslims defy all logic.

When you are hungry.. u dont eat, when you are thirsty , you dont drink.. when u dont feel like eating so early in the morning.. you eat Sehri. When you are dead tired and want to sleep.. you go pray Tarawih..standing for hours… So in this month, every muslim who fasts, Obeys Allah. There is no obedience to Logic.. there is no obedience to Desires.

So this month is the month for us to practice obeying Allah and stop obeying our Nafs, desires and logic.

Eating & Drinking & husband wife relations are all Halal actions. So if while fasting & obeying Allah, we can stop from these Halal acts, that means we are fully capable of avoiding actions which are haram and which are disliked by Allah SubhanaWatala, We can not make an excuse.. that ohh i just cant do this and i cant do that. If Allah subhana watala has ordered us to do something, that means we are fully capable of doing it, its just that we don’t do it coz we dont Want to do something.

Ramadan – Leave the body, Focus on the Soul

The whole year round, we eat, we drink, we sleep, we fulfill our all our efforts are on the body, we forget the soul. While fasting we stop eating, drinking, sleeping and fulfilling desires, so we can focus on the Rooh – Soul

But what is the Rooh – Soul ?

We say “My Hand, My body, my eyes etc…” Who is this “MY” ? Who is the owner of the body? It is the soul which owns the body, it is the master of the body.. and it should have full control over it. However, due to our focus on just the Body, we keep ignoring the soul and thus our body becomes our master. The body starts controlling. We eat what our body wants..we forget the halal and haram.. we sleep when our body wants.. we forget if it is the prayer time…When you open your eyes for fajr, it is your body who wants you to go back to sleep in the cosy bed. If all this is happening, then our body is in control. Body is a terrible master…but it is a good slave.

So Ramadan is the time to give back the power and control back to your soul. The soul needs nourishment just like the body. The body comes for Mitti ( Dust) and its nourishment also comes from the same. However, the Rooh is from Allah therefore its nourishment is also from Allah..i.e. The Quran

Ramadan – Month for Quran

Quran was revealed in ramadan and in ramadan Quran should be you main source of purifying, strengthening and nourishing your soul.

Is Your Soul Weak or Strong?

Signs of a Weak Soul with no power

  • You dread the coming of Ramadan. you are like “Oh itnee subha uthna paray ga..ufhoo sehri kerni paray gii..routine disturb hoga.. and other similar stuff.
  • You can’t wait for the Ramadan to get over
  • You feel imprisoned in ramadan. You cant do what you want
  • You spend your entire roza either sleeping or watching movies so you don’t feel the hunger.
  • You cant wake up for Sehri, so you watch movies the whole night, eat something and go to sleep right after Sehri is over.

Even Soul has ears…but constant gheebat (backbiting), lying and disobeying Allah.. makes the Soul “Deaf”

Even soul can speak.. but constantly ignoring the cries of the Soul, constantly telling it to stay quiet, to shut up made the Soul dumb. Rooh ko gongi ker dia baar baar chup kara kara ker.

If you are suffering from the above.. that means your Rooh is weak, it is ill, is deaf and it is dumb… it is Retarted.. just how a human body can be retarted, the Rooh becomes retarted and sins and disobedience to Allah is the cause of this retardation. The good news is.. this retardation is curable and the cure is Quran.. reciting the Quran and Reading the Quran with understanding.

Signs of a Strong Soul

  • There is not a major difference in you in ramadan and other months. You are obedient to Allah all year long.
  • You Soul has control over your body – so its easy for you to wake up early for fajr , Tahajjud…pray all the prayers avoid sins.. big and small .. backbiting and lying are big sins.

How to Resurrect a Dead/Weak Soul

Take Full Advantage of this Month to implement the following in your lives.

  • Stop counting the number of times you completed the Quran in ramadan. read and recite and understand ONE Quran with your full potential. If Quran was just meant to be read – Allah SubhanaTala would have just sent a written book for people to read. Allah sent a guide, a teacher with the Quran so it is well understood, explained and implemented.
  • Along with the rest of your body, your ears, eyes and tongue all should fast. That means no gossiping, no listening to gheebat/backbiting. music… no lying, not even white lies…no slangs, no abusive language, no shouting screaming singing,no watching things not liked by Allah. Switch your TV off , no glances at opposite sex
  • No anger, no complaining
  • No shopping in ramadan. Do all your shopping before hand. Ramadan is not the time to be begging tailors to stitch your clothes.. its the the time to beg Allah for forgiveness. Last 10 days of Ramadan are not for buying shoes.. they are for buying Jannat. Instead of spending time in shopping centres.. tiring your legs shopping.. spend your time in prayers in front of Allah.. tiring your legs in Qayam(standing before Allah)
  • Shab e Qadr is NOT on the 27th of Ramadan. It may be on ANY of the odd nights of the last 10 days. So do ibadat in all the odd nights..
  • Be a pauper in front of Allah –Allah kai samnay faqir ban ker mango, app kainaat kai Badshah sai mang rahay hain
  • Excessive duas all the time and anywhere. Keep a small book of masnoon duas in your purse, pocket and the car. Utilize your travel time in reading duas or Quran
  • Learn some part of Quran and some duas.
  • Instead of sending iftaris to your next door neighbour, who are eating things almost the same as you, better to send iftari to the poor who can not afford good food.
  • Buy rashan of entire month for your servants
  • give less work to your servants. be kind and generous to them
  • this is not a month for socializing and partying.Keep iftar parties as minumum as possible, do not miss taravih just coz of the iftar party
  • Make this month special for Allah. Strengthen your bond and connection with Allah. Tire urself in ibadat instead of tiring your self and your servants in preparing elaborated iftaris.
  • Read, recite & understand the Quran.

This post is based on the lecture Istaqbaal e Ramadan delivered by Huma Najam on 5th Sep,07 at Creek Club, D.H.A, Karachi.

I took some notes of the lecture and re wrote it in my own words, adding my understanding of the concepts too. I also missed a lot of what Huma Apa said.. but i hope whatever i retained will be beneficial and that Inshallah it is implemented  by my self an those reading  it. Any mistake in this post is mine alone & not the speakers.

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Daura e Quran by Huma Najam will be held at FTC from 1st Ramadan from 9:30 am..more details here


4 thoughts on “Istaqbaale Ramadan by Huma Najam – A Summary

  1. In a net shell you have followed the basic idea of a lecture well since you wrote down about the fundamental concepts of soul and body from Islamic perspective in layman terms. This was probably explained at the lecture. However there is one small thing missing from the write up and that is the Islamic dimension of “Nafes”. I do not know if this was explained at the lecture as I am thousands of miles away in a different time zone, but wanted to throw my two cents worth anyway.

    In a layman terms the Soul is the source of all good and the Nafes is the source of all evil. The human body is simply the media for the two powers to be together in this world. We (body) either let the soul rule the body or the Nafes or a combination of the two and that is manifested by the actions preformed by the body under these forces. Anger, hunger and sexual appetite are the common states of heart driven by the Nafes and Silence, steadfastness and being thankful are some states of heart by the soul.

    Please note this is an extremely simplified textual explanation of this concept and must not be considered a source of serious information but should be enough to get the thinking machinery in motion in understanding the basic concept. The two forces are extremely necessary and have to be present to gain either the heaven or the hell by our bodily actions in this world. Without darkness there can be no appreciation for light.

    The Nafes is not necessarily a bad force but needs to be tamed. It is like a horse which if properly trained will take its rider to its destination, which is us going to Heaven. If unchecked it will naturally go towards ease and convenience which leads towards seeking pleasures which will eventually take its rider towards hell. The pleasure of the tongue and the pleasure of the flesh are the two most basic and common dead end destination of the Nafes. Therefore Backbiting in Islam is similar to eating human flesh, not just any human but the flesh of your own dead brother. Similarly fornication in Islam is dealt (the other most sought after bodily pleasure) with an extremely horrible and painful end due to its serious effects on the socity. Both the two ends are driven by pleasures and generally pleasure is sought when the stomach is full and Allah SWT has taken away other worries. At social gathering and parties full with the Elite of the community both pleasures are freely sought, exchanged and obtained. The taming is NOT for the soul though. The soul is always good and cannot go wrong it is the source of all good.

    Therefore offering prayer and fasting and performing good is easy for people with weak Nafes and strong soul and just the opposite in people with strong Nafas.

    The jest of the entire Islamic mysticism is “Eat Less”, “Sleep Less” and “Talk Less” to weaken the Nafas. But the most important concept in the religion of Islam is the concept of intention. 2/3 of our religion is correcting the intention. Once the intention is correct the rest are simple actions, which include the 5 prayers, the fasting and everything else.
    Hope this helps and take care

  2. assalalm o alaikum i am very inspied by hma najam’s dars can you please give me information about her ? where she lives? and how often she gives dars?

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