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Masnoon Duas for Sighting Moon and Dua for Iftar Time

Moon Sighting Duaiftari-dua.jpg

Print them out and keep them handy so you may read them at appropriate times. Stick the Masnoon Iftari Dua in your dining room.

The Dua which frequently comes on TV has some words added to it, which are not found in Sahih Ahadiths. Therefore such duas should be avoided and only Masnoon Duas which were recited by Prophet Muhammad saw should be read.

Also there is no authentic Dua reported from the messenger to be said at Sehri time. The Sehri dua which comes on TV also has no authentication. The Neeat /Intention of the fast has to be within the heart and not verbal.

12 thoughts on “Masnoon Duas for Sighting Moon and Dua for Iftar Time

  1. thanks for provinding this —————-if you are able to sent me more any releated so plz plz plz plz sent…………..or any other who reading this plz send me dua”s hasid or any thing else ……………………..allha may bless you

  2. Thanks for sharing that dua with all of us,

    I read an another one,which isnt too different from the one you wrote and its – Allahumma inni lakaasamtu bikaamantu wailaka tawakkaltu wa aala rizqika iftartu
    Translation: O Allah, I fasted for your sake and I believe in you,I put in you my trust and break my fast with food provided by you.

    Do visit my blog too.

  3. Ramadan Kareem..
    Assala mua’alaikum.
    I have been a little confused myself in between the two du’a.
    However, I did some research and I found this website which I find very helpful:
    You have to scroll down and you will find a piece of hadith and toward the end it said that “Allahumma laka soumtu, Wa `Ala Rizkika aftortu” is Daif..means the source is weak. However, I did not find anything for “Dhahaba Dhoma-u-wabutallati-l- `Uruwuku, Wa abatal- ajru Inshaallah.” to say otherwise.
    My husband and will recite both and Allah knows best..

  4. Javeria, I encountered the word, “wa bika aamantu”, in the same – or may be different – hadith with the reference of DAWOOD. Unlike this, I couldn’t find the word, “wa alaika tawakkaltu”.

    Anyone knows if the dua shown in TV belongs to any hadtih, please inform us with reference. I can’t just refute anything without adequate research. Rather I would say that I am sure about this one and about that one I am not sure. Hence, I will just recite this until I find authentications and proofs for the other one as well.

  5. Shahrukh – because there is no right or wrong way of saying dua unless it is in Quran.

    Me – Ok. But who told you this? So you think you recite any dua while entering the mosque and any arbitrary dua while coming out of mosque. Any dua to enter lavatory and any on exit. Any dua after having food. Any dua for travelling and any to ride a vehicle/animal. Because all of these dua are not in Quran.

    Why you go in Ruku first and Sujood after Ruku and twice? Is it there in the quran. Kindly pass me the reference if ever found.

  6. Thank you for Sharing these dua with us.
    I break my fast by reciting or saying Dua which airs on TV and I will not stop saying that dua because there is no right or wrong way of saying dua unless it is in Quran.
    I don’t want to be a jarhead and say that your version of dua is wrong because if you believe it is right then do so. may Allah accept your rozas and prayers.
    >>Ramadan Mubarick.

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