“Bloody” return of Benazir Bhutto

The celebrations of the return of Benazir Bhutto (BB) turned into a Blood Bath (BB)  at the end of the day. Two bombs exploded near the special truck carrying her which resulted in many innocent and  poor people dying and getting injured.

To be honest, this blood shed did not come as a suprise to me. A big rally or  an event in Karachi without blood shed has sadly become impossible. No matter who it is who is coming or visiting, it is always the poor and the innocents who suffer the most and life in Karachi comes to a standstill.

All i can say to all the political leaders, politicians etc..

we are better off without you and your rallies , your protests or your celebrations. You bring nothing but suffering, deaths and bloodshed to my city. You bring the life of the common  man to a standstill, you keep the children and the youth of this city from going to schools and colleges, you keep the people going to offices and to their jobs… all coz of your own selfish interests. You bring the business to a halt in my city and cause huge financial losses..you  you disrupt the traffic and the routine.. you destroy my city and we don’t need you, we don’t want you, Karachi is better off without you

I pray to Allah to save us from evil corrupt and selfish leaders and politicians and to save us from the terrorists. Oh Allah give us naik, loyal, truthful and sincere leaders. Oh Allah have mercy on the innocent people who died today and give them a place in Jannah.


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  1. its not only politicians but [slangs removed by Admin] jihadis in madrasas, who find suicidal attacks a shortcut to Heaven. these crazy peopels hould be kicked out of the country. we dont need them!! :@

  2. First of all we pray all those muslim who died may Allah forgive them and place them in jannah,and also forgive them as they are innocent and not know about our selfish leaders.
    Secondly,i would like to inform u all that again due to Yahoodi agents and selfish leaders poor people die and Elite class again save.
    -Why all Elite class save them and prepare a high cost truk for their protection.
    -Nobody ask B.B how many expense she bear on this rally.
    -Nobody ask that even she knows about terrorist attack ,she did this rally,
    -Media singing her song,
    Allah ka azaab hai kio kai kisi nai Namaaz nahi parhi.
    Dance on music.they all forget Allah and Rasool teaching and others acitivity by which Allah become Naraaz.
    I again pray for all muslim who died in this incdent.

  3. Who tell u that this is done by Jihadis.Dont say any thing if u dont know.
    Secondly its only politocian in this country who are responsible for every things.
    This is done by Agencies and only agencies.
    Evey body know this that this is done by agencies.B.B herself said this already in her statements.

  4. Irfan yaar kyoon been bajata he bhai. Mosiqi haram he. Marne do is hi laiq hain. Sotey rehne se mar jana behter he.

    Kya tum ne dekhi naheen apni qaum ki be-aqli aur ignorance? Kya tum ne dekha naheen kis tarah ke logon mein tum rehte ho? Kya tum naheen jaante ke Quran aur sunnat bhula bethey hain ye loag?

    Allah ka azaab he. Pehle 40-50 gaye thay, phir 800+ se ooper shaheed kar diye gaye, ab 200 aur lo. Ab aagey dekho kitne aur jaate hain. Magar uthna mat sotey rehna. Jis din uth gaye us din ye tamasha khatam hojaayega.

  5. Its easy to blame the militants and agencies. What everyone fails to see is that assassination attempts these days have become a new trend of acquiring cheap fame and sympathy of the people. The attacks were organised at the behest of BB herself. The grenade that went of 40 seconds prior to the major blast was a signal for BB to go inside the luxurious container that was purposefully built.

    Illogical comments and statements made by the “Jiyaalaas” of Benazir are awfully pathetic! Asif Zardari on one hand claims that the attacks were carried out by the Govt., on the other hand his own wife has agreed to the terms and conditions put forth by that very Govt. in the lust of power and wealth… They’ve been tossing dust into the eyes of the people all along and thanks to the “shakhsiyyat parasst” people of Pakistan that their so called “leaders” manage to fool them each time.

    There’s a common saying in Texas: “You fool me once, shame on you, you fool me twice, shame on me!”…….. Pakistani people, unfortunately, have allowed their illminded leaders to fool them not twice but atleast a million times for the past 6 decades… They’re in too deep a slumber to wake up for their own rights and start thinking rationally.

    @ Adeel:
    I request you time and again to stop cursing the Pakistani people by saying “let them die” and start praying for them. People of this country might be deaf and dumb, but i believe they’re innocent, and its because of this one reason that ALLAH keeps on giving them warnings and chances to resurrect their mindsets and realize the true path of islam.

    Remember Pakistan in your prayers, wherever you are.



  6. only Allah know better who is responsible for BB arrival massacre IS1 agencies,Al-qaeda or BB planned but whoever does straight go to hell.

    May Allah mercy on us give some hadiat to pakistani that killing a fellow muslim is not acceptable in islam

  7. @ aMmAr

    i dont see the hand of any Jihadis during the 12 May Karachi Mayhem!

    The term jihadis has become the escape goat for any terrorist act…
    if you dont know who did it.. blame the jihadis… How pathetic..

    How in the world did the “Jihadis” get so close to BB? wasn’t her truck surrounded by cars of her own political workers? Were they all sleeping despite the death threats?

    @ Adeel
    I request you to please control your anger and your language.

  8. I agree with H.Q ,I could not explain properly thats why Adeel say like this.
    Secondly i want to tell u that all the politician treats Pakistan as industry not their country.
    Again u all see Elite save and poor people die.
    They all are foreign national and study and live abroad.
    I wrote earlier but some one see it wrongly,that people disobey Allah and Rasool S.A.W teachings then we have to ready for facing Allah Aazaab.

  9. @ javeria

    how can u just pretend to forget all the suicide attacks that continues to happen in this country of ours. 12th may incident was just not one incident. secterian and 0ther violence took place in our country way before 9/11.

    BB go to doggys hell for all I care but the pro taliban self appointed Jihadis are not going to succeed in their mission of terrorism. this attack and attacks of this nature is an attack on the freedom of the moderates who want to lead a peaceful life and want to support their families.

  10. Salamalikum,

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon…may Allah forgive those who lost their lives, enter them in Jannah and give patience to their families. All this is a reminder for me and all of us to get back to our religion: Learn it, practice it, preach it.

    Although certainly we might not agree with Adeel’s wording but his fikr is shared by many, and about what he said “sotay rehna” I recall Altaf Hussain Hali’s verses from Musaddas-e-Hali (Madd-o-jazr-e-Islam):

    یہی حال دنیا میں اُس قوم کا ہے
    بھنور میں جہاز آکے جس کا گھرا ہے
    کنارہ ہے دور اور طوفاں بپا ہے
    گماں ہے یہ ہر دم کہ اب ڈوبتا ہے

    نہیں لیتے کروٹ مگر اہلِ کشتی
    پڑے سوتے ہیں، بے خبر اہلِ کشتی

    [Yahi haal dunya main uss qaum ka hay
    Bhawanr main jahaaz aakay jiss ka ghira hay
    Kanara hay dour aur toufaan bapa hay
    gumaN hay ya har dam kay abb doubta hay

    Nahin laytay karwat magar ahl-e-kishti
    paray soutay hain, bay-khabar ahl-e-kishti]

    Of course, this is either a test for those who were directly or indirectly affected so as to raise their level in Jannah or is a azaab on us and we’re inviting azaab for many reasons:

    One…selecting a woman leader over men is inviting destruction as the hadith goes in sahih al-Bukhari “No people who appoint a woman as their leader will ever prosper.” Please note that there is a complete consensus on this matter and please don’t derive other things about women/men from this. I’m making one point and leaving it on that. Just as a note, there have been some big-time women scholars so much so that Imam Shafi’ counts a woman scholar among his hadith teachers. Also, don’t shoot the messenger (me) for relating some info!!

    Two…Look at a few pictures of the rally and one thing that is obvious is the bay-sharmi of the men. They had surronded BB and due to the crush of people had their bodies pushed up against hers from all side except the front. Whatever happened to lowering our gaze and keeping a distance?

    So on and so forth…

  11. aMmar,
    Please dont say moderate people want to peacefull life because Allah Taalla never give them peace if they all become full muslim as Allah says in Quran.
    InshaAllah islamic followers will succeed i.e Talibaan and their coalitioner.
    Jihadis always heilp by Allah as in Gazwa Badar and other Gazwaas.
    Please dont think as moderate think as this terminology bring in muslimworld by Americans and their coalitioner who are against islam.

  12. Dont take me wrong Irfan, when i talk about moderates I mean good Muslims like you and me that offer their prayers give zakat, do hakook ul ibaad.

    Great Mujahadeens back then were great Mulims. these pro taliban and pro lal masjid people are phonies and shoud be kicked out of our country for good.

  13. I absolutely agree with what Adeel said. We deserve exactly this. Why on earth these people came out supporting BB.

    Our punishment started within just few years of creation of Pakistan. The reason for this Pusnishment is our pledge with Allah. We broke our promise of establishing an Islamic state and leading an Islamic way of life. Gift of Pakistan, which Allah SWT gave us because of our DUAs, exactly on Laela tul Qadar was a TEST for us. Land, Power, authority and money these are all forms of test.

    A very renowned intellectual, expert on Pakistan’s history and a columnist, who writes in left wing newspaper Jang, Dr. Safdar Mehmood also pointed out that our current situation is nothing but a Punishment of Allah.

    In his very recent column which was published on 19th oct, he referred to three verses of Surah Al Tawbah. These verses are 75, 76, 77. If you read these verses then there will be no doubt in your heart regarding our Punishment.

  14. aMmar,
    U are wrong absolutly because moderate means moderate like u and me who pray only namaz.zakat etc.
    Why u blame talibaan and lal masjid pl kick ur self from country.
    People die in favour of B.B but if die for the sake of Allaah then go to jannah.

  15. Irfan Farouqui, wake up, your Taliban and other perverted fanatics have already suffered a shameful defeat in Afghanistan years back at the hands of much powerful Americans. They lost Afghanistan and they would lose Waziristan, their last sanctuary. And so dead is their deviant explanation, understanding, and imposition of the adulterated version of shariat. Whom are you praying for? Couldn’t anyone say that their defeat was a punishment from Allah for bringing bad name for Islam.

    Wow, when it comes to mass killing of innocents at Sharae Faisal, it is a punishment from Allah. When it comes to the killing of students and militants at Lal Masjid/Jamia Hafsa, it is tyranny. What if someone says the fact is other way round?

    Benazir, whether you like it or not, has shown her political power and prowess. She has shown that people are ready and not afraid to die for her. Who didn’t knew that an act of terrorism was imminent? Yet they attended in count of a million.

    “We deserve exactly this”, by uttering this phrase Ahmad Noor, you have shown that you are the undisputedly biggest potty-mouth ever to walk on this planet. Shame on you!!

  16. Some people here and there on the web are complaining that why the elite class or the rich always escape death only to leave the poor dead.
    The answer is pretty simple, it is Allah SWT who every time protects them so that they would rule us ruthlessly. This is all part of the punishment of Allah SWT.

    How many times people like Musharraf, BB, Altaf Hussain survived after coming very close to death. Similarly if u see all over the world the devil leaders always remained there at the scene right up till at the age of 80. There is a sign in it. There is a force which protects such people only to test believers.

    @Unaiza Fatima

    I dont know whether you live in Pakistan, if you do then you’ll soon see everything.

  17. Benazir and her party got the ultimate benefit of this carnage, by being IN the world news and coverage with impunity. She also received sympathy and support from many unconcerned circles of society, and also getting the medal of bravery as being a strong political leader.

    Factors that I understand may shift anyone’s views away from a suicide bomber’s involvement are:

    1. The extent of destruction
    150+ dead and 500+ injured. Sounds unreasonable for a suicide bomber’s belt that weighs just a few kilograms.

    2. Failure to harm the truck and the leaders
    The truck stood unscathed at a safe distance. None of the leaders got injured except for a few “scratches” on one of the leaders.

    3. BB being inside the safe cabin of the truck. Even the “suicide bombers” could have seen she is not on the truck at the moment. How could they make this biggest mistake and clearly missing the jack-pot?

    The two factors that I understand may point towards a suicide bomber’s involvement are:

    1. The alleged threat by the terrorist leader Mehsud, and
    2. The track record of terrorist attacks by suicide bombers.

    But none of these points are strong enough to support this possibilty.

    Two factors that I understand may point towards the BBs involvement herself are

    1. They may have taken the natural advantage of the looming threat of terrorism by militants to mask their own execution of this wicked plan to gain further popularity and support.

    2. Getting the ultimate benefit of the incidence in form of support and automatically getting more free protection and security by the Government of Pakistan. Also by alleging the three people from the government, and later withdrawing form it, she would be getting immense financial gains. Later on she would allege the militants directly to gain attention of the west.

    Who got the most benefit? Simple rule. Who did 9/11? The one who got the ultimate and undisputed benefit in terms of oil and foothold at the strategic places of the globe…USA and Israel. Who did Oct18 carnage? Clearly the one who was most benefited.

  18. madam unauza,
    First of all I want to clear u that iam against to all those who against Allah,Rasool and Quran.We all have to do evry thing according to islam.
    who told u that Taliban and other jihadis are fanatic ,dont try to impose those words which media the agents of jewish speaking regularly.
    -For ur information during lawres issue Retired General Aslam Baig already inform on media that in WAziristan our dollar army already get defeat.
    -Secondly,in Afghanistan Taliban already win and have their own islamic Govt,
    -Due to Pakistan army they had to go from there,as our army cheated them.
    At the time of Rasool S.A.W muslim got defeats and win also but a muslim belief only in Allah and every thing he get he gets by the grace of Allah.
    -What i wrote what Quran say,if u believe or not its ur own will.
    Taliban if got defeat in ur eyes then its also from Allah.A muslim should be a muslim when he in any way RAAZI from Allah.
    -If u and me also die when doing any work which is against Allah,Rasool S.A.W and Quran then what u say.
    Similar is the case of B.B rally.
    If we die for the sake of Allah then its right according to Quran.
    Thats why evry body Do Dua that he/she dies with Eemaan not dancing and doing all unislamic ways.
    B.B doent show her power its all which America wants and show.
    Please see comments of every one in news paper.
    This rally done by agencies and govt understandings.
    All these people are where on 12th May.
    In pakistan all things done by govt and agencies.
    Mind ur language if idid then sorry may u didnt understand what i wote read again.
    Who dont obey Allah,RasoolS.A.W Quran teachings he/she has
    shame on themselves.

  19. Akber,
    You are right due to our sins these type of rulers are on us.
    But i dont know why then u are just doing discussion.
    Secondly, B.B ,Altaf ,Pervaiz,Nawaz,FazulRehman etc did themselves such type of blast or other terrorist activities.
    B.B brother killed do u know who killed.
    Her father who did.
    Sir, same thing i am saying that do that from Bait-ul-Khala sai Bait ullah tak.About which our RasoolS.A.W taught.

  20. Akber,
    Dr.Shahid said that explosion did quiet far away,and he pointed out some points which i wrote to him also and in an article.
    1)How it is possible a suicide bomber lift so heavy ardex material,
    2)How all suicide bomber always mis managed their plans regularly.
    3)How evry time agencies get head of bomber.
    4)Bomb fixed in that mobile which is in front of truck.
    5)First blast did to inform B.B.
    6)so she go inside.
    many of these type of talks done.
    These type of Yahoodi agents do every thing which give them popularity, rule and money.
    If these media person become honest then people get rid from all these type of leaders and islamic rule become established.

  21. Mafoom of hadith ” quamat se pehle quffar muslims per aise toote gay jaise khane per”
    May be this is a reason for the so called defeat of taliban from much more powerful Americans. Unaiza , if some one enter your home without your permission and tries to kill your family members what will you do. Definitely, you will try to save your self and your family members even by killing him [ as a self defense ]. this is what tali bans are doing, trying to save their families , their country and most of all ISLAM. If for one second, we admit that this the punishment for them, then what about Muslims of Kashmir and Palestine ? [ also a sort of punishment]
    Well extremely sorry, one of my cousin is Christian and she uses the same words as you do for tali bans. As a Muslim , you may think of it as a AAZMAISH . And AAZMAISH is only for momins

  22. I still strongly think of BBs involvement in the carnage but militants are not clean either. They too have innocents’ blood on their necks.

  23. Talibans lost because they were weak…and foolish too! It is said “Never show your teeth if you cannot bite” Unhon ne sari dunya ke kutton ko apnay peechay lagwa lia. Khud bhi maray aur doosron ko bhi marwa dia.

  24. Unaiza, who said this thing, “Never show your teeth if you cannot bite”. I found this totally wrong. On the contrary, “Always show your teeth, preferred by making it enlarge via any means, if you can not bite”. This way you will not be suppressed. Few examples,

    – You must have seen this scene in some cartoon where a mouse showed himself up in a shadow, and the shadow was much more bigger than a Lions body, to make cat run away.

    – I was praying in mosque in the time when firing was quite popular in mosques. My imam saheb handed over 2 or 3 pistols to few guys and said keep it and stand on the gates of Mosques and don’t hide it, show it. Because if you hide it then its likely that those people will think there is no security and they would come and start firing. And if it happens then there would be no way we can defend with these small pistols. So, showing these will make them think twice before attempt.

    – And marketing is very effective tool. And we what marketing is actually.

  25. Unaiza, for your kind information. Americans didn’t defeat Taliban in any rational sense. Afghanistan, Iraq, are still their, stuck in their throats. And they are not able to swallow it neither they are able to spit it. Americans didn’t make any progress in a true sense. They are still crying Osama, they are still crying Al-Qaeda, they are still crying Hizbullah and suppressing other western countries on war on terror. Nothing is over. No one won and no one defeated. Its going on and on watch it till the end and be a good and sincere spectator.

    Aur agar maan bhi liya jaaye keh “unhon ne sari dunya ke kutton ko apnay peechay lagwa lia. Khud bhi maray aur doosron ko bhi marwa dia.”, tou bhi main kahoonga keh bewaqoof sahi magar kam-zarf naheen thay keh kutton ke bhonkney par dar gaye aur khud ko kuton ke rehm-o-karam par chhor diya.

    ____”Sheir ki ek din ki zindagi, geedar ki 100 sala zindagi se behter he”.______

    Girtay hain sheh-sawaar hi maidaan-e-jung mein. Zankhon ko kya maloom. Un mein se na bano jo kehte thay keh kya in “bewaqoofon ki tarah eeman le aayein”.

  26. Unaiza Sahiba

    what made you think that US defeated Talibans? Hey lady come out of Hollywood movies world! Americans only can win in movies 🙂

  27. @ Adnan Siddiqui

    *Americans only can win in movies *

    One can only wish that big mouth talibans are able win in their version of movies. because apparently nobody in their country love them or even like them. the poor afghanis are scared to death wtih their presence.

  28. Ammar, you won’t find any love in the world for the right person. Or better say you will find but much less love for the right kind of folks.

    What do you think how many number of people love prophet Muhammad?

    Every wrong person will definitely scare of death in the presence of the right person. And right person never scare of death because he knows where he is destined.

    These worldly wining and loosing don’t really matter.

    Aur pata naheen kis ne keh diya keh jo jeet gaya woh sahi he jo haar gaya woh ghalat. Jeet ya haar ye kahan saabit karti he kon sahi he aur ghalat?

  29. As far as i know following people are scared of Talibans

    People who are cultivating POPPY crop

    People who sell satellite dishes

    People who sell women

    People who are agents of America

    People who are agents of India

    People who have vested interests

    and those who are only desi style secularists

  30. Madam Unaiza,
    First of all please control ur language as far as moderate then its insulting for u and people like u.These type of languages and unseriousness most probably called for Islamic people as most of the moderate people normally say.
    If at the time of Rasool S.A.W,Four caliphs ,muslim like today present then say the same arguments against them also.Naooz-o-Billah.
    Beacuse all ummah have to do exactly what Allah,Rasool S.A.W and Quran teaches us.
    Dont become emotional all people already guide u well.
    Allah taala jisaiy chahai gumrah kar dai jisai chahai hidayat dai daiy.
    Dont take it persnal or feel ashame on this discussion if u might think u are wrong.It is evry muslim responsibility to stop he or she going to jahanum.

  31. Madam unaiza,
    Again i want to inform u that Talibaan win in Aghwanistan and for ur further information they form shariat and put islamic laws within 48 hours of their win.
    General Aslam Baig 2 months later speak on media that our Army get defeat in Waziristan also.
    Another news for u that as u also listen in media that pakistan army 250 approx had been kidnapped which is not reality,the reality is that they themselves unite with jihadis.
    So dont live in fools paradise first research then blame muslims.

  32. aMAR,
    Please discuss what which is realistic.
    Whole muslim ummah love Talibaan,Al-Qaeda,Usama the Great,if u dont it doesnt matter time will come u also say what talibaan and others say.
    Please we are not saying what Talibaan but we are saying what Allah,Rasool S.A.W and Quran says and if some body tell any thing to us we have to accept.

  33. Dear Unaiza,

    Even Americans who are on ground didn’t make any such claim like you did for Americans. I wonder whether you get time to watch world news or just keep watching Cartoon Network all the time?

    I can just wish one day you come out of your closet and face the real world which is very different than your imaginary world.

  34. You guys need to correct yourselves.

    Taliban has nothing to do with Islam and Shariat, just as Benazir has nothing to do with democracy per se.

    Al-Qaida is funded and run by American agencies and Mr Saifullah (OBL) is a paid employee of CIA. Those Muslims who support Alqaida are fooling themselves up. Talibans were a creation of Benazir’s government, and the sham-war going on across our western border is a stage drama. Those Muslims who label it as Jihad are also making a fool out of themselves.

    Hassan ben Sabah was a creation of jews at the time of crusade wars. He was a influential Muslim cleric whose followers were ready to die for the cause of “Islam” and to get to “Firdous-e-Bareen”. By carrying out suicide missions, they killed many experienced Muslim leaders and generals, thus causing irrepairable damage to the strength of Islamic forces at that time. Christian crusaders were ultimately benefited.

    Taliban and Alqaeda are repeating history at this time of on-going Crusade in the same way…this is nothing new for those who have some understanding of history. Their ultimate aim is to destabilize the only Islamic nuclear power and create reasons to strip us off of this asste of ours. You should not blindly support those things you do not know about…else you would be harmed just like those who were dancing close to BBs truck. not knowing whom they were supporting. Don’t be superficial in your outlook, and try reading between lines of what is going on around you. This is my message to naive youth of ours.

    Kids, argue with me on history, politics and current affairs and you would find yourselves standing nowhere. So dont carry out arguments without any rhyme and reason.

  35. Kids, argue with me on history,

    Amma jan, there is no such thing like Al-qaeda on face of earth. Second thing, Alqaeda has NO relation with Afghan Talibans. Watch famous BBC documentary by Adam Curtis in which he exposed that how neocons created a hype against Islam like they did against communism and Vietnam war in 70s.

    As I advised you earlier, I do again that kindly watch/read real things rather spending time infront of Cartoon Network.

    you would find yourselves standing nowhere. So dont carry out arguments without any rhyme and reason.

    you have become an entertaining clown. This is not the way to put weight in statements. Pls do make efforts to seek truth. Regardless of Talibans r evil or angels, you ain’t even have proper understanding of mindset of Americans. Listening things here and there from elders in drawing room discussions and then claim, “I know more than you” is just making you less credible.

    You’re free to eat up space of javeria and no one is stopping you at all except the owner of the blog who’s free to disable comment whenver she wants.


  36. Ahmad Noor you sure have a delusion of eloquence.

    And…by telling that there is no such thing as Al-Qaida on face of Earth, you are simply proving and supporting my view point which I am trying to tell you and others. And so is any such thing as Taliba’s committment for Islam and Sharaih…they are only stage-players of the drama involving the Al-Qiada myth, CIA, Israel etc.

    Your sources of information seems to be a couple of BBC documentaries etc. This is their modus operandi for our youth like you who would never turn up in a library to read history books and do some research and analysis. When dumb-founded, then out of anguish, they would allege upon others of being “entertaining clowns” or “cartoon networks”, the notions without rhyme and reason.

  37. proving and supporting my view point which I am trying to tell you and others.

    NO i am NOT supporting your fallacy by any means.

    I do agree what you said about sources like CNN etc but you made a statement.

    This is their modus operandi for our youth like you who would never turn up in a library to read history books and do some research and analysis.

    I won’t let you run away. Unaiza, can you please give the references of BOOKS and research papers which you used to reveal your research document about Taliban etc. ?can you please?

    Incase if you asked me, I have book read her book, “In the Hands of Taliban” that how she got inspired and become Muslim. If you have not heared name,google about her. Unlike the youth you mentioned, I have read in Books.

    Do comeup with books and documents you read otherwise don’t bother to reply here, I will rather prefer to ignore trolls

  38. I have book read her book,

    here her=Yvonne Ridley , the famous british journalist who went Afghanistan for report about Talibans.

  39. If you are very good in picking up truth from a mixture of true and false then you will find “The War of Civilisations by Robert Fisk” good too.

    And yes about the history don’t go that far in the era of crusaders. Just go in 1970s and you will find that somewhat similar things has happened in Iran at the time of Ayatullah Khomeni and then in Afghanistan at the time of russian and communists. America supported both the times and then found them against herself. So, declared them terrorist and so. America did the same things, applied the same strategies many times. But I learnt from history that no one learn anything from history.

  40. Bro Adnan
    Hmmm…typing with shaky hands and committing grammatical and spelling mistakes, in a rush to post the comment. Take it easy please. It is supposed to be a friendly forum…isn’t it?

    I too wont take you very far form the start. Open the Holy Quran and you would find out how much of Taliban’s implementation of Shariah is not in accordance with the Islamic teachings.

    Most importantly, whatever the outside world knows about Taliban is just bits and pieces of information gathered by biased journalists with vested interests that visited Afghanistan during their era…no doubt a more peaceful country then than it is now.

    Regarding Yvonne Riddley, she definitely blew the whole situation wide open. Much criticism had been launched upon her falsely alleged for being suffering from Stockholm syndrome and after her being fired from Aljazeera. She is a courageous woman indeed.

    None of the books I have read about Taliban seem to be in neutrality with the whole situation…either there are books favouring them too much or those which oppose them without any “rhyme and reason”. For being neutral, you have to balance all the pieces of information from history, geo-political facts, current affairs, and and fallouts of political crises etc. One has to make some effort at least.

    Taliban were a creation of the Post Afghan War scenario during BBs era, perhaps to keep our western border getting berserk and to increase the geographical depth of our country by keeping the border docile. These students were not well versed with the details of Islamic teachings, they were mainly Huffaz but not scholars neither led by any. They may have tried their best to implement shariat but could not get over their obsessions for their centuries old tribal cultures and norms.

    Bro Adeel, dont get carried away by Robert’s Fisk perverted visions of the clash of civilisations. Of course there is one, but the way he discusses the issue is directed towards a set goal of compounding it rather resolving it by creating hypes. I would rather call it “Islamophobia”.

    Best of Luck

  41. @Unaiza Fatima

    What measure of neutrality you have. How you declare a book neutral. Is there any difference between neutrality and hypocrisy. You have given some measures. But those who write and speak against Taliban use them and those who have inclination towards Taliban, they use them also.

    It all depends upon the person who is reading the book or watching something on the dirt box. In this world of misguidance and propaganda, if you are well versed with Quran and Sunnah then you will have no difficulty in recognizing the truth.

    Media along with books can very easily mislead a person, and yes there are many facts and figures in them but only those facts which author likes. They can easily portray a white as black.

    The real question which you should ponder upon is how you judge something as good or bad in your life. IF your measure of good and bad is bad in itself then you are lost.

    The solution is very simple. If we have something related to Islam then we should first search the answers in Quran and Sunnah and consult scholars of Islam. If majority of the scholars are saying one thing then that thing is might be truth. Dont be mislead by those who doesn’t even belive in our religion.

  42. Unaiza, you didn’t take my words complete. I said read that book if you thing you would be able to filter out right from that heterogeneous solution.

    Taliban is not made by anyone. They were there. People used them by their own interests. And they let themselves because they have common interests at that time. After that everybody left them alone, Saudi, Pakistan and off course US. Not just this but all those so-called educated people migrated from there. They are left with the people not financially well. Then after experiencing all these they tried to implement shariah in guidance of few Arabs. That thing was a threat to US not really US but Israel. This is something similar to Ayatullah. US helped Ayatullah in Iran against their government because they don’t want to give iran in the hands of Russia. After that that Ayatullah became US enemy. So, this is the case with Taliban.

    There was a leader and an Islamic Scholar too at the back. But Saudi government held him in jail. Because he declared that Jihad against the saudi government is fard. Because that time Saudi government refused top implement the shariah law in real.

    We know there are black sheeps in every group. So, there are in Taliban too. But it doesn’t mean that they were not trying to implement shariah.

    I have seen here that everyone is having his/her own point of views and nobody can change by it by telling any of truth or by showing clear picture too. Because I have never seen anyone here who come to seek something over here. I have debates long enough but just for the sake of debate. The results were null.

    However, I am not seeing any major conflict among us. Because we all are Muslims, Alhamd o lillah, and love shariah law. We have different view points as nothing is quite clear at the moment. What I know is, whatever is happening is happening with Allah’s intent nobody can do against Allah’s intent. What we can do is just try and it wouldn’t be for anyone but for ourselves, to have an answer for the judgement day. Suppose, we have two bad leaders and we have to choose one of them, no other better choice both are bad equally. And we don’t really know which one would serve us better. Then by their outer appearance we should opt the one whose appearance is the most compliant with Islam. Because if Allah asks us a question regarding that thing we can answer , O’ Allah how can we know the hidden things we just chose him by his outer appearance and then he did all the wrong things. These type of condition happens when you stop following the Islam. Then Allah give you all the bads, no matter which one you chose. The result would as bad as it has to be.

    Yes we can say that the defeat of Taliban was the punishment from Allah. But it was the punishment not to them or not only to them but to us all.

    They are making schemes and Allah is, on the other hand, have a scheme too. And He is the biggest schemer.

  43. Well said, Ahmad.

    Quran and Sunnah clearly states that Yahood and Nasara are your enemies. There may be others as well but these are two already told. And when US aur Israel or any non-muslim entity want to invade Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Iran, Algeria or against Taliban or Al-Qaeda, there must be some benefits for them. So, Enemy of an enemy is friend. If we look from this point of view even then Taliban are our friends. Please read that PDF, I pointed to.

  44. Hmmm…typing with shaky hands and committing grammatical and spelling mistakes,

    Personal Attack rather replying my ACTUAL post to divert attention? 🙂

    As I said, I wouldn’t encourage a troll. You didn’t give the referrence of any damn book of Libraries you read to conclude about Talibans. As I was expecting, you cleverly tried to skip this part.

    Open the Holy Quran and you would find out how much of Taliban’s implementation of Shariah is not in accordance with the Islamic teachings.

    Ok now you have brought Quran in middle. Now can yuo please enlist activities of Talibans which were not according to Shariyah?

    Also, i would like to ask you to enlist points in Quran which actually you FOUND talks about Shariyah?

    Do reply them seperately.

  45. No you didn’t. you just started out how do I write and my grammar skills.

    I ask again

    Ok now you have brought Quran in middle. Now can yuo please enlist activities of Talibans which were not according to Shariyah?

    Also, i would like to ask you to enlist points in Quran which actually you FOUND talks about Shariyah?

    Can you specifically answer it? If not then don’t bother to address me.

  46. Bro Adnan
    That would be an endless discussion. In the earlier post you demanded the references of books to quote. All of us know that even I start giving references, you wouldn’t bother to look up and scrutinize the truth…would you? You do not even have means to check whether I am giving authentic references or just copying and pasting the names of books and articles from the internet. You do not have means to differentiate truth from lie…or do you? So what’s the use?

    But worry not bro. You are interacting with a former student of Department of History/ P.S. at Ankara University. If you have a blog of your own, I can start a mind blowing discussion with you if you are competent enough, and I find enough time. This is what I tried to mention earlier too.

    …and who’s bothered to see your replies. Did I ask you a single time? It’s you who just can’t get over it.

  47. All of us know that even I start giving references, you wouldn’t bother to look up

    Dekha Bhaion! what had I said in earlier posts? she wouldn’t have anything to support her own claims even she’s student of Ankara university. 😉

    BiBi I have seen pseudo intellectuals who have earned degrees from MIT and Harward yet ignorant about many things and they were Pakistanis too so what’s the worth of your Ankara university?

    If earning degree could be helpful to enlighten someone and give wisdom then we wouldn’t have politicians like Farooq Leghari, Akbar Bugti,Waseem Sajjad and Benazir who are graduates from Oxford Univerity(again better than Ankara University) but yet are more illetrate than any villager of Pakistan.

    Thanks and Good bye!

  48. Harward??
    Do you mean Howard University (Washington D.C.), or Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)? (You didn’t even know that)

    I already knew, quoting references would be a futile effort to convince a semi-educated person like you.

  49. Unaiza – Firstly, Anyone can write the spelling of Massachusetts after googling for it. Secondly, you can’t just say anything for sure because you are on internet, you really can’t expect that no one would check the reference. Please make the effort we will try our best to let it not go futile. And third, you can’t say anybody semi-educated because of the spelling or may be don’t know the real pronunciation. Do you mean an educated person must know good English and has to be good in spellings too?

    Adnan – Unaiza is right in saying that, for you at least. I remember once I came up with everything but you didn’t really change your opinion. You didn’t really bother to do any research on your own. You had nothing to prove your words. You didn’t come up with any reference. You said that you will ask from a scholar but I waited long nothing happened. And till now you didn’t correct your mistake on your blog, its still there. You should practice the thing first before advising anybody else. You can still make the correction or come up with some references. Its never too late. Should I paste the relevant snippet from that post? Below is the link to that post,

    The bottom line is we need to come out from our prejudices. Not just unaiza, not just adnan but we all need to. Please criticize me whenever you find me like that. It would help me in brining good changes in myself. Thanks.

  50. Miss unaiza app idhar udhar ki batein bohat krti hain jab bro adnan Quran ka reference maang rhe hain tou dein. Why pointing out his grammatical mistake.
    ”All of us know that even I start giving references, you wouldn’t bother to look up and scrutinize the truth…would you? ”
    If reference will be from Quran , every one will bother to look up and scrutinize the truth, really. And personally i am dying to read such references from Quran
    Secondly, how do u come to know that blast on shariah faisal was committed by taliban .[ wt u said on 21st but sorry for asking about it too late]

  51. And one thing more this is a site to discuss issues , not for any one to show his/her knowledge about harward or harvard university .
    And in one of your [ unaiza ] posts you have said that al quieda is funded by america and OBL is paid employee of CIA. Who told you this interesting information. As all others information is based on couple of BBC’s documentaries.

  52. Madam Unaiza,
    First of all see ur own language in ur post dont blame others.
    Secondly i already wrote that we all have to condider Quranic references not human made.

  53. Ladies n Gentlement, lets not make this blog a battleground for EGOs that are only fighting to prove one’s point. We’re all adults (i hope) and we know that none can be forced a viewpoint upon.

    “If your views differ from someone else, doesn’t mean he or she is wrong, and it definitely doesn’t mean that YOU are right.” ~ HQ [yeah, just made up this quote right now, will help you all in the rest of your lives! 😉 ]

    Quit arguing over the same issue over and over again.

    This ain’t the first time its happening on this blog, the original topic is left far behind and two or three people are trying to prove each other wrong. Lets refrain from this practice and TRY to act as rational people.



    Disclaimer: This comment is based on perfectly neutral views and by no means does it mean to offend a person or a group of persons. If you still feel offended in any way, then I got two words for you once again: GROW UP.

  54. You are right i appreciate u guide evry body but we all have to stop or guide our muslim brothers and sisters if they have wrong believes against islam.
    More important is this that this discussion is going against islam so we have to guide he or she.
    u are right every body has their own views but nobody has differant view on Allah,Rasool S.A.W,Quran,Hadith and sunnah.
    If some body has, then it is responsibility of every muslim to convince him or her.
    Actualy u are right when this discussion is on worldly issue without involving islam then u are right.

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