Democracy Dead on Arrival

Excellent writeup on Democracy in Pakistan and the feelings and opinions of the Pakistani Youth. By my sis Zen on byZentine

When General Pervaiz Musharraf ousted the Nawaz Sharif Government and took over Pakistan in 1999, most of those in born towards the end of the Zia-ul-haq era and having only seen the game of musical chairs of power between Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto since gaining consciousness, were relieved, if not joyous, to see the notoriously corrupt politicians go into exile and pave way for a more disciplined military regime.

Seven years on we are wiser and weary. Musharraf has over-stayed his welcome. We never had any faith in the politicians in the first place, now by becoming disillusioned with the military regime we join the old and the wise in their cynicism of all forms of top-down power. Most have resigned to the fact that in politics faces change yet the ground realities remain the same.

As a student in Karachi, in the 1990s, we had… Read More


7 thoughts on “Democracy Dead on Arrival

  1. Democracy is a term dead and deadly in itself.
    My undestanding and definition of this notorious phenomenon called democracy is
    ” Democracy is an institution in which 51% people are given the right to dictate the rest of the 49%”

    The form of government I believe in, is what “modern” world may call Theocracy…but not as the one defined by Josephus, neither as the type imposed by Taliban and Lal Masjid people, but true form of Shariah. Taliban did not bring shariat but pure theocracy mixed with political interests and adulterated with tribal customs.

    Regarding Musharraf, I would rather support him or oppose him on merit and balance his goods and bads, not for his uniform or his defiance to democracy.

    “Musharraf has over-stayed his welcome” is well said, but without making sense.

  2. @Muhammad Akbar Hussain

    i am wondering how would you accept shariat in Pakistan when you cant even tolerate a little bit of Taliban and Lal Masjid shaheeds.

    Taliban and Lal Masjid people only showed a glimpse of shariat. I am amazed how our so called moderate friends got angered by this.

    Taliban were on the initial stage of creating an Islamic empire. Yes most of them were uneducated as far as worldly education is concerend, that is why they made some mistakes. One should not forget the pathetic conditions of Afganis due to several wars. Akber, you know, system improves if you allow it to continue. The shariat impletemented by Taliban was in no way adultered. Most of the things they said and did were according to shariat.
    Do you think only those people can understand Allah SWT book and sunnah of our prophet SAW, who got worldly education. If that is so then how can Islam a universal DEEN.

    As far as Lal Masjid shaheeds are concerned, they did not even implement sharia, they were only asking for it. Our “modern Muslims” not even tolerated them.

    To implement sharia we have to start from some where, specially when there is so much hate in western world against sharia. If you keep whining about which sharia to be implemented and how to be implemented then you are no different then those who create division in this beautiful DEEN.

  3. Next I would find someone telling me, ” How can you ever support democracy if you are against Benazir?”

  4. I was kiddin in my last comment. Actually, thats right. If you support democracy you have to support Benazir, Altaf Husain, Nawaz Sharif. Because only democracy can bring these type of people on top of you.

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