Dr Israr advises Musharraf to call it a day

LAHORE, Nov 19: Religious scholar and Tanzeem-i-Islami founder Dr Israr Ahmad has called for lifting the emergency, reinstatement of superior court judges and withdrawal of all actions taken in pursuance of the proclamation of emergency and Provisional Constitution Order (PCO) besides resignation of Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club here on Monday, Dr Israr urged General Pervez Musharraf to call it a day and resign from both president of Pakistan and chief of army staff slots if he earnestly believed in his own slogan ‘Pakistan first’ after accepting the demands of people from within Pakistan and abroad. Gen Musharraf should not keep his personal interest above the national interests, Dr Israr added.

He also called upon opposition political parties to ensure that their proposed movement for the restoration of democracy remains peaceful and they should themselves hand over to the government saboteurs disrupting their movement.

He said that they should call off their movement for the sake of national security and Pakistan’s survival if they felt it was beyond their control to keep it peaceful.

He quoted the example of calling off a movement launched by the late Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi, when the agitated people had burnt down a police station in an Indian town of Chura Churi in which policemen were also burnt.

He said that Pakistan was facing threats from both eastern and western borders due to internal disturbance started after March 9 when Gen Musharraf had suspended deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. It led to a people’s movement and protest against the military rule identical to the PNA’s movement of 1977.

“If the situation worsens, the NATO forces are waiting on the western front to move into Pakistan and may deprive the country of its nuclear assets while on the eastern border India is ready to stage an action replay of 1971 events and has alerted its armed forces to intervene in to check threats to peace in the region.”

Dr Israr expressed his concern over yet another equally dangerous situation caused by what he described as “polarisation between extreme forces of secularism and the people demanding enforcement of Islamic Shariah in the country”. The situation he said, had taken an alarming proportion in the tribal areas, particularly in the areas north of Malakand and in Swat.

He said that it was not possible to suppress the movement by use of military force. The only way to solve the problem was to take Constitutional, legal and evolutionary measures for the enforcement of Islamic Shariah. For this purpose, he suggested making Article 2-A of the Constitution relating to the Objectives Resolution as overriding article and the parliament should take steps to make laws as recommended by the Council of Islamic Ideology in its voluminous reports lying in shelves of the government departments for the past many years.

Source: www.Dawn.com


8 thoughts on “Dr Israr advises Musharraf to call it a day

  1. It seems Dr. Israr Ahmad will soon be an icon of democracy and personal freedoms in Pakistan… 🙂
    Jokes apart. By getting himself in the politics (especially the kind being practised in Pakistan), Dr. Saheb will terminally harm his credibilty and fatally smear his image.

  2. Advising a ruler by an Islamic Scholar is not bad thing. History tells that several Islamic figures dared to advise rulers of the time and try to give him tips to make things better. Those who listened had a wonderful time while other just suffered and one don’t even remember them.

  3. @Unaiza,

    Personally, I believe its his and every other scholar’s duty not only to speak out but also to unite and start a movement against the social injustice all around.

    This in one reason I consider “tableeghis” as,,well ,,,I rather not say…

  4. Unaiza is somewhat correct.

    Did Dr. Israr Ahmad advise Benazir to step down when she was rampant and busy in her looting and killing spree during her premiership, or the same to Nawaz Sharif? Or did he deliver any advice to Gen. Asif Nawaz, or Gen. Naseerullah Babar at the time of Karachi carnage of 1992 at their hands?

    Well may be he did…I don’t know for sure but if he didn’t, that would form a bias that would definitely mar his reputation as a scholar.

    Any advice at his disposal for the suicide bombers who kill the innocents?

  5. I am with Dr sahib and also not because in this case he wake up and in lal masjid case he was sleep .i alredy wrote to him also.
    In this case if he say some thing then not wrong and for benazir he said several time and this matter is not so big so close it.

  6. we all love to speak without having a clue what we are talking about don’t we!! We all love to malign scholars and we all love to think negative instead of positive.

    How do you know that Dr.Israr never advised benazir or if he never said anything against suicide bombing?

    Can you claim to have heard each and every one of his khutabas?

    If you haven’t!
    then you should be aware that you are accusing a muslim and doing budgumani i.e bad supposition without knowing facts.

  7. Asalam o Alaikum!
    I agree with Dr.Israr Ahmed.I am of the view that in countries like Pakistan,which were created in the name of Islam,Islamic Laws must be followed and the Islamic Scholars like Israr Ahmed must come forward and advise the people and the rulers of the correct ways to follow Islam in the country.
    May Allah Protect Pakistan and May Allah Give us Hidyat.

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