What kind of Pakistanis are we?!

The last few days have seen Pakistan turn into a war zone, a battle field with rioting, firing, torching, killing, ransacking, looting and every other crime you can think of!

I am shocked, sad, angry and depressed all at the same time. What are our countrymen upto?! The assassination was not as bad as its aftereffects which are still continuing after two days of the tragic event.

Most of the people were stuck in traffic amongst all the mayhem and the chaos in a state of fear and panic unable to reach home. One of my khaloo was stuck in traffic near gulistan e johar. He then left on foot and walked for more than two hours to reach my mamoos apartment nearby. He described the entire scene to be right from a movie, with cars burning in a line, women and children screaming and crying, smoke everywhere.My mamoo reached home from office by 11:30 and my fiance had to return back to his office  after being stuck for hours in the traffic jam at Balauch colony bridge.A distant relative was at Alladin water park with her children when the miscreants took over their car, threw them out and torched the car! A bride was unable to reach home from the salon and had to take refuge at a relative’s house on her wedding day! The food was sent to the hotel where it went stale and the entire wedding function was disrupted.

More than 200 Banks have been torched, shops vandalized, ATM machines broken and money stolen, factories set on fire, trains set on fire, public buses and cars torche, more than 30 people have lost their lives in the aftermath of the assassination.

It’s like all hell has broken loose! What is wrong with people! What kind of humans are they! What kind of Pakistanis are they?!! destroying and looting their own country? plundering and looting anything they possibly can!

Were they all PPP workers, venting their anger? I think not. Our’s is a land of “opportunity” and whoever gets the opportunity or a chance to loot, steal, plunder would do so, be it a political leader, a sweeper a shopkeeper, a maid or anybody you can think of. Everybody wants to make money, by hook or by crook. In this state of chaos, these miscreants found an opportunity to make money, so they looted the banks, the jewelley stores, shops and factories.

But what i fail to understand is the destruction mentality! Why are they destryoing the very buses and trains they themselves use! the very petrol statations they get fuel from! the streets and shops of their very own city.!! This is madness! this is insanity! this shows how corrupt we are  as a nation. How can such a nation with such civilians prosper?

May Allah have mercy on us Pakistanis. Ameen.


3 thoughts on “What kind of Pakistanis are we?!

  1. I really appreciate this interesting report about what is going on there with ordinary people. It’s not the kind of thing we hear about in the news. I really appreciate hearing your perspective.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher (in the Middle East)

  2. When a country is led by traitors, similar things take place. BB passed away around 1730hrs on the fateful day whereas the news was released and confirmed around 1830hrs. The authorities had anticipated that the reaction would be something of the sort, however, they did not care to move a finger to stop all the atrocities being committed by the wild mob. No matter how sad they were, they had no right to torch the city and bring down every possible useful place that they could lay their hands on. The present Govt. has completely failed and needs to realise they are trying to save their positions at the cost of Pakistan itself. What more could a nation face and survive? After what took place in Pakistan on 27th Dec. and during the same period in Africa, i’m afraid the world must be rating Pakistan, next to KENYA. It is devastating and sad, however, unfortunately, people can’t do much about it except that they have to bear with it and try to move on. The best that can be done right now is to expedite the process of educating as many people as we can around us, both in terms of worldly education as well as religious knowledge.

    May ALLAH preserve PakistAn in the best interest of Humanity and Islam.



  3. Further I would like to inform that all the loots,destruction etc by confirmed ppp workers and high command invovlve in this authentic reports hide by media its true.As pathans hired for this.
    Now nobody including this blog participants point out this terrorism on corrupt lady death who always blame so called muslims militants and ulema ikraam .Now they are sleeping or either hiding themselves as feeling shame as such corrupt educated so called family involve in all these destruction.
    This country since 60 years handled by these corrupt people and when they died they get hounerd from diiferan so called people every body now forget their cruption.Why,Why.
    Pl actual innocent people have to wake for this to spread and support islamic teaching which is the only way.
    Normal peope suuferd from their v.v.ip movements and their Jalsaas etc Why.
    Media never point ut this issue of v.v.ip movements.
    Imran khan,Qazi,Nwaz,b.b ,Zardari,Altaf they all do what the govt tell them and they forget all old issue when govt raise new issue.Now B.B son who is not 19 years an if this NASOOR not finished now then coming generation will looted by him.

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