The Moment of Death – Part 1

The Moment of Death

Life – everyone loves it and no one wants to die. But this beautiful life has to end and the stages after it are extremely hard and painful. The first stage after life is death and every living being has to pass through this extremely painful stage.

Allah says in Quran “Every soul shall taste death” (3″185)

Knowing exactly what happens while dying is impossible because no soul can return to narrate its experience. The only possible way is to get information from the most authentic sources i.e. the revelation of God &  saying of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Quran and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) have described the moment of death to be the most painful experience for man. Even if all the pains, sufferings, torture,grief, sadness and probles of this life are combined together, they would still be less than the suffering at the time of death.

Allah Tala says in Quran “And the stupor of death will bring the truth” (50:19)

This means that the suffering while dying and its unconscious state will bring the Truth, i.e. the truth of life of Barzakh will be realized, angels will become visible and the person will realize the reality of punishment and reward (Azab & sawab).

Prophet Muhammad (saw) said regarding the moment of death:” The suffering/pain of death is extreme” (Ahmed)

He further said “Excessively remember the thing which wipes out the lazzat- luxuries i.e. death” (Tirmizi)

Prophet Muhammad (saw) in his illness just before his death said “All praise is for Allah, indeed there are many sufferings/ hardships for death” (Bukhari)
Prophet’s wife Aisha (ra) said: After seeing the pains and sufferings of death of Prophet Muhammad (saw) , i do not consider the suffering of death for anyone bad”

Hazrat Umro Bin Al As (ra) the companion of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the victor of Egypt on his death bed said:

“The state of dying is indescribable.The only thing I can tell is that i feel if the sky has fallen on the earth and I am being squeezed and crushed between them, it is as if a mountain has been kept on my neck, it is as if my stomach is full of thorns of the date tree and it feels as if my breath is passing through a needle hole.”

Hazrat Shadaad bin Aws (ra) on his deathbed said: “The moment of death is worst than the worst horrors of life. It is more painful than being cut alive with a saw, more horrible than being cut with scissors and more painful then the bones being boiled. If a man came back to life after experiencing death and told it to people, the sleep and comfort of people will vanish”

Source: This is a translation of a few pages of the book called ” Qabar ka Bayaan” in urdu language by Muhammad Iqbal Kelani.I have translated it myself, therefore any mistakes are mine alone. May Allah forgive me for any mistake.

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4 thoughts on “The Moment of Death – Part 1

  1. What a wondeful reminder mashallah.

    I am sure this is exactly what everybody feels – Whenever i read any such thing as this, i get worried and start fearing death and Allah, i start paying attention to what i used to do and a once sit down to ask forgiveness before Allah, But after an hour or so i am what i was again, Astagfirullah …………!!!!!!

    May Allah make us all good muslims and forgive us for our sins, and bless us to bring a permanent change within us.

  2. Reading this made me to quiver with fear.

    I know that i have done many bad things in life and i even know that If asked with true heart Allah will certainly forgive you.
    I pray that Allah forgives me and everybody and save everyone from the pain of death and qabar.

  3. only fear of death is realising that i am gonna b questioned about my wrong doings but i would say most people wont fear da pain b coz it as never bin expeerinced a pain like dat

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