Medinan Period Transcription Cd 1 – 5

Alhamdulilah, my friend Maria has successfully transcribed the Medinan Period of Imam Anwar Awlaki’s “Life of Prophet Muhammad saw”.

Transcription of CD 1 – 5 is available for download below. Rest of the cds will also be made available soon. Please feel free to report mistakes and corrections.

JazakAllahu Khair.

Medinan Period CD 1-5 Transcription by Maria

UPDATE: Alhamdulilah, download the entire series here:

Makkan Period Complete

The Madeenan Period Complete



10 thoughts on “Medinan Period Transcription Cd 1 – 5

  1. Thank you so much for your hard work. May Allah bless you for all the efforts. Just one favor, can you email me the transcripts? Shukr Al Hamdullillah.

  2. Assalamualaikum
    May Allah bless you for your hard work. Hope Allah make you moree courageous to transcript the rest of the cds.
    JazakAllahu Khayran.

  3. Assalamualaikum

    May Allah bless you for all you work.
    I am planning to print the entire series in a book form followed by its transalation in Urdu and then will do its audio in Urdu. What is the status on the rest of the Cds of Madinan Period and Makkan Period? I would appreciate if both the sisters Maria & javeria can work on this project. Please let me know your interest. JazakAllah!

  4. Salaam Brother – Jazak Allah for your hard work. My question is have you finished transcript of Makkan Period. If so could I kindly get a copy.

    May Alla reward you,



  5. Assalam u Alaykum

    Javeria, Alhumdulillah i have the entire Meccan period transcribed, let me try emailing them to you..

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