Parents and I


Do I listen to them when they advise me
Or I snap at them and say, I know better

Am I patient with my parents, if ever they are being unreasonable
Or I yell at them to make them realize their mistake

Do I obey them as I should be obeying them
Or I ignore them and think, it is not important

Do I take care of them when they are tired or sick
Or I feel I have better things to take care of, and am tired myself

Do I ever try to do what please my parents
Or I am sure what pleases me will please them

Do I buy them gifts that they will use and need
Or I buy them expensive gifts that I like, and remind them of my favors often

Do I ever spend quality time with them, realizing that they are special
Or whenever I am with my parents, I feel I am wasting my valuable time

Do I ever leave something that is important to me, to do something that is important to my parents
Or my parents can wait, as I have more important things of mine to take care of

Do I ever think of everything that my parents went through when I was little
Or I think I was always capable of taking care of myself

Do I ever feel humbled in their presence
Or I feel I am smarter, more educated and better than them in everyway

Do I look upto them and yearn to be like them and learn from their experince
Or am I too proud to even think they can be better than me

Do their tiny, insignificant mistakes and habits bother me
Or I kindly advise or ignore and never think twice about them

Do I look for ways to help and please them inorder to please Allah SWT
Or I want others to know what all I do for my parents

Do I give my parents the unconditional love that they bestow on me all the time
Or I love them when they do everything that pleases me

Am I ever grateful to Allah SWT for giving me the niama of parents
Or I feel I would be better off without them

Am I afraid and careful that I might say or do something to displease my parents, and displease Allah SWT
Or I say and do whatever pleases me, as they are just my parents

Do I try my utmost to get my parents’ duas
Or I know they will pray for me anyway

Do I conciously make dua for their success in this Dunya as well as the Akhira
Or I feel they are capable of making dua for themselves, or their deeds are what really counts

May Allah SWT make us amongst the ones who truly understand what Ehsaan to parents means, and deal with our parents with Ehsaan while we have the chance to do so, Ameen.


Posted by Muslimah on Al Huda Institute Forums


One thought on “Parents and I

  1. I believe i can never do Ehsan on my parents, after so much so they have done for me and given me i can do nothing but to obey them..
    Mashallah Allah has created parents just to show a part of His Love he has for Us.

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