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Should 12 Rabiul Awal be Celebrated as Eid Milad un Nabi

Date of Birth of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Most historians are silent about the exact date of birth of the Prophet (saw), where as those who do mention it, there are many contradictions and disagreements amongst them.

Muhammad Husain Haykal in the biography of Muhammad (saw) writes :

“Historians have disagreed about the year of Muhammad’s birth. Most of them hold that it took place in “the Year of the Elephant,” i.e. 570 C.E. Ibn ‘Abbas claims that Muhammad (saw) was born on “the Day of the Elephant.” Others claim that he was born fifteen years earlier. Still others claim that he was born a few days, months, or years, after “the Year of the Elephant.” Some even assert that Muhammad was born thirty years and others seventy years later than “the Year of the Elephant.”

Historians have also differed concerning the month of Muhammad’s birth although the majority of them agree that it was Rabi` al Awwal, the third month of the lunar year. It has also been claimed that he was born in Muharram, in Safar, in Rajab, or in Ramadan.

Furthermore, historians have differed as to the day of the month on which Muhammad was born. Some claim that the birth took place on the third, of Rabi` al Awwal; others, on the ninth; and others on the tenth. The majority, however, agree that Muhammad (saw) was born on the twelfth of Rabi` al Awwal, the claim of ibn Ishaq and other biographers.”

The presence of such disagreements on the exact day of his birth, proves that birthdays were not important to the Arabs. Arabs were very well known for their great memorization skills. They used to know the lineage of their families and other Arabs by heart; they used to know hundreds of verses of poetry by heart, a great feat of memorization.

‘Amr b. Sharid reported his father as saying: One day when I rode behind Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), he said (to me): Do you remember any Poetry of Umayya b. Abu Salt. I said: Yes. He said: Then go on. I recited a couplet, and he said: Go on. Then I again recited a couplet and he said: Go on. I recited one hundred couplets (of his poetry). [Muslim 28:5602]

If the birthday of Rasool Allah (saw) was such an important celebration, surely they would have remembered it and noted it down. Further more, there is also no proof from history that Prophet Muhammad (saw) mentioned his exact date of birth nor encouraged his followers to hold milads or recite durood loudly on this day.

Neither is it recorded from any Sahaba that they celebrated his date of birth. However, he used to fast on Mondays, irrespective of the month and according to his Hadith he was born on a Monday and the deeds are also presented to Allah on Monday. He took up this day, not as a celebration but as a day of Worship.

Hadith References [Maliks Muwatta 6:2606][Maliks Muwatta 47: 017] [Tirmidhi 42:008]


History proves that Prophet Muhammad (saw) never celebrated his own birthday. He used to fast on Mondays irrespective of the month. All that we know for sure is that he was born on a Monday and that deeds are presented to Allah on Mondays, which is the reason he used to fast on Mondays. His exact date of birth and even the month is a subject of debate, which further proves the insignificance of birthday celebration of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Further more none of the Sahaba, his closest companions ever celebrated his birthday, decorate mosques, read aloud poetry in his praise or hold milads or take out processions on 12th Rabiul Awal.

So when we say that we dearly love our Prophet saw and therefore there is no harm in displaying this love on 12 Rabiul Awa, we need to analyze our selves and ask our selves…

If companions of Rasool Allah did not celebrate Milad then why are we celebrating it?

Do we love Prophet Muhammd saw more than his closest companions who sacrificed their lives, family , wealth and property for him? Do we love our Prophet (saw) more than these sahaba? Do we know a better way of expressing our love then the sahaba?Are we better Muslims than the Sahaba Karam (ra)? Are we more pious than Abu Bakar and Umar and Ali and usman radiallahu anhum?? Are we more knowledgeable than these companions? Obviously Not!

This tradition of Milads seeped into Muslims culture later on and was not part of original Islam. It is clearly an innovation a new thing added into Islam which is a Bida and therfore should not be celebrated as it was not part of original Islam practiced by the companions at the time of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Rasool Allah (saw) him self said:“Whoever has performed a deed which is not in the religion from its inception is rejected (not acceptable to Allah)“. (Bukhari and Muslim)

So how should Muslims prove their love for Rasool Allah (saw)? What is the right way to proclaim and display your love for Rasool Allah (saw)

What is Innovation?? Read the details about Bidah at the following link

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41 thoughts on “Should 12 Rabiul Awal be Celebrated as Eid Milad un Nabi

  1. My bad !!!

    What i meant was that a person like myself can’t understand the believes and knowledge sahaba carry … As a muslim, i have the greatest respect for Sahaba, the true believers of Islam, and the true followers of the Prophet (SAW).

  2. Well, I’m totally unaware of what the Sahabas knew and believed … Don’t compare me with em … 😛

    what’s seen on the roads, ppl with green pagdees doing something similar to “bhangda” is of course anything but Islam. We do however have evidences that when the Prophet of Islam (SAW) arrived in Medina, people celebrated his arrival to their best. Thats the best we could do too !!! Instead of doing somethings weird i say, we should pray, arrange Milad sharifs, fast etc.

    Great job admin …

  3. Its a co-incidence that i’m reading this blog on 11th Rabi-ul-Awwal. Tomorrow is Milad, and yesterday was Valentines Day. It is another matter whether milad should be celebrated or not. It is a pity however that all the green logos that we see during Milad days were turned into RED. May Allah guide us all to the right path.

  4. Assalam u alaikum, I would say, we are not more knowledgeable than Sahaba, and to celebrate milad unnabi was not the practise of Sahaba, so now a days why people are doing this? Do they think they have more knowledge than Sahaba? some people say they are not celebrating his(S.A.W) birthday but Prophet (S.A.W) was born in the month of Rabiulawwal and he is the best naimat ever. so people plz also comment on this, should we celebrate milad according to this type of thinking?

  5. Today is 12 rabiul-awal and i am reading this post. Thanks to sister javeria and everyone for participating inside this post. It really gave me a lot of knowledge.

  6. @zaigham ali


    zaigham ali sahib aap ne bht achi batain ki hain …laikin apko shayad bidat ka ilm nahi h … kher you are talking abt technology that came recently and we are using it …… bhai jaan its a different thing …. birthday celeberation us daur main be thee jo k christians manate thay …. birthday celeberations ka rawaaj ISLAM ki amad k 1400 saal baad nahi paida huwa … aur jo cheez us daur main already maujood thee aur ager usay HAZOOR MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) ki birthday per b apply kerna hota to HAZOOR (S.A.W) apni zindagi mian he iska huqam fermatay. aur jahan tuk darood-o-salam ki baat h to ALLAH (SWT) ne quran mai ye nahi fermaya k birthday k din nabi per darood bejo…. hamain rozana jub b ho sakay darood bejna chahiye nabi (S.A.W) per …
    aur jahan tuk NABI (S.A.W) se mohabbat ka ta-aluk h to mhbt ye nahi k sirf 12 rabi ul awwal k din naat perhli aur darood perh liya ..wese majority ye b nahi kerti …. mohabbat ka asal ta-aluk NABI (S.A.W) ki taleemaat per amal kerne se h … unke batae huway raste per chalne se h….. kitne musalman hain jo dari rakhte hain? …. mere khayal main sikhon mian dari rakhne ki percentage musalmanoon main dari rakhne waloon se zayada h .. hamain sharam nahi aati jubke hum jante hain k NABI (S.A.W) ne fermaya k dari rakho aur mochain kutrwao aur kafiron se mushabhat na rakho …. ye hamari muhabbat h k hum dari rakhte huway gabratay hian? ye aik example di h baqi hazaroon batain hain jin se hamare SO-CALLED ISHQ-e-RASOOL ka pata chalta h……


    wese hidayat ki dua her musalmaan apni her namaz main mangta h jub b namaz main soraah fatiha perhta h …laikin q k hamari namazain b MASHALLAH aisi hoti hain k ratta laga huwa mo se nikal raha hota h laikin ye nahi pata hota k kia bol rhay hain is liye namazoon ka b koi asar nahi hota …..

    1. very well said brother i was expecting such words form long time for these technology and other related reasons relating to islam now a days

  7. Sister Javeria
    Are you preaching Wahabi version of Islam? Because 12th of Rabiul Awwal (RA) is to be celebrated as Birthday of our Holy Prophet (SAAWW). As in the Quranic Verse “In-nallaha wa mala’aekatahu yo-salloona alan-nabi ya-ayyohal lazeena amanu sallu alaihay wa-sallemu taslima” The Almighty Allah is sending Darood o Salam on the Holy Prophet [and not he has sent; in other words HE is urging Muslims to send Darood o Salam onto the Holy Prophet) O Muslims send Darood o Salam on the Holy Prophet. On 12th RA all the Muslims get together and they embrace each other and send Darood o Salam on to the Holy Prophet. If we are celebrating 12th RA as Birthday of Holy Prophet I don’t think there is any harm in it. Only Wahabi people hate to celebrate the Birthday and they create this or that matter to urge people not to celebrate. Even Sister Javeria you are using Internet facility these days but it was not prescribed in the time of Holy Prophet but Allah the Almighty knew it very well that one day there will be knowledge on its peak that human beings will try to reach Moon & Stars, but Allah the Almighty made the Holy Prophet to visit HIM without any space suit and space shuttle, and Mairaj event took place. When Almighty Allah bestowed His Blessings onto the Holy Prophet, can’t we the Muslims celebrate the Birthday of our Holy Prophet by sending Darood o Salam on to him.

    1. mr zaigham, it isnt like dat… using internet has nothing 2 do wid religion bt celebrtn prophet’s is relatd 2 islam.. ISLAM IS COMPLETE IT DOES NOT NEED ANY CHANGE.. INNOVATION…… if u add any thng new it means u dont beliv dat ALLAH’s religion is COMPLETE (NAO’ZOBILLAH) so just leave sunni ism n wahabi ism n think jus as a muslim dat milad is nt allowd
      bro.. u can send darod o salam at ur hom or arrang it on any day.. y a specific day

    2. Oh so you understand the Quran better than the Sahaba Karam?!!
      Why did they not understand from the verses that you Quoted that they had to celebrate Milad..did they forget?

      Can you quote ONE HADITH where Prophet Muhammad (s)commanded us to celebrate this third eid? can you give an example of ONE SAHABI who celebrated this day as Eid? You can not! because none of the sahaba ever celebrated this third Eid. Sp how can you?? If you do.. then you are claiming to be more knowledgeable than the Sahaba!

      The verses you have quoted are not proofs at all for celebrating this third innovated Eid.

    3. !2 rabi ul awwal is the day of the death of Our Prophet PBUH. It was first celebrated by Yehood of Arabia, Those who celebrates this day must remember that prophet’s enemies were happy on this day. Why we celebrating this day.
      The innovation started by those muslims who newly accepeted Islam were christians, and they celebrated 25th december so they started to celebrated 12 RA.
      celebrating this day is called hut Dharmi….

  8. dear javeria
    i once read a poem posted by u some thing like if prophet visited my home can u please send it to me i will be very greatful

  9. what is harm of inovating something new if it is good for you not tell your kids who were their fore fathers and where they from so they can remember their in other word during the time of prophet s.a.w they use to use swords and spears to fight would u even consider to use all this against mordern technology like riffles,kasolva,f-16s it would be a big mistake if u do decide to to go the old grow up people as long as we foolow strict guidelines of sharia then allhumdollilah it is so fine.Now if you look at the kids today who are turning into gangsters m shitt are we going to dress them up in turban and tell them to come to the mosque or we use better tools to guide the ALL WE DO HERE IS SHIRK SHIRK BIDA BIDA PLEASE TRY NOT TO LOOK JUST THE END OF YOUR NOSES LOOK AT THE HORRISON.At least by celeberatin milad un nabi we invite people to mosque feed them we meet new muslims we give them the chance for at least praying in the mosque. How can we have strong faith if we dont have love for the ahlel-bait ,sahabas and the holy prophet s.a.w. It would be like a empty coconut with nothing inside

  10. first of all we will have to know islam .insted of celebrating prophets(pbuh) birthday we should act upon his teachings .he (pbuh) never celebrated his birthday nor he told his sahabas to do so .tell me any hadiths in which it is clera that we should celebrate birhday but it is prohibited .all the year people disobey his(teachings) and on 12th rabiual awal they celebrate this day and think they have performed our celebrate birhday is bidat

  11. I have shared this article of yours in my notes and added reference to this page.
    Very nice article, very well discussed…JazakAllah 🙂

  12. Of course we adore our beloved Prophet (pbuh) and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating his birthday. It’s only a gesture of love. Prohibition of birthdays is a senseless embargo perpatrated by Hadith.

    It’s amazing that new Hadiths seem to prop up in every generation. Those Hadiths known to our parents were not known to our grandparents. Those Hadiths known to us were not heard by our parents, and those that will be concocted during the adult life of our children is not known to us now. That’s because the imams and sheiks keep writing hadiths all the time and falsely attribute them to the Prophet. This is really wrong. As Muslims and believers, our ‘scholars’ should not behave this way.

    1. I don’t think so that the people of current age love Muhammad(PBUH) more than sahaba. And these are the scholors actually who are inventing new ahadees just to accomodate their views, as the people of other religions did. They changed their Holy books in order to accomodate their lives. As Allah Almighty has Himself taken the responsibility to save Quran from these type of changings, therefore the “so called” scholors invent their own sayings or bidah and attribute them to prophet (pbuh). Allah Almighty already knew that these type of people will came in the world therefore he took responsibility of Quran. Otherwise these “so called” scholors might have change even the verses of Quran as the previous Ummah did with their Holy books like bible.
      Why don’t we people think that why prophet’s birthday is not celebrated in Arab countries, even in Saudi Arabia where Harram Shareef and Roza Mubarak of Muhammad(PBUH) exists.
      this is nothing but only bidah and Rasool Allah (saw) him self said:
      “Whoever has performed a deed which is not in the religion from its inception is rejected (not acceptable to Allah)“. (Bukhari and Muslim)

  13. It is true that in the time of prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, the period of the Sahabah and in the period of the Tabi`in, Meelad was not celebrated as it is done in the present form. But the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), Sahabah or Tabi`in did not prohibit it as well.

    Most of the people who do take part in the milad may have good intentions but as it was prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him day of death aswell i would personally not celebrate it.

  14. I think we need to go one step ahead of just plainly ignoring celebrating Milad. We need to spread the message that this is not in Islam but this is also against the religion, as it is an addition to the religion. We need to educate people that our beloved holy prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him is no more in the world. Majority of people in our part of the world wrongly believes that holy prophet has not dies as if he was some immortal being not made of clay. These faiths have become the basis of Milad, where people reciting Naats cross the boundaries and equate our Holy Prophet with GOD the Almighty.

  15. I DONT KNOW WHY COMMENTS WHICH I ALREADY POSTED NOT here but again explain that people abuse those by saying wahabis in whole world and its mostly use by BARAILVIS.its not correct that their means of use to mention pakistani scholars.AS in india and pakistan to saudis evry body called them wahabis.

  16. Pl correct actually its relate to Hazrat wahab no those who says wahaabi their meanings are in terms of hated ness.I think u all often seen people say that falaa is wahabi what the tone and behaviour of that person .
    It just like calling names.PL observe this around u u will get the point.

    1. Exactly. Anyone who doesn’t follow the sickining believes of mushrokeen is labeled wahabi. All those who follow deen according to quran and sunnah, as of the times of Rasool SAW, and saying no to biddah are hated by bralvis, Shias, qadyanis and their supporters, the West…yes you must have read and heard the word WAHABI on western media nowadays. The enemies of Islam are labelling the true Muslims with this new label with the help and support of the astray Muslims on their side. May Allah save us all from this big fitnah

  17. Wahabism (internationally) is indeed came from Abdul Wahad r.a.

    But in Pakistan wahabi term is related to the other Indian scholar, name Wahab.

    1. I’ll tell you who wahabi is. Anyone who doesn’t follow the sickining believes of bralvism is labeled wahabi. All those who follow deen according to quran and sunnah, as of the times of Rasool SAW, and saying no to biddah are hated by bralvis, Shias, qadyanis and their supporters, the West…yes you must have read and heard the word WAHABI on western media nowadays. The enemies of Islam are labelling the true Muslims with this new label with the help and support of the astray Muslims on their side. May Allah save us all from this big fitnah

  18. Thats why I am ceaselessly saying pl learn islam we are taking evry type of knowledge inspite of islam we cant send our children,brother sister for deeni taaaleem and who ever trying to get we taunt him or her very easily.
    People in pakistan mainly say in terms of taunting and in treet them as nauzo billah as kafir.Because most of us never learn islam but do what our fore father are doin we never think over quran neither nobody mainly in pakistan and south east asia and europe ever read translation of saha sitha.
    Actually a PERSON name Hazrat wahab in saudi Arabia do against to those shirks and bidah which currently doing by people in pakistan and india.He did jiahad aganist all these type of things and if he did not do yhis then in makkah and madina todays people do LUNGARS,URUS ETC.
    For detail u can see on internet and read books.

  19. Wahab is the name of ALLAH s.w.t .Then it is good to become wahabi.
    Secondly pl learn quran and hadith ur self then of u think in favour then celeberate or not.But the problem is this that we only do what our fore father did no body him or her self read or gain knowledge.
    Thirdly those who favour it if u listen normaly then u come to know they also tell it mustahib but people think its farz.
    Diffearnace of opinion in masaalik are on mustahibaat not on faraiz.
    ANA ka bhi masla banaya hua hai sab nai kai nahi hum to manai gai.sab jaantai hai kai kitni gair islami harkatai ho tee hai jis ko barailvi bhi noi manty for example
    -Larkia tayaar ho kar or ghar mai niaaz baantnai jati hai.
    -wo bhi bay pardah.
    -khoob tayaar ho kar
    -Mohalay kai larkai khoob awazai kastai hai
    -Ish muashqa chal par ta hai
    -jin ka chal raha hai un kai liay asaani ho jaati hai
    Awr dosri harkaat jo sab jantai hai aur daikhtai hai.
    To pl read first quran and hadith books urself and then do any thing.

  20. at the end of the day we are all muslims, i have gained a lot of grief from people who do celebrate the birthday of our beloved prophet (saw) and in doing so thay have insulted my aqeedah and said that my aqeedah and information is wrong just because i believe in showing our love for 1st allah (swt) and the prophet (saw) through our good actions, as a result i have stop taking thier ‘views’ to heart and concentrate on what is farz and that is reading salah (namaz/prayer) which many people dont practice and its a shame because instead of uniting you have people calling you ‘whabi’
    may allah (swt) guide us all to the straight and make the next life easier for us…its the next life we should concentrate on as it is eternal.

  21. your blog is nothing but wahabbi doublespeak, the most imprtant issue s like education, anf fawa against ignorance, muslims killing muslims are conveniently put in the waste paper basket, I write this on a personal and human level..

  22. Of course there is a difference of opinion about whether the Milad Un-Nabi should be a time of celebration. There is evidence that the Prophet (pbuh), his Companions, and the early followers after them did not celebrate or otherwise observe his birthday. On the contrary, he was careful to warn his people not to imitate other faiths, whose followers elevated their prophets and added to the religion what was not in the original teachings.
    Those who disagree see it as a time to read the Qur’an, fast, pray, and remember the life, teachings, and example of the Prophet (pbuh).

    When praising the Prophet (pbuh), we are also warned not to exaggerate in his praise. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Do not overpraise me as Christians overpraised Jesus, son of Mary. Say [when referring to me], ‘Servant of Allah and His messenger.’

    Ya Haqq!


      Proof from Hadith:

      The following Hadith is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari and many other books of Hadith with a slight change in wording. Some Hadith are brief and some are detailed. The Hadith in Sahih Bukhari is:

      Translation of Hadith: Hadhrat ‘Urwah says: Thuwayba was the slave of Abu Lahab. Abu Lahab had set her free to nurse the Noble Prophet (Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam) (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). After Abu Lahab died, some of his family members saw him in a dream in the worst possible state. He was asked: What did you get? Abu Lahab said: After separating from you, I never got any peace except that because of setting Thuwayba free, I am refreshed through this (his finger).

      (Sahih Bukhari, Kitab Un Nikah, Vol. 2, Pg No. 764)

      In the explanation/commentary of this Hadith, the Imams, Hadhrat Allama Badruddin ‘Aini and Imam Ibn Hajr ‘Asqalani narrate other lengthy versions of this Hadith on the authority of other books. Here we present what our Hadhrat Badruddin ‘Aini Hanafi (May Allah shower His Mercy on him) writes in his famous commentary on Sahih Bukhari, Umdatul Qari, Vol. 14, Pg No. 45:

      Translation: Hadhrat Abbas (May Allah be well pleased with him) says: I saw Abu Lahab in a dream 1 year after his death. I saw him in the worst possible state. He said: I didn’t get any relief after I separated from you. However, every Monday, my punishment is lightened. Hadhrat Abbas (May Allah be well pleased with him) says: That is because the Noble Prophet (Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam) (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) was born on this day and Thaubiya had given this good news to Abu Lahab and he had set her free.

      Dear readers! How many proofs you need to celebrate the milad of OUR OWN PROPHET ?

      1. Brother you have provided the proof yourself to NOT celebrate the 12 rabiul awal as Milad…
        Plz note that the hadith mentions MONDAY not 12 TH RABIUL AWWAL…

        there are great differences on the date of birth of Prophet Muhammad.. but the only proof we have from hadith is for MONDAY

        The only authentic narration regarding the birth day of the Prophet (saw) has been narrated in Muslim, concerning the fasting on Mondays.

        Abu Qatada Ansari (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah’s Messenger (saw) was asked about fasting on Monday, whereupon he said: It is (the day) when I was born and revelation was sent down to me. [Maliks Muwatta 6:2606]

        There are various hadiths the Prophet (s) used to fast on Mondays because Monday was the day he was born…
        No hadith says ‘ 12 th rabiul awwaal’.. so if you have to celebrate milad.. do it every monday by fasting!

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