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Global Economic Terrorism Part 1- By Zaid Hamid

Episode 3 of Zaid Hamid Sahib’s program as seen on TV One. A real eye opener!

Zaid Hamid is the founder of “BrassTacks” Advanced Threat Analysis and security Management Consultants.

Mr. Zaid Hamid is regularly coming on Pakistani channel News One in a Program with the same name to inform the general public of the security issues and how the zionists are controlling the economy and he is also warning the Pakistanis of a severe food famine lingering ahead. He has an amazing knowledge Mashallah of global security issues, history, zionist movements and the internal world politics as well as  Islam. He has gained a huge fan following and TV viewship.. even housewives are addicted to his views and opinions! His program is a must watch and is indeed a great eye opener.

His Profile from the BrassTacks website is as follows:

“Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid is an eminent security professional having extensive practical experience and exposure in the fields of security management, strategic and tactical planning, threat analysis, irregular warfare, electronic security solutions and training of security personal.

His expertise is largely through exposure and is most unique and diversified. He has witnessed war at close range, experiencing the finest guerilla operations in modern times.

He has been the area head of Electronic Security Alarm System Division of Brinks Pakistan and has attended many international exhibitions on security services and products, including world-renowned international Fire and safety exhibition, IFSEC, UK and American society for industrial security, ASIS, USA.

Mr. Hamid is the author of over twenty published articles and handbooks on various defense and security related issues.”

11 thoughts on “Global Economic Terrorism Part 1- By Zaid Hamid

  1. the stance of mr. zaid hamid is required to be published openly through print and electronic media. the poor innocent nation is being detract by media and the politicians who are propogating the american agenda in cover of nationalism. please gear up…… OH GOD HELP US WE DONT NEED SUCH POLITICIANS

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Dear All!
    I agree with all that is posted above by my brothers and sisters. Can u tell how I can get the video of Zaid Hamid all programs? Who can guide me? Looking for good guidance

    Allah ka Khawalay

  3. I have watched Brasstacks program of Mr Zaid Hamid, such type of people are the real asset for Pakistan / Pakistan Nations, When program starts, due to the interest I do not go any where till it ends. I wish if it could be every alternative day. He has very good reputation amoung overseas Pasistanis.I will grateful, if I could get his direct contact i.e. Telephone or E-mail Address.

  4. well i m a big big fan of Dr. Zaid Hamid.I watched his programme Brasstacks weakly.His talks are really really aspiring motivated specially for young generation he is really a GODGIFFTED Personallity.His knowledge on current issue as well as on Global Economy is exceptional.I think that his talk can create a revolution in Pakistan

  5. Assalamu Alaikum

    Masha’Allah, I would like to say that on the 31st of August, I got the chance to peraonally meet respected DR. ISRAR AHMED. And guess what? Just minutes before my arrival, Mr. ZAID HAMID had left. Dr. Israr told me how he and Mr. Hamid had a wonderful lenghty discussion related to World Affairs and Geopolitics.
    Abid Ullah Jan and Zaid Hamid are the best gifts Pakistan could ever have after Dr. Israr Ahmed.

  6. i want to get all latest updates regarding conspiracies against islam specially by jews and hindus ……i would be thankfull to have text files in word or pdf files …..

  7. Mr Zaid Hamid rocks…Mashallah he has gem of a brain and i wish May Allah always be with him in his mission of spreading awareness amongst the Pakistanis about the Global corruption and the zionsit campaign….Long Live Zaid Hamid..What a great personality…!!!!

  8. BrassTacks is a very nice programme.Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid
    has really opened our eyes towards internal world politics .
    Thanks for giving us enformation about this wonderful person.

  9. No doubt, Zaid Hamid is genius mad. He although being holder of engineering degree, has an extensive knowledge of defence and strategic studies. He is analyst by choice not by fate and profession. His knowledge is based on his practical obseration, not merely based on theories. He is patriot and true Pakistani well aware of the security issues and the Zionist’s filthy politiks, aimed at the destruction of Muslim Ummah.
    My these beliefs were confirmed, after when I met him. He is not only an outstanding security analyst but a nice, jolly, caring and good human too.

    Zaheer Mehsud,
    Depatrtment of International Relations,
    QAU, Islamabad.

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