Abdul Rahim Green Lays the smack down on Pakistan!

Abdul Rahim Green lays the smack down on Pakistan! Must Watch!


12 thoughts on “Abdul Rahim Green Lays the smack down on Pakistan!

  1. I am a Pakistani and i agree to what he says………there are many Pakistanis who have mixed pagan beliefs in Islam and we think we are following Islam. He is right to point our these issues. Some so called patriotic Pakistanis got offended that he is criticizing Pakistan, I think we should broaden our thinking and take healthy criticism positively. I am a witness to the ‘palm’ thing that he is talking about, you go to Rawalpindi and you can find as many as you want to. May Allah guide Pakistanis to follow exactly as in the Quran and Sunnah.

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  3. Brothers what do u mean by patriotic pakistani (Give them a visa of US they all Fly!!). Brother a Muslim should only be Patriotic With HIS Creator ALLAH S.W.T and His Prophet MUHAMMAD S.A.W. So think beyond these things like Culture, Country, Society Rules etc etc they can only let u deviated from the straight Line. I recommend u the youtube lectures on SHIRK.

  4. I agree completely with Abdul Rahim, I’m British but my parents are Pakistani and whatever he is saying is true. Pakistani’s add their own things to the religion for example, I have always been told by my parents ‘eat your food in silence!’ and ‘don’t speak while you are eating cause its sinful!’ there is no mention about this in the Qur’an or the Sunnah. Infact the Prophet (pbuh) has been seen talking whislt eating (Sahih Bukhari). Pakistani’s make their own stories up to best fit their own situation.

  5. Those who really follow the sunnah will agree with him. There are so many muslim countries are practicing unIslamic ritual as though it looked like Islam practice. For e.g Indonesia, densely populated muslim but they did all kind of shirks but Alhamdulillah, nowadays I can see that more people in Indonesia are moving toward the teaching of Salafiyoon.

  6. i totally agree with sheikh Green ,look at the condition of our country today the people are into music and all kinds of haraam things and yes i have seen alcholic stores open in daylight now,our politicians are known thieves and murderers,only concerned about themselves. i can only pray that Allah (swt) guides our people, and the sheikh comes to pakistan also as our country really needs people like him.

  7. yes brother Green is quite right But i think this problem can be solved if such programmes are arranged in which the islamic scholers from all over the world come and deliver lectuers so that people could learn about Islam I am sure people want to learn to be a good practicing muslim but the problem is they don’t know whom to ask. And sadly our molvies are no good at all,and ignorance is growing.
    Something must be done

  8. I totally agree with Abdul Rehim. Such and other more un islamic practices are going on in every nation who claim to be muslim. the main causes are:

    1. Illitrecy ( no Dawha work is done in nations where there are muslims) All msulims who have the knowledge of Islam but are keeping quiet when such practices are going on their countries are accountable before Allah on the day of judgment. They have to educate people. Just retaining knowledge for themselves does not take them to Jhenna. I know in my country Africa ( rural places) people fast Ramadan and make their Iftar with alcholic drinks. No Dawha work is done specially in Afirca. while Christrian Missionaries are all over Africa even in samall rural towns, the so called muslim scholars are sleeping and doing nothing to teach Islam.

    2. Some muslims believe that they are civilized or considered to be modern when they copy and impiment the western culture in their life. The west in these days are coming to Islam and unfrotunatelly the muslim world is going to the west.
    3. The Arab world have got many free sattalite Tv channels that teach Islam but all are in Arabic and no one understands them except the Arabs who already know it and are unwilling to accept it. The Arabs need to turn most of the Arabic Da’wah channels in to English 24 hrs. They should invest on this work in order for Islamic knowledge to priveil. Even most of their free news channel are in Arabic and the world cannot understand what they are crying for and they cannot be helped by others. The recent Gaza crise should have been broadcasted on many free English sattelite chanells and it would have got more attention.

  9. I am inspired by your wealth of islamic knowledge and your ability to deliver the message effectively. you have good command of english which usually help me in undestanding your lectures easily. please, i may need your video or audio cd expecially the lecture on why you didnt become a shii’a.
    Abubakar from Nigeria.

  10. I totally agree with the view of brother Abdur Rahim Green. Alhamdulillah he is a gift of Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala for todays Muslim world. Alhamdulillah Pakistan is a gift of Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala for the Musilms but the people living in it do not tend to follow Islamic Law and the commans of their Lord any more. Alhamdulillah there are uncountable Muslim brothers in Pakistan who prefer to live according to the Quran and Sunnah but the majority has given up. Brother Green is not an enemy of Pakistan but he wants to wake up the Muslims to follow the nice Commandments of Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala and to live according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW. I love brother Green alot. I have alot of his audio lectures with me and I am much impressed of the way he gives Daawah Alhamdulillah. May Allah guide us all to the true path of Islam.
    Jazakallah Khair… Wassalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu…

  11. Salam I have watched the video, and I am bitterly disappointed. I strongly opposed the views of the respected scholar. Quoting an example of several bad practices in our society does not mean that all Muslims or Pakistanis are wrong. This kind of Be Deeni is all over the world, being it Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhs or Muslims. Who among all religions are practicing purely. A very few among all. He has not done justice with his respected scholarly position. This is not healthy criticism. It leaves very bad impression Pakistan and Pakistanis on many foreigner Muslims and non-Muslims. Why don’t you remember the foundation of Pakistan, its ideology, its historical struggle for Islam. The overall situation is not so bad. There are people in the same society to condemn, criticize, and preach those bad-practicing fellows. Always hope for better, and stay on the right position. Khair Insha Allah
    Asim Ahmad

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