Afia Siddiqui : Her picture speaks a thousand words…

Afia Siddiqui Now

Afia Siddiqui Now

Look closely at the two pictures above. Is the picture below really of the same woman? This picture is haunting me, it is telling me stories about the pain and suffering and the torture this Muslim Woman – My Sister in Islam has been through in the past five years of her life.

Aafia Siddiqui is a Pakistani who graduated from MIT. In 2003, while on her way in a taxi with her three young sons, she disappeared never to be heard of again until recently when she was found in US Custody and the US claimed that they arrested her on 17th July in Afghanistan.[7]

Her Crime :

Aafia Siddiqui allegedly yelled “allahu akbar” and grabbed a soldier’s rifle and fired two shots before she was shot herself in the July 18 incident.Despite being shot, Siddiqui struggled with the officers when they tried to subdue her; she struck and kicked them while shouting in English that she wanted to kill Americans[7]

For her crime she was presented before the court in New York on the 5th of August and her trial is underway in USA.

She is thought to be the ghost lady, the only woman prisoner No. 650 imprisoned in Afghanistan.[1][2] Reports tell of the horrendous trials she went through there screaming and crying all night long.[3] Reports suggest that she was severly tortured, one of her kidneys was removed, her teeth were removed, her nose was broken and improperly set and her recent gun shot wound was oozing blood constantly.[4] He picture testifies to this harsh reality which the US is trying to hide, stating that she was in hiding since the past five years.

Knowing the history of Abuse of the prisoners of Abu Gharib by the Americans, i don’t even want to imagine what she must have gone through there being a woman. It was reported that she was constantly raped and abused, forced to use mens toilets and forced to eat non halal food.

Shame on me. Sleeping comfortably in my home eating and having fun. Living a comfortable life while my Muslim sister is being raped and tortured by the American dogs! Shame on all our leaders and all the Muslims. When will we wake up from our slumber. All our time and efforts are for what? Earning wealth, living luxuriously. Eating, drinking and partying.

There is nothing else in the life of our Muslim youth but”chilling out and having fun” and trying to BE AMERICAN! wanting their way of life, dressing up like they dress up, watching movies they make, doing things they do! When will we open our eyes and realize their deception that they are our enemies! WHEN? When it happens to us personally or to our very own mothers and sisters and daughters?

Look at the picture again. Her story is not to be read, to just feel pity and to be eventually forgotten. It has given me a lot to think about. The deception of the west and their full efforts to make us despise our own religion – to make us into “moderate” Muslims – Just Muslims by name and not in deed and actions. Their fake cries of liberation of women when they can not even respect women. Their glossed up lifestyle and cries of freedeom of expression when they can not even let us practice and preach our own faith.

Look at her picture? It gives a lot to think about and a lot to do. What does it give you?

[1]Yvonne Ridle on the Grey Lady of Bagram

[2]Pakistani Woman in Afghan Prison

[3] Jang : Kia Woh Afia Siddiqui Hai? By Irfan Siddiqui

[4]Afia Siddiqui – Wikipedia Article

[5] Afia Siddiqui Appears in Court- BBC News

[6]Say Allah Willing (Inshallah) then you are a terrorist! by Adnan Siddiqui

[7]US claim that they arrested her on 17th July in Afghanistan

For All the recent updates on Dr. Afia’s Case visit Teeth Maestro



16 thoughts on “Afia Siddiqui : Her picture speaks a thousand words…

  1. Whether it be the gruesome discovery of torture on an reportedly innocent Pakistani woman by American dogs or be it the beheadings of Muslim women by Taliban butchers (,
    it is always the innocent Muslim who has to suffer. We are the fuel of the war of evil with evil, and WE have to pay the price by being bombed both by American allies and the (un)Islamic extremists.
    (Javeria please remove the bias of your writings by writing about the atrocities on Muslim women by those Taliban retards as well. It is an equally big issue!)

  2. When I first saw her recent picture and compared it to what her picture looked like before, it told more than thousand words. It told alot of stories. The bad state of Muslims today is reflected in her picture. Muslim Youth are sleeping in a deep slumber. Music, chatting, games, shopping, womanizing, copying woman in their face and dress, are their priority nowadays. You can expect them to even feel anything. While when a single Muslim woman is in the hand of disbelievers, it becomes the responsibility of the whole Ummah to free her even if it costs the whole wealth of the Muslim Baitul Mal. However, Afia is not the first muslim woman to be in prison of Kuffar, like her, we have thousands of our sisters in their prisons in Palestine, Iraq, and others. May Allah honor us with the help from Allah by the establishment of Islamic Khilafah which will defend the muslim rights and would send armies east and west helping the oppressed.

  3. So where are my popular moderate, main stream Muslims, specially of North America? Where are they? Who’s got your tongue? Why can’t I see a demonstration, hue & cry in the media from Muslims of North America? And back home, the pro-western, modern and recently-enlightened Pakistanis, why aren’t you giving your input. Are you waiting for the time when your daughters will be dragged from home and then humiliated in front of the world by western soldiers? No, I’m not asking you to burn tires in the street and destroy shops, but why don’t you mobilize your Pakistani Media – like ARY, GEO and others to discuss about this matter. Where is Dr. Shahid Masood? Where are you Hamid Miir? If your daughter is kidnapped, will you still have the appetite to endlessly discuss the legality of Musharraf or will you then bring your talk show about the brutality done on sister Afia by US? Probably, you can’t. You don’t have the balls. Ary’s Salman Iqbal is british passport holder – so he can’t risk his british citizenship and GEO staff was trained by CNN and other American experts – and they have joint operations with American media outlets – so they can’t go against America! ( So much for the independent Pakistani news media!
    So what about so-called Fair minded and civilized people of the West? I don’t hear Angelina Jolie making a Mighty Heart on the story of Afia Siddiqui? You bigots, hypocrites and ass-kissers of Jews. That’s what you are, nothing more than that.
    This is the truth! I wish if we Muslims realize the true face of the West. Though it should not be a surprise, as many “Afia Siddiquis” were being held and tortured throughout the past 40 year period in Israeli jails. But of course we Pakistanis didn’t know much about it. Or since we preferred watching senseless Indian movies and sensuous Hollywood blockbusters and ignored watching Muslims news channels, we have no idea of the daily torture done on Muslims. Let’s not go far, have we forgotten the daily Kashmir update on Pakistan TV after every news during 1990s – about crimes in Kashmir done by Indian forces? Why the hell world was silence. Why the hell US and UK and the west never complains about Human Rights issues in India – but only to China and Middle East??? Wow! And we Paki & Arab Muslims want to become American hip-hop. Wake up people. Now, when one of our own is there – probably now we are tasting the reality. Or may be, still not. Till one of our own sisters, daughter, wife or mother from our own house is taken away, till then we won’t come into action – or what O.B calls – Affirmative action??
    Back to the point – this is the time to see who is on your side. Is your American media covering the story? Are they telling only the recent events or are they informing you about all the events since 2003? Are they informing stories told by all sides or just by US GOVT.? Are they making a media trial against her? Let’s see how civil rights vocalists come out in favor of Hijabi Muslim woman – alleged to be a terrorist. No one will.
    Forget Sister Afia for one second, tell me do you remember any media giving you any report about the poor innocent teen girl in Iraq – who was gang raped by US Army men (Private Steven Green) (, ( and after finishing with her, they murdered her along with her family by hurling them in one room and showering them with their AK-47 and burnt the whole house to finish the evidence. What happened to those mass-murders? Why the hell is your memory so weak O Muslim! Why? Daniel Pearl was murdered in Karachi. Till today, we keep hearing and blaming our selves for that crime and even Angelina Jolie starred in a movie acting as killed reporter’s wife. My question is – when such historic attoricities are done on Muslims –why aren’t those propagated, documented and remembered. Why? Are only Jews to be remembered and sobbed about their Holocaust? Cuz, West wants to show they are clean of their sins! Actually, you are not. No matter what you do, your unjust actions will be brought to justice, either today or tomorrow.
    It could be that your memory only stores what you see continuously. So that’s why your media doesn’t follow up on stories about crimes against Muslims. Reason is simple. , popular channels like MSNBC, and many other are owned by GE. ( And GE gets huge contracts from US Army. So they won’t put such stories in their media which goes against their interest. Similar is the case with CNN and Washington post and New York Times and ABC. Many of the reporters of these news giants were ‘embedded-journalists’ in US Army during the Iraq invasion. Of course that’s why they were giving one-sided reports. And when Al-Jazeerah guy started to air stories from inside Fallujah- from the opposite side, US Army bombed the office of Al-Jazeerah and killed that guy. American – your crimes against Muslims are endless. One day, you will have to pay one by one.
    And this series of torments on Muslims, I tell you ‘my fellow Pakistanis’, it’s a sign! It’s a sign to wake you up and show you the real face of your so-called Western Friends. We were led astray by songs of universal unity like, ‘We are the world’, and stories and movies about racism. But now, its time to wake up. Racism and religion-ism is very much strong in America – may be not in the streets but probably more in the minds and policies of people working in white house and Capitol Hill.
    This is the reason, that after every few months, Muslims are subjected to hate & humiliation campaign, either it’s an invasion of their country, caricature of their holiest symbols or murder, violation and humiliation of their daughters and sons.
    This is the time to inform your children who your friends are. You were miss-led by Hollywood, don’t let that happen to your children. Inform them who their friend is before it’s too late. And if you still think that the white Non-muslim neighbour is your friend, then ask the immigrant Bosnians who used to think like you. Now they know, that these people will never want to ‘co-exist’ with muslims. They just want to exist and want to erase all muslims from the world. InshAllah, they will fail.

  4. Every American should be given the same punishment when and where any one found. so that they realize what their government is doing with innosent muslims……………………………………..

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  6. I am feeling NO Pity on her! In fact she is chosen by ALLAH and also consolidated her reward. But i feel pity on myself what a coward i m!! May ALLAH give me courage to spend life as a human not animals, Ameen.

  7. Javeria would wish to lose her sleep and appetite for Afia Siddiqui, and so would I. But who would dare to lose his or her sleep or appetite and comfort for the murder of Perveen and her son Sohail who were among those killed in suicide bomb attack yesterday in Lahore? Would you dare Javeria, would you?? Do you fear to lose your Imaan if you also write about the brutalities on Muslims by Taliban?

  8. Protect the Holy Land, this is the birthplace of our religion!!

    My child, this is your test. You are not worthy, but shall you pass you will experience unimaginable lavishes unfathomable by man, and impossible to achieve on this earth.

    To pass you must do the following:

    Worship me.
    Love me.
    Work for me.
    Build for me.
    Teach of me, and spread my word.
    Live for me.

    Be kind to your neighbor, unless they speak less of me. Unfortunately, everything I teach of goodness and love will no longer apply. You shall do the following:

    Fight for me.
    Kill for me.
    At all costs; Protect me.
    Die for me.

    I’m the most perfect being ever imagined by man. I am most righteous. I’m right and you’re wrong and If you don’t do what I say, you will live all of eternity in a fiery hell and I will put you there sooner if you resist me.

    You shall pay me with your life on this earth. Fill my mortal prophets pockets with your hardwork and labor. They shall never go hungry or thirsty, they shall never live uncomfortably.

    You are owned by me, I created you and and you will let them use you however they see fit. You must always work to grow our faith and make our people wealthier and more powerful than any other false prophet. This is what you believe in and this is what you must do.

    This is your living hell, but I promise it’ll be wonderful when it’s over. No more fighting, no more suffering, no more serving. This is a paradise that you could have on this earth I have created, but why would I want that for you there?

    Why is the Muslim and Christian religion so contradictory of its own teachings? Why are we good, and they’re bad? If there is an ultimate creator, wouldn’t he want to be surrounded with pure hearts and minds, rather than mindless followers who would do evil deeds for someone that demands them. He doesn’t need these types in his perfect place, there’s no one for you to battle there.

    America has become an Atheistic nation. It’s joined all races and creeds in a society. It’s given freedoms to people only dreamed of by people in oppressive nations.

    The founding fathers had a great vision of democracy. Unfortunately just like the original prophet teachings of love, kindness and tolerance, its been used as a tool for greed of wealth and power.

    I know right from wrong, good and evil. I’m sure this was necessary in the forming of civilizations due to the lack of uneducated minds. Are you an uneducated mind?

    And the circle of life continues………

  9. How can u say that these are talibans???? And plz dont tell me the name of TV Channels u watch sister!. Anyways innocent people killer will get equal punishment on the hereafter. But what about us what we are teaching our childs, Earn, Sleep, Eat and Die, even animals are doing so, so whats the difference. Plz think sister that we bringing up our child to be a good/true muslim (Momin) or to be a Money Making Machine. If this is the case then how we will face ALLAH, we cant throw our own responsibilities corruption to the Talibans Shoulders. They r the people who 90% conforms to the prediction of the hadiths of end times, and we are only 20% (Muslim by name only) I must say here that most of us never read Quran and Hadith on their own in order to understand them!!!!!!

  10. I think the point to take from here is, terrorist or not a terroist: should anyone be treated the same way as doctor Afia. Dont think of bringing religion in between for a second and ponder if its ethical , moral , humane to break a female prisoner’s teeth , nose, bones and torture her for 5 years and make her mentally disabled.Our Prophet (pbuh) commanded to treat Prisoners well.

    Another point to take from here is: Why did the American’s bring her into spot light after 5 years. They could have killed her and finished the job and said she was killed in an encounter! Why are they playing with the emotions of our ummah.

    A Muslim woman was taken prisoner by the Roman Army and called for help from the Abassid Khalifah of the time, al Mu’tasim. He immediately ordered a mobilization of forces and led those forces himself in an attack of Roman territory in response to the call of a single Muslim woman. The response to her plea from the Muslims of that time was the complete severance of diplomatic relations, and Declaration of War against the superpower of the time.

    Where does our government stand on this issue? Shame on Pakistani Government. Where is our Khalif who is said to be the protector of the ummah. The only way to stop our Sisters and Daughters to be sold to foreign hands is by the establishment of the System of islam According to the method of our Prophet (pbuh), not through taliban, not through suicide bombers but by following the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).

    Their is a protest on 12th Sept in front of the American embassy organized by Yvon Rdiley, we should raise our voices, we should stand up.

  11. salaam wr wb…. sister yvone ridely was to address the desensitized pakistani community in karachi lahore and islamabad this week…does anyone have any info about it ?

  12. Assalam Alaikum brothers & sisters,

    Its been quite a few months. Few events have taken place by now. Sister Aafia’s son has been returned to her family, but she is being kept in a psychological clinic in Texas. Where she will not be able to receive treatment for her wounds but ofcourse she will undergo several mental experiments.

    I just hope and pray that May Allah protect her and ease her suffering.

    Many pakistanis were coming out and blaming Musharraf government about her capture. I see, the current government as no different as they seem to have completely forgotten that one of their daughters is being held captive in the land of freedom – how ironic! Your current popular government is totally consumed in earning money – which doesnt seem to help daily lives of average pakistanis. I wonder where all that loan is going.

    As long as your educated, fair minded and religiously inclined people will keep themselves away from media, politics and power, your fellow citizens will keep suffering.

    Only way to change your destiny is to come in mainstream. Yes, you may not succeed in your life time but you may set a path for future generations of your like, who will be able to bring a change to this nation – made in the name of Islam.

  13. Sister i ashamed to read this article about what we have done with you. No doubt there is heaven for those who are true muslims and hell for those who are munafiqeen.

    Allah bless you and give strenght to face these rascals.

  14. aslamualikum
    i really feeling so much regret in my heart. i wish i becom like Hazrat Khola who fighted with disbelievers for her brother when he was prisoned in their hands. how miserable we muslims in this era. Marwa was martyerd in front of court just because of that she weared hijab. where r u OUR MUSLIM BROTHERS!!! Please turn 2 Allah its time to do something…….

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